Four Year Old Indonesian Boy Fed Liqueur Until Drunk

This video, albeit containing no gore per se, seems strangely appropriate because even though as a general rule of thumb I vastly enjoy my solitude, I strongly oppose the attempt to break up families and friends with the plandemic restrictions. So over the past few months, I spent more time socializing than in the preceding … Continue reading “Four Year Old Indonesian Boy Fed Liqueur Until Drunk”

Muslim Man Warns German People with What Will Happen to Germany

This video was provided by Best Gore member @derkater, who noted that even though it contains no blood and gore, it’s worth sharing so people get a more complete picture of the happenings in Europe, and can make more educated choices. And I agree – the public deserves to be informed and who else is … Continue reading “Muslim Man Warns German People with What Will Happen to Germany”

Dozen Years of Best Motherfucking Gore

For 12 solid years, has been the most prominent and popular gore (ie reality news) website in the world, and its present position is even more dominant. It has won numerous accolades, including “The Most Controversial“, or “The Most Shocking” website on the internet. In 2012, the website gained global notoriety after the Best … Continue reading “Dozen Years of Best Motherfucking Gore”

Man Stricken with Sinusitis Celebrates Birthday

Story Time With Uncle Dan: Happy FREAKing Birthday According to this post, His name is Romulo Pilapil Sr. and lives at Brgy. Airport Purok 4 Ormoc City and it seems it’s his 56 birthday at July 6, 2019 and seems to me they all of his friends and family are celebrating his birthday, the pain … Continue reading “Man Stricken with Sinusitis Celebrates Birthday”

Two Burned in Gas Leak Explosion, West Africa

The video is the aftermath of a gas leak, that exploded. Definitely ruined any romance that was in the air, and I can’t help but wonder if maybe there was more than just one flammable fume in that room. Poor girl got pounded and then had her fun bags set ablaze. Not confident that he … Continue reading “Two Burned in Gas Leak Explosion, West Africa”

Suicide Jumper Kills Man He Lands on

A suicide jumper takes out another man on his way out, or should I say down? The guy really sticks the landing on this one. Could you imagine the mix up this probably caused. “So the victims cause of death was suicide?” “Yes.” “But why would he want to take his own life?” *facepalm* “no, … Continue reading “Suicide Jumper Kills Man He Lands on”

Womans Brain Eaten by Maggots

Well, if this doesn’t satisfy our gore goers, than I don’t know what will. It seems as if the apocalypses has begun. This rotting human, functioning with a dead stare and half a brain, lies on a hospital bed, answering questions while maggots thrive on her head. Hey that rhymed, anyway, there is no back … Continue reading “Womans Brain Eaten by Maggots”

Teens Crash Motorcycle Using Cell Phone

In Haryana, India, a trio of young teenage boys thought it would be a great idea to film a TikTok video, while all three were riding a motorcycle. Truly a recipe for disaster. They lost control and crashed. They look like ragdolls flung about. Apparently one is dead, you can see another agonally breathing (my … Continue reading “Teens Crash Motorcycle Using Cell Phone”

Vietnamese Woman Vs. Train

A short and not very gory video shows a Vietnamese woman riding a bike over some train tracks, when wham, a train comes out of no where. Man, no one expected this, those sneaky trains. They always seem to be on the tracks though, lets spread awareness. Train accidents usually happen on the actual train … Continue reading “Vietnamese Woman Vs. Train”

Woman Crossing Street Hit by Truck

A short video, sadly not a bloody one, of a female walking across the street, to her biker boyfriend. She is all smiles and flowy dresses until her pussy pass is revoked by a truck minding its own lane. I’m not sure what she was thinking, her blind spot must have been huge. You can … Continue reading “Woman Crossing Street Hit by Truck”