Inmates Have Fun in Brazilian Prison

Two videos here. They both appear to be taken of a single incident. Not sure though. In Brazil, in what looks like prison of some sort, criminals have their fun with miserable convicts. Props to Best Gore member @honkeykong for the video: Fill browser window Zero-Decibels ®

Assassins of Achilles Use Hacksaw to Behead and Dismember Hombre in Centro, Solidaridad, Mexico

In Centro, Solidaridad, Mexico, the 12th of April, an hombre is killed to prove a point. What point, you say? Well, do not threaten lively hood for People of Achilles! Any threat will be liquidated to achieve compliant utopia. Considered an enemy not comrade, you must DIE! Remember folks, a solid foundation is needed to … Continue reading “Assassins of Achilles Use Hacksaw to Behead and Dismember Hombre in Centro, Solidaridad, Mexico”

Human Head Found Abandoned in Acapulco, Mexico

Props to Best Gore member @dannyboy73 for the pic The abandoned human head was found at dawn on Match 12th in the Emiliano Zapata neighborhood located in the suburban area of Acapulco, Mexico on Tuesday. It was later transferred to the facilities of the Forensic Medical Service (Semefo) for the corresponding legal procedures . Thanks … Continue reading “Human Head Found Abandoned in Acapulco, Mexico”

Venezuelan Ventriloquists

In Venezuela at night time, freshly after beheading two, the killers have fun with the heads. You gotta bloody laugh at this. The two dummies provide more in death than life. UPDATE This is Venezuela and the decapitated heads are President Juan Guaidó supporters. With any luck more videos like this will surface. Props to … Continue reading “Venezuelan Ventriloquists”

Turkish Soldiers Behead Slain PKK Fighters

Not much backinfo except what’s in the title – Turkish soldiers filmed themselves beheading corpses of slain PKK fighters. PKK is the acronym for the Kurdistan Workers Party. The Turks consider the PKK fighters terrorists, but for the Kurds they are the freedom fighters. Props to Best Gore member @dopegank for the video:

Ritualistic Beheading of 9 Year Old Child

I got this video with a claim that it shows a 9 year old child bride being beheaded in front of large crowd because she refused to have sex with \her adult husband. That doesn’t add up at all. If you can be a slave owner of a child, you can force her to have … Continue reading “Ritualistic Beheading of 9 Year Old Child”

Bleed Out IV: Aloha Snackbar Edition

Following in the footsteps of our dearly beloved Southland flat globe contestants, snackbarists play the game and castoff blood spatter all the way from the Center East directly into your viewing eyes. A handcuffed and blindfolded man is eager to oblige to his brethrens requests for the opportunity to appear on Bleed Out – Still … Continue reading “Bleed Out IV: Aloha Snackbar Edition”

Chainsaw Beheading Video – Sinaloa Cartel Members Decapitated in Mexico

If you’re somewhat squeamish, you’d be wise if you chose to pass this video up as it is exactly as brutal as the title suggests. It depicts the execution of two Sinaloa Cartel member by decapitation. One is beheaded with a chainsaw, the other one with hunting knife. The idea of chainsaw beheading has a … Continue reading “Chainsaw Beheading Video – Sinaloa Cartel Members Decapitated in Mexico”

The Caption This Photo Contest #101

Don’t be afraid, give a stab at Captioning This Photo if you can; here’s mine: “guy on left is thinking, what’s taking so long?” Thanks to our previous WINNER!!! @dan-a-conda – Tranny Granny Caught with Bone Hanging Out of Dress – in the Caption This Photo Contest #99 and for selecting the Best Captions for … Continue reading “The Caption This Photo Contest #101”

Brazilian Machete Beheading Plus Campfire

Not too long ago Mexico got us soaking wet, now it’s Brazil’s turn. Video starts off with victim or who I shall refer to as Mr. Nameless Bleed Out Contestant. Man is hogged tied while lying on his back in Brazil. A colostomy bag is exposed on the man, latter to be used as a … Continue reading “Brazilian Machete Beheading Plus Campfire”