Out-of-Control Racecar Drives Fast into Auxiliary – Buenos Aires, Argentina

Tragedy in the racetrack Juan and Oscar Gálvez, Buenos Aires Argentina: an auxiliary died after being hit by a car out of control. It happened in the Procar 4000 category after Mauricio Giovanetti could not dominate his Chevrolet in the Class A test. Carlos Ortega, the name of the deceased assistant. Props to Best Gore … Continue reading “Out-of-Control Racecar Drives Fast into Auxiliary – Buenos Aires, Argentina”

One Dead, Two Migrants Mutilated in Mexico

A group of migrants tried get on the train that was moving, but they fell; the facts happened on the Achotal road; Heroica Veracruz. The deceased Carlos Manuel López Martínez 43 years old, nationality Guatemala; The mutilated Luis Estuardo Escobar 20 years old, nationality Guatemala and Silva Guadalupe Murillo Monje, 26 years old, from Honduras. … Continue reading “One Dead, Two Migrants Mutilated in Mexico”

Motorcycle Crash in Malaysia Leaves Rider Armless

A motorcycle rider in Malaysia is left armless and in need for water after gnarly accident. The road side attraction has the face of pain written or ridden across his face. Nothing else is known. As the old saying goes: It is better to have lost an arm, then to have never had an arm … Continue reading “Motorcycle Crash in Malaysia Leaves Rider Armless”

Van Speeding Down One Way Street Ricochets into Man, Two Legs Broken

This CCTV recording occurrs at 56th & Walnut Street in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 8:30 AM May 7, 2019, only a few blocks from my restaurant. Now get this…..the dude lived, having only suffered 2 broken legs! You should give a shout out for your restaurant! Best Gore members can come in and say, “good day, how … Continue reading “Van Speeding Down One Way Street Ricochets into Man, Two Legs Broken”

Motorcycle Crash in Poland Leaves Rider Legless

A video of a motorcycle crash in Poland. Dude got his leg cut off with a road sign, you can clearly see it in the vid. Not his fault from what I read, some dumb driver got in his way. Props to Best Gore member @jacobthegreat for backinfo and the video: Plus the pictures:

Crybaby Wants Cheese With Whine

With a leg a part from body, a cry baby whines out loud with cheese like substance where leg should be. Not sure about location, although could very well be Asia. As a wise man once said: There’s no time for crying, when some of us are dying. None of us decide what is our … Continue reading “Crybaby Wants Cheese With Whine”

Little One Lifted Up and Away Into Pile of Logs, SUV Driver Rams Him

On House Cam somewhere in Asia, a little one playing in the streets unsupervised is hit by an oncoming SUV. The kid flies off on the right foot and directly into pile of unorganized logs. Who knows what life could have offered him in the future, to be acura-te nothing more than future death. WEEEEEEEEE!!

Truck Gooses Old Lady

Not sure about locale. May 4th, of this year CCTV captures an old lady crossing from one truck passenger vehicle in front of another. She is goosed and rolls under the large hood, given a soft riding. She gives a second go around with life. It appears she survives her concrete burns. At one point … Continue reading “Truck Gooses Old Lady”

Accident Aftermath, Feet Dangle From Flaps of Skin

Pretty epic aftermath footage of an apparent car accident. No idea what is happening and from what country. Props to Best Gore member @honkeykong for the video:

Aftermath Pictures – Steering Wheel Smashed Face

A twenty-three-year old male patient was seated in the driver seat without his seatbelt on, and he had crushed his face to the steering wheel during the accident. The patient’s bilateral orbitas; maxillary, zygomatic and nasal bone structures were not observed. The patient was conscious, breathing spontaneously in tripod position and he had tachypnea. He … Continue reading “Aftermath Pictures – Steering Wheel Smashed Face”