Muslim Woman Dies While Reciting Quranic Prayer

On May 7, 2016, while reciting Yasin’s Prayer during the Isra and Mi’raj ceremony in Malaysia, a Muslim woman named Ustazah Halimah suddenly collapsed. Apparently, she died mid praying. Props to Best Gore member @Gulliver for the video:

Mangled and Decapitated Body Recovered from Rough Seas

In a Middle Eastern country, a group of men pulled off a dangerous recovery of a corpse from rough seas. The corpse was mangled and decapitated. The sea was beating down on those sharp rocks heavily – at any time a wave could have swept any of the guys into the sea, or mangle him … Continue reading “Mangled and Decapitated Body Recovered from Rough Seas”

Man Tries Tirelessly to Revive Lifeless Girl on Beach

A video filmed on a beach in rainy weather shows a man desperately trying to revive a lifeless girl. There’s another lifeless body of a man behind them, but nobody seems to care about him. The rescuer seems to know how to administer CPR, and works tirelessly on chest compressions and mouth to mouth resuscitation, … Continue reading “Man Tries Tirelessly to Revive Lifeless Girl on Beach”

Eye Infection Caused by Scratch from Dog

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by Best Gore member, @musickness666. He and his dog had an unfortunate mishap in bed one morning ( 😉 ), but I’ll let him tell the tale: My dog, Dante, jumped into my bed to wake me up to let him out. When he … Continue reading “Eye Infection Caused by Scratch from Dog”

Thai Bloater in a Sack

So I come on to Best Gore earlier today and what do I see? A corn cob coming out of an asshole. Thanks, @ate. Well, I don’t really have a way to beat that, but I do so happen to have in possesion another bloater. This time courtesy of Thailand. A man was pulled from … Continue reading “Thai Bloater in a Sack”

Bloater Found on Side of the Road in Caruaru

On the afternoon of Saturday, April 9th, 2016, the badly bloated body of a man was found on the side of a road in Caruru. The man has not yet been identified and authorities have not determined if foul play was involved in the man’s death. Oh, come on! It’s Caruaru. Foul play and Caruaru … Continue reading “Bloater Found on Side of the Road in Caruaru”

German Adventurer Found Mummified Inside Drifting Yacht Near Philippines

In the Pacific Ocean, off the coast of Barobo in Surigao del Sur, the Philippines, local fisherman spotted a drifting yacht. On board the yacht they found a body of a middleaged man, whose corpse was naturally mummified by ocean winds, hot temperatures and salty air. On board documents, logbooks, notes and photographs provided a … Continue reading “German Adventurer Found Mummified Inside Drifting Yacht Near Philippines”

Skeleton Found in Car Pulled from Lake in Thailand

A car was found at the bottom of a lake in Thailand by some people who had come to lake to go fishing. When pulled from the water, a skeleton was found within. It has not been determined if the car found it’s way into the water because of an accident or something more sinister. … Continue reading “Skeleton Found in Car Pulled from Lake in Thailand”

Thai Woman Gives Birth in Taxi Cab, Cops Help to Deliver

A Thai woman en route to a hospital to give birth, couldn’t hold he spawn in her vajajay and popped it right on the back seat of a taxi cab she was in. Cops stopped by to help with delivery, but wouldn’t even take their helmets off. Here’s the awesome translation from Thai: Birth on … Continue reading “Thai Woman Gives Birth in Taxi Cab, Cops Help to Deliver”

The Caption This Photo Contest #83

Well…Caption this photo if you can. Also, we’d like to wish a very happy birthday to a Best Gore OG. Brokeback, this one’s for you. BEST CAPTION: When she says she can’t deep throat but you try anyway – ms g0rem8 RUNNERS UP: This is what happens when you go through puberty wanking to rap … Continue reading “The Caption This Photo Contest #83”