Boy Impaled by Fenced Rebar, People Try to Cut It Off

I got no backinfo about the video. It looks to me like it could be from the Middle East. The video shows a boy who was impaled through the chin by a fenced rebar. A few men are working to free the boy. Some hold up his body, while others work to cut the metal … Continue reading “Boy Impaled by Fenced Rebar, People Try to Cut It Off”

Road Accident Aftermath Mexico

Aftermath of a car wreak involving a single vehicle that happened in San Luis Potosi, Mexico on July 22nd. The Driver said it was caused by excessive speed and he lost control. The car collides with the side railing, impaling it right through the center. The aftermath is worth seeing. The first video shows the … Continue reading “Road Accident Aftermath Mexico”

Young Couple Die in Bike Accident at Indian Village

Accident in a small Indian village, in which a young man and a young woman were riding in the bike. Youth and a girl died on the spot. Props to Best Gore member @shivd9 for the video:

Alleged Rapist Poked and Prodded, Nipped at by Dogs

In what sounds to be in Latin America, a gathering of pissed off people berate and attack an alleged rapist. The man is dragged to the street and prodded at with wooden objects. A mob member pokes the alleged rapist’s sphincter roughly with average sized wood. Men’s best friends join in to appease their masters … Continue reading “Alleged Rapist Poked and Prodded, Nipped at by Dogs”

Filipino Motorcycle Rider Gored, Smashes into Parked Truck

Filipino motorcycle rider gets gored after smashing into a parked truck. Props to Best Gore member Redneck Balls for the gore-llery of photos:

Fence Impales Indian Man Through Chin

In India, one false move and it’s lights out for an impale-du man. Lucky enough for him, there are can-du people around. After a few tense moments, the man is set free with his impaled chin with fence. Props to Best Gore member @honkeykong for the video:

Young Asian Boy Impaled with Bar, Lies on Hospital Bed

Exact location was not specified, although the lack of good parenting hints to Asia. A young boy is impaled by a steel bar. How he obtained the protruding faux appendage is anyone’s guess. Young Asian kid lies on a hospital bed either completely in shock or is sedated heavily. Doctors talk around the child thinking … Continue reading “Young Asian Boy Impaled with Bar, Lies on Hospital Bed”

Large Bollard Extracted from Impaled Man

On the hospital bed lies a man impaled with a large bollard that entered his torso through the ass cheek and went all through him to the chest area. One of the personnel straight up yanks the bollard out of him like it’s a rubber dildo stuck up his ass. A no bullshit extraction. The … Continue reading “Large Bollard Extracted from Impaled Man”

Man Falls Out Apartment Window, Impaled With Pole in Paris

A man in Paris fell from his apartment window directly on to a street pole. He was alive when emergency crew showed up. Pole was taken with man to hospital, he died shortly after. Unclear is whether it is suicide or accident; whatever the case, must have been very satisfying and painful way to die. … Continue reading “Man Falls Out Apartment Window, Impaled With Pole in Paris”

Impaired Russian Impaled on Spiked Peak Fence

Naked Russian man, not drunk (surprisingly), but under the influence of drugs impaled himself on a spiked peak fence after slipping and falling attempting to go home. While high under the influence of narcotics, the arrival of rescuers sobered him up and quickly began to realize the reality and pain of his situation. Too bad … Continue reading “Impaired Russian Impaled on Spiked Peak Fence”