The Caption This Photo Contest #9

Caption this photo if you can… Best Caption: That seminar on gun violence was a real eye-opener. – Dogs_Bollocks Runners-up: Too bad the eyeballs weren’t closer together,or I would’ve titty fucked them. – noel5175 Kudos to this guy for figuring out that when you’ve had enough caffeine to make your eyes do that, the only … Continue reading “The Caption This Photo Contest #9”

Video of the Last Public Execution in France – Eugen Weidmann by Guillotine

The June 17, 1939 execution of Eugen Weidmann was the last execution in France that was performed as a public event. France continued executing people by guillotines until September 10, 1977 but public was no longer allowed to attend these events. September 10, 1977 marked the execution of Hamida Djandoubi – a Tunisian immigrant to … Continue reading “Video of the Last Public Execution in France – Eugen Weidmann by Guillotine”

Santa Ana Jail Massacre Photos with Full Info

While Santa Ana Jail Massacre photos are well known to most seasoned gorelings, the story behind it is either often incomplete, contains false information or is entirely unknown so let me set the record straight and provide the notorious Santa Ana Jail Massacre photos along with the story that lead to it with full info … Continue reading “Santa Ana Jail Massacre Photos with Full Info”

Brutal Public Execution of Young Woman in Somalia

Somalia – the lawless country with virtually no functioning governments, just gangs warring against each other for territorial control. On top of that, Somalis are also Muslims which makes up for some of the most ruthless behavior of one human being towards another ever. There is no surprise that public executions of such brutality as … Continue reading “Brutal Public Execution of Young Woman in Somalia”

The Caption This Photo Contest #7

Best Caption: Who’s shooting blanks now bitch? – jeff311 Runners-up: Call ME an inglorious bastard? – SmokeFerret NINE! Stüpid Jew! Only the püreist of püreist can drink from Das Boot!!!!! – trakk5 It was either let me buss a nut in yo’ ass, or I’ma bust a cap in yo’ ass. – Morentz

Executed Palestinian Accused of Working with the Israelis Gets Stomped by Angry Woman

Israelis have a lot of innocent blood on their hands so it’s understandable that when there is a Palestinian who gets accused of working with them, the community gets pretty upset. At the same time – they say that a photograph freezes a single moment in time to keep it forever, and by looking at … Continue reading “Executed Palestinian Accused of Working with the Israelis Gets Stomped by Angry Woman”

Necklacing Execution Photos

One thing that’s easy to notice when visiting gore sites is that humans are exceptionally creative when it comes to inflicting pain and suffering on another. Executions are no exception. As if killing a human being was not good enough, some came with ideas to preceed death with unendurable agony. Introducing necklacing – an execution … Continue reading “Necklacing Execution Photos”

Head Exploding Rifle Executions of Females in China

The pictures of three teenage girls who were executed in China on suspicion of murder (thanks Yin for translation) belonged together so I posted them separately. These pictures are also of (mostly) females executed in China by a rifle shot to the head, but they are from a different event(s) so they have their own … Continue reading “Head Exploding Rifle Executions of Females in China”

Execution of Three Chinese Teenage Girls

Pictures of Chinese Executions by Beheading we already have on Best Gore were taken in the early 1900s. Since then, Chinese executioners modernised their arsenal and come mid to late 20th century, they started executing people with a gunshot to the head. What these three teenage girl were accused of is uncertain, but they were … Continue reading “Execution of Three Chinese Teenage Girls”

Los Zetas Murder a Man and Pin a Sign on His Body with Screwdrivers

Los Zetas, one of the most violent Mexican drug trade groups is known for their extraordinary brutality with captured members of rival gangs. This man was one of the unlucky ones and to get their message across, Los Zetas pinned the sign on man’s body with screwdrivers.