Young People Celebrating Birthday in Restaurant Torched by Shitty Waitress

Young People Celebrating Birthday in Restaurant Torched by Shitty Waitress

Young People Celebrating Birthday in Restaurant Torched by Shitty Waitress

At a burger joint in San Miguel, Buenos Aires, Argentina, a group of teenagers was set on fire when a shitty waitress mishandled burning decoration torch.

The young people were sitting around the table to celebrate the birthday of one of them. The waitress showed up to put some more fuel to that thing, but apparently spilled it on the burning flame and sparked a fireball.

According to the backinfo I got, one of the girls suffered fatal burns, and two guys are fighting for their lives in hospital.

Props to Best Gore member @belladona for the videos. Here’s the CCTV footage of the torching:

Here’s also a short aftermath video, at the end of which there is a glimpse of the body of the girl laying on the floor burned to a crisp:

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116 thoughts on “Young People Celebrating Birthday in Restaurant Torched by Shitty Waitress”

    1. Yes, why? Why have a table of flaming liquid that’s refilled by some buck toothed retard making min wage.
      This is not the first one like this.
      How many times do waitress’s spill shit on people and these assholes are carrying lighted diesel.

        1. Fuck you Dre, fire season is almost over and there will be many drunken nights by my fire pit. What else am I going to do while it is snowing, talk to the wife or burn all the brush I have accumulated clearing out the back 40.

          1. @TheCaptain
            Lol,,, Fuck-You dre??? Bwa,ha,ha i hear you man, but you are not playing with fire and alcohol in a small enclosed building which the accumulated fumes themselves can explode. You are out in the great outdoors. So FUCK-YOU,,, Lol, lol, my good brother, and enjoy your “Safe” days “Outside” by the fire. 🙂

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            So if he continues behaving, and supports our many causes related to the betterment of mankind, by *participating in our numerous Forum Pages* that were created with one goal in mind, and that is to completely discrediting these lying, and Evil-Jews from destroying all that is good, and the righteousness, which is, and has always been the complete opposite of what best gore has/is still founded on. 🙂

          1. @Moonflower
            Yea,,, i hear you brother, as i would have left that place until the flame was put out and it was safe to re enter again.

      1. From the information I got in the news today: There are already three deaths from direct burns and inhalation of carbon monoxide. Two men and a young woman, the deceased. And there may still be more. A tragedy that could definitely have been avoided if they took the necessary precautions

    2. The problem was not those tables with decorations that have flammable liquids. The problem was that waitress. She went to fill the ornament with a 5 liter bottle of alcohol…why the fuck she didn’t use a smaller one? For fuck sake. She went full retard.

        1. Correct me but every alcohol I have seen burns blue and wouldn’t be putting off that amount of light. Unless the night vision camera is picking up on the infrared of the flames??? This is why you use lamp oil or kerosene unless you are cooking with the flames, just my two cents.

      1. El centro de mesa estaba apagado a la vista de los chicos pero por dentro del tubo habia un pequeño residuo de llama flameando que la mesera nunca advirtió y entonces al arrojar el alcohol la llama hizo contacto con el liquido inflamable provocando la explosión del bidón y matando a la chica que se llamaba lucia costas

  1. 1 – I thought the only thing they could afford to burn was their devalued pesos.

    2 – I admit I participated in such stupidity in nightclubs when I was younger due to lack of guidance, but I’ll make sure to pass on the knowledge to my children that is a tremendous stupidity to risk getting burned only to watch dumb tricks with fire (what are we anyway, caveman? ) done by losers whose biggest accomplishments are working in a nightclub and getting a a table not filled with niggers who don’t tip (niggers don’t tip I hear from people on the service industry) get banged by Chad and dumped next morning or find some make up that hides that herpes flare well enough, losers that are not even good enough at those stupid tricks.

    And how the fuck did the Argentina chick died from that? Wtf are they messing with for birthdays there? TNT?

  2. I bet the incels at their school are having a laugh. They usually have to wait untill they become 35 infertile living with cats and complaining on facebook or single moms with pardos child’s from Tyrone who disappeared of course lol. This time divine justice came a lot earlier hahaha

    1. It was a flame out! A big flame out! Definitely a covid killer! Every single mini particle of covid died a very fiery death! It’s the first covid free restaurant in South America! For a moment it was oxygen free too when the fire sucked up all the oxygen! Lmao – lighting my ass once!

    1. They are so fucking stupid!! I did those things too with my mates OUTSIDE of course and not with my nose hanging above the candle or whatever shit it is. Jesus Christ how stupid can all those guys be?

  3. I use to make flaming deserts in a real nice restaurant years ago. It was part of a buffet. I’d put in a little butter under low heat. Then, I would add a little brown sugar and ice cream. When all this started to bubble, the customer had a choice of rasberries, cherries, strawberries or blueberries to choose from. I’d put a scoop of their choice in the mix, then turn up the heat gradually. Then, I would add a little brandy and POOF, a blue flame would encircle the skillet. Kinda neat!

    God, was that shit good! 🙂

      1. Actually, they came to the buffet line to get their dessert. That’s where I did my thing. (for the ladies only) Even the sneeze guard couldn’t hold back my work of art.

        Kinda sad, they tore down that restaurant about five years ago, and put up a Logan’s Roadhouse. It had a huge clock on all four sides, sitting on the roof. It was a city landmark for years.

  4. It’s like these f****** c**** are bloody racing to do the stupidest things ever like a contests f*** it all !! Mate!! what a way to end the weekend and with this circusdemic going on like a cherry on top of a douce back to back smh -_- … I’m at awe really ..

  5. I don’t understand how those people in Africa getting burned can still be moving after like a few minutes of burning but this girl gets burned for a few seconds and just dies. She doesn’t even look fully burned = clothes are still in tact. Fake news.

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