Cunt Neck Gets His First Blowjob

The Caption This Video Contest #3 …And the results are in: *************And The Top-Spot Goes To,,, @svarg26 *************** “cunt neck gets his first blowjob.” The First Runner-Up Spot Goes To,,, @SandalSniffer “That’s not how you use a dick pump.” The Second Runner-up Spot Goes To,,, @WhyYouNeedToKnow “So that’s where they hide all their stolen goods … Continue reading “Cunt Neck Gets His First Blowjob”

Update on Cody Lee, Guy Who Got Slammed on Ground

Update on Cody Lee from the story I shared recently who got slammed on the floor by Espanola, New Mexico cop. He made the front page again the next week for saving this guy’s life. Thought it was kinda ironic and funny. It definitely makes that cop look like an asshat. Props to Best Gore … Continue reading “Update on Cody Lee, Guy Who Got Slammed on Ground”

Eleven Years of Best Motherfucking Gore, Last Year for Me

Today marks the eleventh anniversary of Best Gore. Since April 30, 2008, we’ve been showing the world the side of life others strive to hide. It’s been an incredible ride and I’m honored to have shared it with you. But I’ve come to the end of mine. I’ve been half way out with one foot … Continue reading “Eleven Years of Best Motherfucking Gore, Last Year for Me”

In Russia, Drugs Do You

Allegedly in Russia, a man gorged out of his mind is in the driver seat, having a grand ‘ole time. Don’t stare directly into the eyes of the living dead or the dead may take your soul. Maybe, our rarely outspoken Russian members can shed some light on this matter. Judging by the crouch touching … Continue reading “In Russia, Drugs Do You”

Careless Shootout at Gas Mart in St. Louis, Missouri

A shootout took place at around 1 a.m. on Sept. 12 at the Gas Mart on 18th and Missouri. Two cars pulled in front of the gas station. Police said the driver of a black car fired the first shot at a person inside the red car before the two started firing at one another. … Continue reading “Careless Shootout at Gas Mart in St. Louis, Missouri”

Man Dangles Out Window Waiting For Rescue With Ladder, Falls on Ground

Rio Grande do Sul is a state located in the southern region of Brazil. Local CBMRS are on scene to assist the man who is dangling and holding onto sheets by bringing him down to safety. Performing retained knowledge of proper ladder etiquette is not always easy to reenact on the front-lines. The man’s firm … Continue reading “Man Dangles Out Window Waiting For Rescue With Ladder, Falls on Ground”

GDPR Comliance

In the last few days, you’ve probably received a whole lot of notifications that the website you are a member of in whatever capacity has updated their Privacy Policy. That is because as of today, GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) – a new European Union regulation designed to enforce strict privacy practices comes into effect. … Continue reading “GDPR Comliance”

Nomination Game

Well hello, at the end of this month, Best Gore will celebrate its 10th anniversary. It’s hard to believe it’s already been 10 years. I was 33 when I started the site. Now I’m 10 years older. Holy shit! Where did all those years go? I could be grandpa by now. The 10 year ride … Continue reading “Nomination Game”

YouTube Shooter Nasim Aghdam – Videos and Photos

How convenient for Israeli dick mutilators? The YouTube shooter is said to be Iranian, creating the much needed boost in resentment for the country Israel has as its #1 target, but she makes a video in which she appears standing in front of a background of Stars of David. You couldn’t make this shit up. … Continue reading “YouTube Shooter Nasim Aghdam – Videos and Photos”

Unattended Toddler Falls Off Window of Apartment, Men on Street Save Him

In a home of failed parents, an unsupervised toddler climbed up a window and appeared to come closer and closer to falling. So a group of random men on the street scrambled what was immediately near to try and save the kid’s life. They kicked ass. I don’t know for sure where the video is … Continue reading “Unattended Toddler Falls Off Window of Apartment, Men on Street Save Him”