Woman Sitting Between Two in Truck Survives Shoot Out

In Latin America, three occupants of a truck make brief pit stop on a dirt road before getting lost in a volley of hellfire. The old man behind wheel of truck and the passenger riding shotgun are guilty of M.U.D. (Murdered Until Dead). A woman holier-than-thou, so to speak is dead center between the two … Continue reading “Woman Sitting Between Two in Truck Survives Shoot Out”

Woman Leg fucked in Accident, Child Gets Boo Boo

Woman in unknown country is on ground with a down to the bone rash on leg. Her child nearby has a boo boo no one seems to care about. The cause of both injured is the effect of mother unable to ride motorcycle without crashing. Props to Best Gore member @honkeykong for the video: Zero-Decibels … Continue reading “Woman Leg fucked in Accident, Child Gets Boo Boo”

Flip-Flop Street Justice – Indonesia

In Indonesia, a man is repeatedly kicked in the head by a malignant flip-flop mob. The semi-conscious man is on the ground near a truck when his street justice is carried out. The circumstances surrounding his crime, that entices the flip-flop community to join together is unknown. In mob justice, no real evidence is needed, … Continue reading “Flip-Flop Street Justice – Indonesia”

Very Tired Man Still Awake

In what appears to be in a Muslim country, a man is very tired yet still awake on the cold hard ground. Outside at night in a downtown setting, the accident victim is far beyond fatigued to fall into Death’s sleep comfortably. The vehicle that runs him over, makes him motionless and sleep deprived. No … Continue reading “Very Tired Man Still Awake”

Chinaman Kills Wife in Street

In China, momentary stabbing session by an alleged husband of a woman on street, reveals signs of a dull, worn out marriage. “Happy wife, happy life” never runs across his mind. What causes man to stab the woman is unknown. Grabbing her by the hair, he gets off a couple good whacks. Captivity is a … Continue reading “Chinaman Kills Wife in Street”

Couple Wrecks Motorcycle, Woman Receives Comfort in Ecuador

In Ecuador, a couple on motorcycle wreck on an overpass. The man absorbs most of the accident lashing, while the woman takes it easy on the ground level. Great thing man was wearing a helmet or his head could have been hurt. Luckily, he suffers no brain damage. The condition of the woman is unknown, … Continue reading “Couple Wrecks Motorcycle, Woman Receives Comfort in Ecuador”

Serious Leg Trauma Won’t Stop Teen Tweeting – Indonesia

In Indonesia, serious leg trauma won’t keep a young boy from tweeting. On the road, a generous amount of bystanders offer little to no help for the surviving boy. Nearby is a body of a young one, suggesting that, the two are hit by the same vehicle. Props to Best Gore Member @honkeykong for the … Continue reading “Serious Leg Trauma Won’t Stop Teen Tweeting – Indonesia”

Cunt-Face Gets His First Period

The Caption This Video Contest #2 In Latin America, a screaming woman holds victim of a machete attack, cheek to his face. The man is unable to keep it together. Guy off camera: Say, who was it Chello? 2nd guy: Who was it Chellito? Woman: Who was it? Fucked up face guy mumbled: It was … Continue reading “Cunt-Face Gets His First Period”

Unknown Something Displaces Kid’s Leg and Arm in India

In India, a young boy is on the ground with a leg missing and arm completed unattached underneath, what appears to be a school shirt. Under complete and utter distress, the young boy struggles to keep consciousness. Nearby well-wishers check I.D to notify kin of his whereabouts and grave situation. Unspecified, is the something resulting … Continue reading “Unknown Something Displaces Kid’s Leg and Arm in India”

Woman Loses Leg at Sea, Boat Propeller Accident Aftermath

In Brazil, a woman loses leg at sea. Swimming or dipping leg in the water, she is not smart enough to avoid a boat propeller accident. A tourniquet is used to stop any further bleeding. UPDATE That’s not a shark bite! I’m Brazilian and listening to the man in the boat, he said that was … Continue reading “Woman Loses Leg at Sea, Boat Propeller Accident Aftermath”