The Caption This Photo Contest #76

The Caption This Photo Contest #76

Mad props go out to Best Gore member Hugsthemuffin for this image. As soon as I saw it, I knew the right thing to do. So caption this photo if you can…


Alans-snackbar – “Doctor come quick, we have a patient suffering from Assburger syndrome”.


Brokeback – Fucking in different places is always fun…but maybe the stove top was a bad idea.

poopdawg29 – Baby don’t got back!!!

RainbowDasher – Assless chaps experiment failed. Subject misinterpreted the meaning of Assless.

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  1. Holy shit!

    Where did Gluteus go?

    I found some short info on internet translated from Porto.

    On August 19, nearly two months ago, brutality happened in Annapolis municipality in Goiás (50 km from the capital Goiânia) that shocked the entire population and the health professionals who received the young in this situation.

    Woman 20 years yet for unknown reasons had all the gluteal region torn by a machete. Photos of the incident spread through social networks and came to our newsroom with disparate stories and all invented.

    We decided to investigate the case and after hours doing surveys got friends and family of the victim. In contact with a person close to the young person that reported the date it happened and said the family only learned when the victim was already in hospital emergency hospital in the state at that time considered serious.

    The young it is Reloina Pereira, drug user and belonging to a simple and humble family that for reasons still unknown and even after months in hospital not reported to anyone what really happened and how it happened. canards spread by social networks and various websites pointing out that the young woman had died and had been beaten by her husband for a jealous rage.

    We were told by close friends and family that the girl is single and what happened has no connection with any husband or boyfriend and only she will explain what happened. For now the girl is still in the hospital, making use of a probe to your needs.

    According to information we collect in the hospital, Reloina, not at risk of death and is already out of the ICU waiting for a vacancy in the SUS to a surgical procedure called graft that is the reconstruction of part of the body that she lost. Possibly succeed an interview as soon as possible with the victim. The case is being investigated and the reality of the facts.

    Source: Portal Duty Officer

    Another source says this:

    A 23-year-old had torn the ass with a machete by her own husband, in the city of Annapolis, in the state of Goias.

    According to witnesses, the incident occurred after the defendant suspected his wife was cheating on him with another man.

    The victim was rescued at the city hospital where he received medical treatment and will undergo some surgeries.

    civil and military police are searching for the accused.

  2. 1) The toilet is not an acceptable place to leave the piranhas while cleaning the fish tank.
    2) Consumption of burritos while using an inflatable butt plug is NOT recommended.
    [Always locate and read the fine print… that warning label is there for reasons like this.]

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