The Caption This Photo Contest #89

Emaciated Child with Protruding Bones Held by Masked Man

Congratulation to Best Gore member @honkeykong on winning our previous Caption This Photo Contest, and many thanks to @phukayewbich for picking the best captions. As the winner, you get to choose the winners (as well as the runners-up, if you can) of this contest @honkeykong. Shoot me an email with your choices in a couple of days time again.

Your turn, guys. Caption this photo if you can.

Best Caption

He’s being initiated into a secret society… Skin&Bones@asskingforanal


Ninja pleads for a turtle shell transplant for junior.@dan-a-conda

Mohammed takes his ventriloquist doll for a stroll between gigs in the Gaza strip.@doc-undy

Found this one locked in the gloryhole booth. We all know how he’s been surviving…@carnage-2

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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