The Caption This Photo Contest #81

The Caption This Photo Contest #81

BEST CAPTION: Give us all your candy – Horrorgirl

RUNNERS UP: ISIS = I Shat In Snuggies… – Public Hair

I put the cute in exeCUTE <3 – Slipovic

Ow! Euh guys? Oh shit… Ok guys, If its about that empty cooky jar… I can explain everything! – Mr.Nightmare

Stop resisting! – Face Push

And, while you’re here, check out the winner of last time’s contest.

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        1. @Jayymi I have 5 of my own so I understand…but Caption This Photo is a time honored tradition where dark humor is a part of it.
          I can assure you no decent adult would tolerate such treatment of a child.
          And no I don’t feel your wrong for stating how you feel but your fellow Gore viewers aren’t depraved for making light of a horrible situation.

      1. Don’t feel bad. I know about gravatar and WordPress. Org. It’s a nightmare from my droid. I’ve tried but…what can I say. I’m old and dumb these days. If anyone would like to put a face to the name..I’m shortyshark1 on Google+. But for now…I’m this purple monster:)

        1. Well when I feel like I know everything I’ll ask for your advice…because not knowing little things like what humor is make’s you a genius.
          Don’t put words in my mouth nobody but you is insinuating mental superiority.

  1. I hate this nightmare we are living in europe every fucking day. Muslims are invading to our country just walking across the “border” 1000 animals per day rate.

    I am going to personally consider moving abroad to Australia or New Zealand with my family. Only safe haven haven left in this fucked up world.

    In Finland we are all racicst, dont come here!

          1. @boozer
            It shure is! Lets make it a competition! πŸ˜€

            If you have a pretty good aim than a .22 can be just as deadly as a 9mm and .22 are cheap as fuck :p

    1. I’m Australian, we have Muslims (even home grown ones) plotting attacks on us as we speak. We don’t want anymore. It doesn’t mean we are racist, it’s them! they hate us, they think all Westerners or white people are Christians.

      1. tas Do you carry a gun on you just in case if there may arise a need for you to go defending yourself or one of your own against these “Muslim maggoty worms”. What must be there ratio ? .They must just be the minorities . I wish ISLAM never existed .

        1. blucon, we have some of the strictest gun laws in the world. We are not allowed to own a gun of any sort, for self protection, these days most Aussies have never even seen a gun. My father has about 12 (shotguns, rifles, handguns etc) so I grew up shooting guns. Absolutely no auto-matic, you can maybe get a semi-auto licenced if you are lucky.

          1. Only the ‘bad guys’ have unlicenced guns! A licenced gun owner has to keep their guns in a locked, thief proof locker, ammo and/or magazines kept separate etc. or the bolt (from and old gun) removed from rifle. You know what I mean, the gun is NOT to be used for self protection and cannot be ready to use in a hurry. Only a couple of people are killed by guns each week in Australia (if that) Each and every one makes national news.

          2. @boozer, most 1%er’s (OMC’s – Outlaw Motorcycle Club’s) in Australia have access to guns. Every time a clubhouse is raided, the cops always find guns and drugs and cash etc. Just today the pigs managed to close down a Nomads clubhouse in NSW I think? I think the Nomads are affiliated with the Hells Angels in Australia?

          3. @boozer, some do, heaps of the members of OMC over here are Lebanese or Maltese etc. They are often blasting shots into each others club houses, or blowing up tattoo parlors and motorcycle repair/paint shops. Don’t tell me all the biker gangs/groups get along where you live? I think you are in Germany? Well heaps of different gangs are at ‘war’ with each other here (it’s mainly over drug selling territory).

          4. @boozer, but I know what you mean, the cops ‘plant’ stuff all the time, the same gun will be found at 6 different clubhouse raids. Some dumb cop is too lazy to check the serial number to check when that particular handgun has been used in a plant.

          5. @ tas tiger, the Nomads Worldwide, are an Elite Chapter of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club. Sorry for cutting in guys! But as brother @ Boozer explains, not all bikers are packing, and extremely violent. Many raise money for Children,s Hospital,s, and other good causes regularly, but that part always receives minimum media coverage. Just the bad deeds of a few are widely covered.

      1. Welcome to the real world, where you can’t hide in your comfort zone. It breaks your heart even though worse things happen all the time and you are too distracted to do anything about it. Let me ask, Will your broken heart actually do anything for the world?

    1. All that liquid surrounding the baby? I hope they haven’t just pissed on this baby? The parents could be tied up, but watching, unable to protect their baby, just out of sight? I would like to know the story behind this famous picture.

      1. @IS I love T-Rex, the song is called ‘Get it on’, he actually sings “bang a gong, get it on”. Another line, “your dirty, sweet and your my girl”, this is a really sexy song, @IS. They also sang Children of the Revolution, Jeepster and Telegram Sam. RIP Marc Bolan.

  2. This must be the spy the moderates have been looking for. She has been the reason for countless murders within the Islamic community for hacking into the databases of ISIS and releasing their plans to The Syrian and Russian military. Endless hours of search and destroy of innocent woman and.. is that Msaeed’s niece.

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