Twelve Decapitated Men, Yucatan, Mexico

A video from 2008 was sent in, of eleven bodies and seven severed heads, from Yucatan, Mexico. The bodies were found right outside colonial city of Merida. It is clear to police that this is gang violence, caused by the constant war on drugs. The heads are supposedly never found, however, we know where they … Continue reading “Twelve Decapitated Men, Yucatan, Mexico”

Seraphim Serenata 800th Post Bash – Special Bleed Out Video

Number 800!! Eeeeeeeppppppp!! Hi fellow Best Gore members, I have made a mile stone of sorts with posting on BG as well with personal growth. I compiled a half-assed list of some of my favorites throughout my almost 1 year tenure being Author, mostly first couple pages cause I am lazy like that now. Muahahaha!!! … Continue reading “Seraphim Serenata 800th Post Bash – Special Bleed Out Video”

Another One of Those Decapitation Videos from Mexico

Reporting Live from Mexico. Well it’s a hot day out there for the slicer, and an even hotter day for the slicee fellow gore goers, as the Los Zetas take their place to compete in the well known throat cutting Olympics hosted right here on Bestgore. We go down to the arena where the opponents … Continue reading “Another One of Those Decapitation Videos from Mexico”

Guy Dismembered Alive in Forest

The video is of a man bound and half naked, on the floor of the forest. He seems very calm and collected while his feet are being hacked off by a machete. However losing an arm or two is where he crumbles, letting his fate sink in.. I feel for the bastard but it made … Continue reading “Guy Dismembered Alive in Forest”

Rivals Laugh Stabbing Corpse with Large Knife in Brazil

You know who are at it again? In Brazil, a slain rival in the form of a corpse receives a gesture of goodwill. The torso of the dead young man is repeatedly stabbed with an over sized kitchen knife. The postmortem puncture wounds provide a stream of undying laughter. It makes you wonder how the … Continue reading “Rivals Laugh Stabbing Corpse with Large Knife in Brazil”

Cartel Gunmen Shoot Narco Musician, Mexico

On July 6th, cartel members began a series of murders in Ciudad Obregon, Sonora, Mexico. The video we have is of the first attack which shows a White Chevrolet Silverado riddled with bullet holes. Gunmen shot over 100 rifle rounds at the vehicle, killing both of the men inside. One of the victims was identified … Continue reading “Cartel Gunmen Shoot Narco Musician, Mexico”

Floored Man with Scalp Lacerations Kicked in Head

Not sure where this one is from but it shows a man laying in some smeared blood, on top of some rather nice flooring I might add, and while he is down there, receives a nasty stomp to the head. He has cuts on his scalp and other wounds on his upper back. It is … Continue reading “Floored Man with Scalp Lacerations Kicked in Head”

Stabby McStaberson Stabs a Man

Stabbing must really take it out of you. The poor fella was plum tuckered by the end. Obviously, the cameraman has tourette’s as shown with the constant shaking. In location unknown, but definitely in Latin America, a man gets stabbed over and over again. After taking it hard and deep, man lies on stomach to … Continue reading “Stabby McStaberson Stabs a Man”

Woman Gives Head after Death, Corpse Mutilated and Buried

In what can be no where else except Brazil, a corpse of a woman gagged is beheaded and then buried. Even in death this woman gave great head. Do not understand the language of the jungle monkeys, but is it really necessary? Props to Best Gore member @honkeykong for the video: Fill browser window

South of the Border Survivor Contestant in Michoacán, Mexico

In Michoacán, Mexico, very festive music is going on. They are hard at work at dismembering a dead bump on a log body. Hector Sanchez is what we will call him, he invited friends camping but forgets the alcohol and pays the price. Props to Best Gore member @ccccccjjj2 for the video: Fill browser window