Young Woman Got Her Skin Burned by House Fire

Young Woman Got Her Skin Burned by House Fire

A young woman wearing a necklace that says BLACK on it was trapped inside a house that caught fire. By the time she made it out, she turned black and white due to the outer layer of her skin peeling off, having been burned by the flames.

I don’t know where the video is from, but the English language sounds like it’s from a Caribbean country – perhaps Jamaica?

You can hear a man voice say: “Mi cyaan do nothing” (there is nothing I can do), and the victim scream: “Jeeezus, Modaaa” (Jesus, Mother).

I like the foot twitch…

Props to Best Gore member African Angel for the video, and the translation from Ebonics :):

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          1. Give her a big BG shout out from me too @FD, BG isn’t the same without her. Also tell her I’ve been trying to tell all the newbs how to change their avatars by clicking the thing since she hasn’t been around but I kind of suck at it. : (

    1. I know, right. I bet if the burned woman were an overturned buffet table, the 5 sec rule would come into play and she would spring up out of that lawn chair.

      1. Wha! Nip slip? Oh shit, did i miss som nippin dat ta be slippin mon? Me see ya fairy dat be a wearrin fancy underwear mon ,and da butt crack a scratchin whoa mon , but i missed da nip slippin, Oh mon

      1. Near the end, the “firefighter” in the blue shirt is preparing for work by drinking whatever he had in the green 22oz bottle. He’ll have be able to piss on the fire in about 20 minutes.

        1. Oh don’t, we went camping once with a load of us and when we went to put out the fire some bright spark decided to piss on it. The wind changed at that moment and the stench blew into the camper van, the stink was unbelievable, it got into our tents, sleeping bags,clothes. We had to drive around for hours with the side door open. I understand why people say burnt bodies smell so bad, just piss on a fire is absolutely disgusting.

          1. Lol. That’s some strong piss! I know what you mean though. I once worked with a black fellow who smelled much like what you’ve described.
            Every day this guy showed up smelling exactly like garlic bologna and hot piss!
            There’s no way that it was just lack of hygiene. It had to be poor hygiene coupled with some kinda sickle cell stink gland.

          2. @nutsack – just be glad there is such a thing as sickle cell “stink gland”, lol. In the US you can’t be any kind of aircraft pilot if you’re sickle cell positive. Just one of many reasons we don’t see many black pilots.

          3. @wicked and nutsack…that’s some way beyond FOUL, but funny shit!
            Garlic bologna and piss indeed…Thanks to yoooo guys, I’m gonna have some nasal nightmare hallucinations tonight…lol

      2. @gunkgirl: lol
        Oh, and by the way, if the pregnant woman in the chair is the mother of the victim, no need to say she doesn’t care: she’s having a brand new baby soon. The other can die…

  1. Id like to put a new motion on the ballot. Anyone who calls false nip slips should automatically have to post two self nip slips to make up for all the frantic effort expended trying to catch that falsely called nip slip in the first case. That sounds fair to me;)

  2. I love the fact everyone uses a color pallet to judge the situation. My favorite is PINK along with Blood Red;)…Either way,Who ever mentioned “Jerk Chicken” is right, and all that’s needed is the jerk sauce, a pound of weed, and some fun bags to play with before our organs become worthless!

  3. Woah!!! She has her tongue pierced. And the fellatio-helper has been really carefully selected to match with her outfits, not her own color. 😉 I bet next time she’ll be wearing a necklace that would say Black-n-White ’cause the fire has turned her partially white.

    1. Those are 3rd degree burns ( white waxy look) any help they could give her outside of a hospital would more than likely cause further harm and complications such as tetanus, hypovolemia, shock, and hypothermia ( sever burns cause rapid heat loss from the injuries) which most people never think of with burns but please never put cold water on 3rd or 4th degree burns.

      1. Look,I’m not a doctor but if I was in that state I would like someone to gently pour cold water over me until medical help arrived.And by the way,how big are your hands,slightly suspicious that we never see them..

        1. First and second degree burns you do treat with cold water its just 3rd and 4th the two most severe where it will cause harm. I’m a retired EMS so I do have the training to know what I’m talking about I’m not just trying to bust your balls, I’ve seen several times people thought they were helping there loved ones in such cases only to have caused them serious harm and its not something I particularly like to see. I wish schools would offer a better first aid course alot of things like that could be avoided.

          1. Most people don’t know that about burns and the different treatments for the different levels. You were right for the first two levels but unless a car accident, structure fire, boiling water, and such cases people don’t often encounter 3rd+ degree so its not commonly thought on what to do or not to do.

    1. She is saying murder. its what we here in the Caribbean say when someone attack us. I won’t be surprised if I heard later that she was doused with gasoline or something and set alight

  4. That tricksy bitch. Looks like she fooled everyone with that “BLACK” sign around her neck. No mercy guys, leave the fire be and finish peeling that skin off (and get it on video, pls).

  5. I wonder if she survived? If she did, she’s going to be badly disfigured. I have no idea as to the quality of their health care, but I’d bet that there’s probably not a lot of qualified plastic surgeons there. If she survived, life’s gonna be rather crappy. 🙁

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