Mans Brain Eaten by Maggots

Well, if this doesn’t satisfy our gore goers, than I don’t know what will. It seems as if the apocalypses has begun. This rotting human, functioning with a dead stare and half a brain, lies on a hospital bed, answering questions while maggots thrive on his head. Hey that rhymed, anyway, there is no back … Continue reading “Mans Brain Eaten by Maggots”

German Shepard Punctures Bone, Hand Slower than Lightening Bolt

Crack of Dawn edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by @li54p3p5, who broke up a dog fight and has the scars to prove it: Just before Christmas last year, my dogs got into a fight. I tried to split them up but ended up with my right hand in my German … Continue reading “German Shepard Punctures Bone, Hand Slower than Lightening Bolt”

Golden Shower from Cow

Allegedly from India comes this video of a man drinking and then bathing in the urine of a cow. He cups his hands to catch the pee and after drinking it, scoops the rest off the ground and rubs it in his face. He then strikes a pose for the camera, maybe it’s a new … Continue reading “Golden Shower from Cow”

Severed Penis Found in Food, Africa

So bad news guys, the video doesn’t actually show any food. I know I was bummed out too.. It does however, show a bunch of Africans in a group passing around a severed penis that was apparently found in a student’s food. I have heard of people stealing penises in Africa to sell them in … Continue reading “Severed Penis Found in Food, Africa”

Wild Boar Attacks Man, India

So this video shows an Indian man, laying down in a street being attacked by a wild boar while onlookers yell, way too much, and throw sticks at it, because no one likes a hideous wild boar nipping at them. Yuck! Tell that wild boar to calm down and go get a life, it’s not … Continue reading “Wild Boar Attacks Man, India”

Another Normal Day in India

The bystanders in this video are only distracted for a few moments as a car rear-ends some guy hauling dirt. The dirt is poured all over the road but no one seems to be phased very much, including the guy who was steering the trailer. I’m surprised he wasn’t thrown off into the road. The … Continue reading “Another Normal Day in India”

Russian Man in Bear Cave for Month, Back Broke and Kept Alive for Snack

A Russian man was in a bear cave for a month, the bear broke its back and kept him for later. In Tuva, Russia near the Mongolian border a man called Aleksander was found by hunting dogs. The hunters who saved him thought that he was dead, but he was actually alive. The man was … Continue reading “Russian Man in Bear Cave for Month, Back Broke and Kept Alive for Snack”

Spanish Bullfighter Dies in France after Goring

The Spanish bullfighter Iván Fandiño died on Saturday, June 17, 2017 at the hospital of Mont-de-Marsan, in the southwest of France, where he had entered after suffering a serious goring during a bullfight in the town of Aire-sur-l’Adour, According to a medical source. Props to Best Gore member @nomar for the post.

Horse Pulls A Fast One

On June 10th, 2009 an accident involving a speeding car and a wagon of sorts pulled by a horse collide. A hilarious chain of events unfolds on CCTV. The horse disobeys basic rules of the road and crosses an intersection without looking both directions. Judging by tortoise-esque reflexes by the human, the horse pulls a … Continue reading “Horse Pulls A Fast One”