Seraphim Clips Wings

SERAPHIM (all of society) SERENATA (in serenity) Seraphim is cutting its wings and hibernating to rejuvenate. How long does it take to regrow wings? Like they say, “You Gotta Cut Some Root to Make The Tree Survive.” Plaguing Thoughts Clustered: EXCERPT …The United “Marionette” States of America destroy any self-sufficient, self-sustaining society. The Vulture “Puppet … Continue reading “Seraphim Clips Wings”

Top 8 Brutal Videos of 2018, List Created by Best Gore Members

As 2018 is drawing to a close and 2019 nigh, proclaim your brutal or Wickedly funny picks of 2018. Remind your fellow Best Gore member what made this year special to you. This post is only for a limited time, so act fast! BUT WAIT! There’s more!! Please don’t be shy or afraid, scarred or … Continue reading “Top 8 Brutal Videos of 2018, List Created by Best Gore Members”

Chinese Female Driver Runs Down Two Older Folks on Sidewalk

An older video, but worth sharing because you can never go wrong being reminded that female drivers were as incompetent then as they are now. CCTV video from China shows two older folks lugging it slowly down a street, when they notice a vehicle coming at them. They try to get out of the way, … Continue reading “Chinese Female Driver Runs Down Two Older Folks on Sidewalk”

Zionists Taking Heat in Germany During G20 Summit

It’s 7/7/17 and Germany’s Hamburg is on fire. All the Zionist big wigs from around the world meet up today to choose the future for the rest of us. The most dedicated Shabbos Goy currently alive met for the first time with Vladimir Putin. I can imagine what Trump had to say to him: “Look … Continue reading “Zionists Taking Heat in Germany During G20 Summit”

The Caption This Photo Contest #85

Caption this photo if you can… and check out last time’s winner here.

Happy Halloween, Motherfuckers!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year with Da Silvas a-falling and everyone calling “get the Fuck out of here!” It’s the blood, bloodiest season of all There’ll be live suicide’s hosting and Indians roasting and street fights with ghetto hoes there’ll be scary Thai bloaters and drunken dead floaters from Samhain’s long, long … Continue reading “Happy Halloween, Motherfuckers!”

Best Gore’s 1st Annual Gor-etry Contest: The Results Are In!

Here it is. The moment you have been waiting for. The winner of the first annual Best Gore Gor-etry Contest. Let me preface the proceedings by saying that I am proud of all of you for your contributions. I honestly didn’t think too many would give a shit about doing this, but I was clearly … Continue reading “Best Gore’s 1st Annual Gor-etry Contest: The Results Are In!”

Best Gore’s Writer’s Guild Presents: Gor-etry Contest

Hello there. Well, a little bit ago, Best Gore member Empty Soul proposed the idea of letting the members of Best Gore demonstrate their creativity by writing dark/gore-related poetry for the site as a new type of contest, much like our Caption This Photo Contest. What I saw was a predominantly positive reception to the … Continue reading “Best Gore’s Writer’s Guild Presents: Gor-etry Contest”

Open Post #33 – What Best Gore Is, And What It Isn’t

Given the influx of new members joining the community, I have decided to publish this simple, but important reminder of the true purpose of the website. To avoid misunderstanding, and misquoting – which tends to happen often – let me clarify what Best Gore is, and what it isn’t. Many, many years ago, Greek … Continue reading “Open Post #33 – What Best Gore Is, And What It Isn’t”

Open Post #32 – World War III

Hello. Today, I bring you topic of great importance. The consideration of inevitable circumstances which will throw the entire world into mass chaos once again. I’m talking about the Third Great War. World War III. You see, many believe that WWIII is on it’s way, that it is inevitable. Given the current state of the … Continue reading “Open Post #32 – World War III”