The Inglorious Return of the Caption This Photo Contest

Noseless Child

My water-damaged laptop, which barely, but nonetheless survived Hurricane Maria, so-so worked for a couple of months after taking the hurricane beating, but finally quit and irrecoverably died a few days ago. I don’t currently have many means to get back on the feet, so Best Gore will be on stand by for a few weeks. I understand if any of you feel like there is nothing left for you here anymore, and whereas the website officially ceased its operations on July 25 of this year, moving on would seem like the appropriate way to go.

For those who wish to stick around for whatever may come next, here’s the inglorious return of what Best Gore was the first to introduce, and wannabies copied to forever exist as the sloppy seconds.

I’m only on a phone so this is the best I can do. Now it’s your turn. Show me what’s the best you can do with and caption this photo if you can. The best caption will choose the winner of the next caption a photo contest.

Best Caption

Evolution eventually makes eating pussy more enjoyable. – @brokeback


Every time I sneeze, I shit my pants – @puchodog1977

Mark was not impressed at the judges’ final decision when they informed him that he lost the cute baby contest by a nose. – @harumph

Notstrildamus – @lockyuk

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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496 thoughts on “The Inglorious Return of the Caption This Photo Contest”

  1. I got 3 for this one

    ” This is what happens when your mom and dad fuck but with someone she knows as a ” bro ”

    ” Look in the sky!
    It’s a Plane!
    It’s a Bird!
    It’s a human rabbit! ”

    ” Mommy why can’t I smell why does everyone say aww … Mommy why can’t I breathe …

    Because I’m putting You down to give you a nose you ugly fuck “

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