The Caption This Photo Contest #35

Creepy Skull

Your turn again. Caption this photo if you can.

Best Caption:

Fuck me that chick likes it rough, really rough. – SamDJ


OK smartasses… Anybody else here think it might be “cool” to take a “quick peek” inside the Ark? – Joe112358

Hey guys, listen, seriously. I can walk its fine, my face ALWAYS looked like this. Tell Captain America that I’ll be over for tea on Saturday. – Joker

Yarghh! I went down on that blue waffle chick, and….fuuuuck! Me face is ruined! Yarggghh! – Gorphan

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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131 thoughts on “The Caption This Photo Contest #35”

  1. OK OK I can hear you snickering beneath those masks what did you do to me while I was all liqured up last nite? Was it the old magic marker trick, A couple of peckers on my cheeks? A tea baggin? Get me the mirror, let me see for myself.

  2. And once again Nick Cage makes an ass of himself while shooting the followup of Ghost Rider. As can see from this picture taken on location, he is trying much to hard to get the teen fans of his to appreciate realistic methods rather than having most of this films action being CGI. Although comendable I for one am greatly disappointed in his atempt to bring the old school make up. Nick, stay with what you know. We prefer CGI when it comes to comics to screen films.

  3. Damn it Jose, I told you that trick was a one time deal… Now what are you going to do for the X-Games? Jose? Can you hear me? Damn it, he’s out again. Load him up guys…. I think he’s actually hurt this time….

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