Low Pants Multiple Body Shot Victim on Sidewalk, Baltimore MD

A man is shot multiple times and killed on the 1800 block of N. Bruce St. in West Baltimore, Maryland on July 28, 2019, at 3:52pm. When officers arrive, they find a man with gunshot wounds to his body. The victim is taken to an area hospital where he is confirmed dead from his injuries. … Continue reading “Low Pants Multiple Body Shot Victim on Sidewalk, Baltimore MD”

Aftermath- Amsterdam Criminal Shot in Bijlmer, Netherlands

An Amsterdam criminal is shot near the Kraaiennest metro station in Amsterdam’s Bijlmer, costing him his life after midnight. Inchomar Balentien, an Amsterdam criminal who barely survives an earlier attack on his life in 2013 finally pays the piper and dies after the shooting. Balentien approaches a newspaper earlier in 2015 because he suspects that … Continue reading “Aftermath- Amsterdam Criminal Shot in Bijlmer, Netherlands”

Twelve Decapitated Men, Yucatan, Mexico

A video from 2008 was sent in, of eleven bodies and seven severed heads, from Yucatan, Mexico. The bodies were found right outside colonial city of Merida. It is clear to police that this is gang violence, caused by the constant war on drugs. The heads are supposedly never found, however, we know where they … Continue reading “Twelve Decapitated Men, Yucatan, Mexico”

Wal-Mart El Paso Shooting, Texas Man Targets Mexicans

@slipknt182 says: Where is the gore footage of the Texas and Ohio shootings? Best gore admins you guys need to post the good stuff from the usa. At least 20 dead in El Paso shopping center shooting as authorities investigate Texas man and manifesto. A gunman wields an assault-style rifle killing 20 people and wounding … Continue reading “Wal-Mart El Paso Shooting, Texas Man Targets Mexicans”

Shot in The Face

A quick, action-packed video from somewhere in Latin America shows a man being shot in the face with some kind of automatic weapon, close range. Sadly the aftermath is hard to see, not because of the dozens of flies, but because the video quality is poor. I know you S.O.B’s still have some imagination left … Continue reading “Shot in The Face”

Seraphim Serenata 800th Post Bash – Special Bleed Out Video

Number 800!! Eeeeeeeppppppp!! Hi fellow Best Gore members, I have made a mile stone of sorts with posting on BG as well with personal growth. I compiled a half-assed list of some of my favorites throughout my almost 1 year tenure being Author, mostly first couple pages cause I am lazy like that now. Muahahaha!!! … Continue reading “Seraphim Serenata 800th Post Bash – Special Bleed Out Video”

Teenager Stabbed in Purley, London

A teenager dies and a male suspect is arrested after a triple stabbing forced police to put a south London town centre on lockdown. The man, believed to be in his late teens, dies after being attacked on Brighton Road, Croydon. Two other males, both believed to be in their late teens, are found wounded … Continue reading “Teenager Stabbed in Purley, London”

Syrian Man Stabs German with Samurai Sword

A Stuttgart man was stabbed to death by his roommate in the middle of a residential street after an argument. Apparently the 28-year-old suspect and the 36-year-old victim had lived together for about a year before the slaying took place on Wednesday, July 31st, this year. The suspect is believed to be from Syria, living … Continue reading “Syrian Man Stabs German with Samurai Sword”

Man Slowly Dismembered

From Latin America, the video starts out with a guy, bound in a chair, with a piece of cloth around his mouth. He looks as if he knows what’s coming to him and has accepted it, already looking dead inside. The man filming wont shut up, talking the whole time, for sure he is explaining … Continue reading “Man Slowly Dismembered”

Brazilian Gang Stabs and Kicks Man

Allegedly, this video is from Brazil, it shows a gang of animals laughing and playing in the blood of an unfortunate someone. One of the gang members waves a big knife in front of the camera, sporting a shirt for a mask, while the hoes wear crop tops. The victim is lifeless on the floor … Continue reading “Brazilian Gang Stabs and Kicks Man”