Half Cocked Necklacing, African Thief Stick Marinated for Barbecue

Somewhere in darkest Africa, a thief receives a brutal beating with sticks and is marinated for a barbecue by placing tyres soaked in petrol around his neck. I’m not quite sure which country this is but the language sounds like one spoken in Malawi. Props to Best Gore member @jangwasexpot for the video: Fill browser … Continue reading “Half Cocked Necklacing, African Thief Stick Marinated for Barbecue”

Man on Fire Hacked with Machete in Haiti

Video starts off with man under brush fire in Haiti. Rolling away from roasting amber, the restrained man is hacked at with dull machete. The machete wielding man extinguishes his burning desire to finish what he starts and hops over the fire, leaving the premises like a bunny in heat or illegitimate father. The raging … Continue reading “Man on Fire Hacked with Machete in Haiti”

Man Burned Alive During Lynching Africa

No back info for this video but it’s pretty obvious that it is from somewhere in Africa. A man being lynched crawls around looking like something straight out of a horror movie. He is on fire and the crowd feeds the flames with scrapes of his clothing and debris. No telling the hoops he will … Continue reading “Man Burned Alive During Lynching Africa”

Chicken Thief Hacked to Death Kenya

In the town of Kakamega, West Kenya an alleged “chicken Thief” was cornered and attacked by a man with a machete. Apparently the machete wielding African was the owner of the chickens that were stolen. The video surfaced on social media July 28th, but was shortly taken down, to protect the sheep, not the chickens. … Continue reading “Chicken Thief Hacked to Death Kenya”

Girl Publicly Spanked, India

We enter the scene with about a dozen males in the sand, all yelling and screaming. I don’t even think they know what’s going on, but then again it is India, where questions are forbidden and things are just done without giving possible consequences a second thought and little to no regard is given for … Continue reading “Girl Publicly Spanked, India”

Woman Killed for Body Parts, Dismembering Interrupted by Party Poopers

Don’t have much info on this one. I got it from a friend from West Africa, Nigeria, it’s dated 2/07/19. The guy in the video killed the girl most likely for ritual parts. The neighbors in the estate busted him after they heard news of a missing girl who fit the description of the dead … Continue reading “Woman Killed for Body Parts, Dismembering Interrupted by Party Poopers”

Motorcyclists Run Over Man During Lynching in Africa

Ahh, don’t you just love a good Lynching?? This video is allegedly from Africa, because well, were else would there be a public beating of an African by Africans. The man being beaten is kicked 3 times in a row at the very beginning of the video, from there he is ran over several times … Continue reading “Motorcyclists Run Over Man During Lynching in Africa”

Group of Teens Discipline Internet Troll

In what looks to be a video taken in Bihar, India a group of young Indians (all with the same hair style, known as trash) can be seen getting revenge on a shorter, yet equally dirty, Indian boy who decided to troll the tallest one there on social media, he can be seen pleading with … Continue reading “Group of Teens Discipline Internet Troll”

Stabbing and Drowning of Bisexual Teenager at Maria Farinha Beach, Brazil

This Tuesday 25, at Maria Farinha beach, town of Paulista, state of Pernambuco, Brazil, two 15 year old girls murdered a 14 year old girl and filmed the whole act. As the story goes, the victim was the girlfriend of the girl holding the smartphone, and cheated on her at some point during their relationship. … Continue reading “Stabbing and Drowning of Bisexual Teenager at Maria Farinha Beach, Brazil”

Russian Repays Debt with Beating, Better Late than Never

Ayyy, that the Russians and their beatings, for not paying their debts … A classic. Indeed a classic, almost as great like this video of Russian beaten within an inch of his life. A possible title may be: “It is better to pay your debts on time, than to wait until the receipt arrives” Props … Continue reading “Russian Repays Debt with Beating, Better Late than Never”