The Caption This Photo Contest #43

Nothing Says I Love You Like Ripped Out Heart and Esophagus

If Jeffrey Dahmer had his own exhibition in a gallery, this is what it would look like. That gave me an idea – has anyone done that before? Any gallery owners want an exhibition that will put in A in avant-garde?

Best Caption:

Damn… All my cat brings me is dead mice. – drccoco


Awww, how romantic!! That really touched my heart – freeto

Normally Uncle Guido is not this compassionate with his, ummm, messages… – Graugeist

I’m sorry I don’t speak Asian. Use your ping pong language on someone else! – BIG JOHNSON

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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79 thoughts on “The Caption This Photo Contest #43”

  1. “Well, Gus, I think that clears things up: it was a crime of passion.”

    “Geez whiz Morton, couldn’t he send flowers instead? Now, what? Are we supposed to interrogate people at the Say It With Innards?”

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