The Caption This Photo Contest #76

The Caption This Photo Contest #76

Mad props go out to Best Gore member Hugsthemuffin for this image. As soon as I saw it, I knew the right thing to do. So caption this photo if you can…


Alans-snackbar – β€œDoctor come quick, we have a patient suffering from Assburger syndrome”.


Brokeback – Fucking in different places is always fun…but maybe the stove top was a bad idea.

poopdawg29 – Baby don’t got back!!!

RainbowDasher – Assless chaps experiment failed. Subject misinterpreted the meaning of Assless.

336 thoughts on “The Caption This Photo Contest #76”

    1. No more farting for this broad! Is that her asshole with no O ring in sight?!? What tha fuuuuck?!? Is she dead , or just fuct, literally? I keep thinking of the song by The Moody Blues called “Dontcha make my brown eye blue?……lol!! I’ll have the dark meat please.

    1. On a serious note…dude…WTF, man. What-the-Fuck. I think I see the asshole, but I’m not sure. I’m sure there’s a pussy in there, but then again I JUST DON’T KNOW, MAN!

      I want to put this on my lawn for Halloween..

        1. Sorry off topic…
          @Boozer if you don’t mind me asking do you live in the US? I know the last video you linked me was of the Hells Angels too. Pretty cool video. We used to go to bikey week in Laconia NH every year. Fun times πŸ™‚

          1. @Dawn I lived in the U.S & I was raised there, I grew up in L.A them moved to Germany It’s a long story..
            And yes I am from 81
            I’ve been riding Harleys since my High School days! πŸ˜‰

    1. P.S.

      I think the photo is shite! We should be looking at the two largest muscles in the body? There is no discernible “crack” and not much blood considering her ass has bee skinned.

      I’m calling ” fugazi “

      1. @bobcat1967

        Yes, there would be a lot of blood if this was a (much) fresh(er) wound but I would say that it isn’t. I’ve seen a number of patients like this (though not this bad) who had bed sores and wounds that looked a lot like this. Even though a lot of the flesh is gone, muscle and fat, the remaining flesh will secrete and grow a very thin ?skin? or protective cover at the cellular level and then continue from there. Don’t expect skin to grown from the edges of the wound to grow and eventually cover the exposed tissue. Again, this is a very thin ?skin? (imagine regular clear cellophane that you have in your kitchen and covering a steak) that is very delicate and easily destroyed if not carefully bandaged and cared for. In this picture, I don’t see any dead tissue (but it’s hard to tell), wounds like this need to be debrided, dead tissue needs to be removed, cut off, to allow good tissue to grow. When it first starts to form, it will grow thicker, and as best as it can, it will grow to be as normal as possible . This remaining, surviving tissue will begin to heal, forming and growing skin in an expedited manner, it has to in order to get the exposed tissue covered. Because this process is accelerated, the skin cells are not normally and naturally growing and replacing themselves, this result will be scar tissue. Imagine trying to build a house for shelter in the middle of a storm or just as the storm hits, this ?house? or shelter will not look as it would as if you built it under normal circumstances. Do you see the white stuff on her right and left legs, also above the wound on her back, horizontal lines with a white vertical line going up her right hip? To me, that would indicate tape, residue from the bandaging that was once there, I’d guess, as wound care nurses often do, these photos were taken to note and ?chart? the healing progress of her wounds. Photos help doctors and other health care providers more easily see what was written in the patients’ progress notes.


        I remember seeing shit like this for the first time and thinking, ?this isn’t real.?

          1. @Ive Got Issues
            Your guess would be as good as mine, the best stories come from the patients.

            Why don’t you prepare some Dakin’s solution for her bottom.

            I loved working in hospitals (the nurses!).

          2. We use Dakin’s so much we get it in 3 different strengths premixed in bottles! I’d be pissed if the doc ordered some kind of crazy ointment for me to compound, that’s a huge area and would be a bitch to mix all that up!

          3. @IGI
            You can find the active ingredient in dept. 14 on the shelf at Walmart, its next to the laundry detergent. Easily, its 5/10x less expensive than premix, and you can always use the left overs but it sounds like you wouldn’t have any. I don’t remember the ratios, but you’re only adding one ingredient to NS (or sterile H2O). If you can score some brownie points, talk about it at work, see how much money you can save…

        1. Oh myyy….”front bottom” or “back bottom” hahaha! That’s her “back bottom”, her “front bottom” appears to be unharmed. In the middle of the wound you can clearly see her rectum. There’s no “crack” because there’s no buttocks left on the poor girl.

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