Video of Devastating Tsunami Hitting Japan After Powerful Earthquake

Japan was hit by several heavy earthquakes in the last few days, but today’s was the strongest yet. The original reports talked about a 7.9 magnitude earthquake, later it was upgraded to an 8.8 magnitude earthquake to finally settle at 8.4, but this number can still be adjusted. The earthquake had an epicentre off the … Continue reading “Video of Devastating Tsunami Hitting Japan After Powerful Earthquake”

Victims of Flash Floods in Brazil

This is a very unique opportunity to see dead Brazilians who weren’t killed in a violent attack. Shocking! These three men were driving in a car and tried to cross the road that got flooded but the water overtook their car and swept them under. The rescuers in red Speedos pulled them out and set … Continue reading “Victims of Flash Floods in Brazil”

Victims of 2008 Earthquake in Sichuan, China – Photos

Almost 70,000 people died in Central Chinese province of Sichuan after it was shaken by a 8.5 Magnitude earthquake on May 12, 2008. The epicentre of the earthquake was located in Wenchuan County, mere 80 km from Chengdu, the capital city of Sichuan province. Of 69,197 confirmed deaths, 68,636 were in Sichuan province, the rest … Continue reading “Victims of 2008 Earthquake in Sichuan, China – Photos”

Tsunami Victims Pictures – Dead Children WARNING!

Tsunami is a force that doesn’t mess around. The name comes from the Japanese tsu (harbour) and nami (wave). Tsunami is basically a very big wave(s) usually triggered by seismic activity in the ocean. Underwater volcanic eruption, a vertical displacement of the oceans, earthquakes of meteorite hits can all cause tsunamis. This post contains a … Continue reading “Tsunami Victims Pictures – Dead Children WARNING!”