CCTV – Four Dogs Attack Man Jogging in Argentina

Captured on CCTV, a man can be seen jogging into view. He appears to be dressed to run a 5-K, but runs into four K-9s instead. As the dogs approach, the man doesn’t yet realize their intention, and reaches out to pet them. The dogs were in no mood to sniff butts, and went on … Continue reading “CCTV – Four Dogs Attack Man Jogging in Argentina”

Avoiding Turnstile Payment Collects Instant Karma

A metro turnstile in Chile gets violated with non payment from delinquent. A cheat takes a free pass and uses friend card to get through. A quick getaway on foot does no good with no eye-foot coordination. Losing track of your feet and how many steps it takes to walk down stairs is an art … Continue reading “Avoiding Turnstile Payment Collects Instant Karma”

Guerrillas Whipped in Africa for Food Rations

Out in the open fields of West Africa, guerillas form a line and begin to dish out food rations with discretion. Hungry soldiers barrage countless whippings for their one meal a day. The field cafeteria workers are overeager to impress their regime leader by strict portion control and food cost management. The few and the … Continue reading “Guerrillas Whipped in Africa for Food Rations”

Caribbean Land Whales Argue About Stinky Pussy

It’s been a stressful couple of days here. I could go for a nice, relaxing massage, about half and hour should do. You know? I know you do. Alas, virtual fingers just don’t cut it, so instead lets have a kick back and a laugh for a little bit. I have here rare footage of … Continue reading “Caribbean Land Whales Argue About Stinky Pussy”

Syrian Rebels Blow Themselves Up Instead of Their Target

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, the Hellfire Cannon Fail! Pretty old video here, but I had actually never seen it before so I figured some of you hadn’t either. I’m saying right here that this is old video, back to at least May this year. So I better not see any comments complaining … Continue reading “Syrian Rebels Blow Themselves Up Instead of Their Target”

Crackhead on Bad Trip Thinks His Genitals are on Fire

Hahaha, yes, the title says it all. Video (shot in lovely potato vision) from America shows a black crack head on a bad trip. He goes running into his neighbours yard naked, screaming that he’s gonna die, thinking that his dick and balls are on fire. I gotta give credit to the guys in the … Continue reading “Crackhead on Bad Trip Thinks His Genitals are on Fire”

Zimbabwe Taxi Drivers Spin Their Vehicles During Funeral Procession for Fallen Comrade

Apparently, it is the custom of taxi drivers in Zimbabwe to spin their vehicles or essentially, do “doughnuts” while in a funeral procession for one of their fallen comrades. And here is video of such event, what could possibly go wrong? Mad props to African Angel for the hookup.

Funny Escalator Accident in Malaysia

Hey guys. Want to share a pretty funny video here from Malaysia. Recently, we’ve only seen the malicious side of escalators, but, they also have a bit of a playful side as well. Large group of people moving up an escalator and suddenly something goes awry and they all come tumbling down. Made me have … Continue reading “Funny Escalator Accident in Malaysia”

Man Gets Floored by a Bus Door

Hello, boys and gores, let’s start things off with a laugh. I have CCTV footage of a bus terminal where a man gets out and sits down after appearing to have words with the bus driver. Then the image cuts to show the man acting aggressively and then he launches himself at the closed bus … Continue reading “Man Gets Floored by a Bus Door”

Would-Be Car Thief Knocks Himself Out Trying to Break Into Mercedes

Here’s a would-be car thief in Ireland who attempted to break into a Mercedes outside a bar using a brick. He made an earlier attempt (not shown in video) where he approaches the car from the other side, and the brick casually bounces off the window. He then comes back to the Mercedes from the … Continue reading “Would-Be Car Thief Knocks Himself Out Trying to Break Into Mercedes”