Thief Hit with Machete, Bloody Good Time

In an undisclosed location, a thief is continuously hit with a machete. It appears he has an accomplice that has yet to receive fair share of instant justice. It appears the two would be thieves were caught in the act and were instantly tied up. There are witnesses in the distance happy as can be, … Continue reading “Thief Hit with Machete, Bloody Good Time”

Mugger Gets Finger Chopped Off

Thief little piggy went to market, thief little piggy should have stayed home. This little piggy got chopped off and sent packing down the street Alleged thief in Favela gets finger chopped off. – Go! Go! Go! Go! – Hit it, hit it, (name of the person)! – It’s over. – Place your hand down … Continue reading “Mugger Gets Finger Chopped Off”

Would-Be Thief Killed on Bus – Aftermath

A would be thief on a bus in Latin America chooses the wrong time and place to commit a robbery. The thief is no match for a crowd unwilling to be next victim and they quickly lynch him. The man is as good as dead, as witnessed in the aftermath footage. A generous amount of … Continue reading “Would-Be Thief Killed on Bus – Aftermath”

Two Burglars Take Bullets To Their Legs, Peroxide Poured on Wounds in Brazil

Judging by the infusion of ash and ape, this happens in Brazil. Not sure why the two dudes are shot, although judging by future past, it’s due to the ash infused apes being thieves. Pretty thoughtful and generous for the shooters to offer AID, in the form of peroxide for pain solution. UPDATE He said … Continue reading “Two Burglars Take Bullets To Their Legs, Peroxide Poured on Wounds in Brazil”

Young Woman Culturally Enriched by Mugger in Barcelona, Public Unable to Act

In Barcelona, Spain, a young woman was mugged in broad daylight on a public street by a dude of skin color which shall not be named, because it’s not white so it’s protected by special privilege, which ultimately means that the evil white skinned woman, as well as everyone who’s a native European made that … Continue reading “Young Woman Culturally Enriched by Mugger in Barcelona, Public Unable to Act”

Aftermath – Off Duty Cop Shoots Thief on Motorbike Dead – Brazil

A thief dons his Sunday best helmet and clothes as he bleeds out in the gutter besides an overturned motorbike in Brazil. Moments prior to video camera recording, he robs passers-by with a “shitblaster” on the curbside. An off-duty officer nearby quickly draws weapon and snuffs existing threat. A stream of blood from bullet wounds … Continue reading “Aftermath – Off Duty Cop Shoots Thief on Motorbike Dead – Brazil”

Pregnant Thief Shot in Hand

A pregnant woman accused of theft is shot in the hand for punishment. Her laid back demeanor accepting justice is rarely seen by her cohorts. The unborn child hopefully hears the shot ring out in vibrato and chooses not to follow in mommy’s bad foot steps. Props to Best Gore member @honkeykong for the video: … Continue reading “Pregnant Thief Shot in Hand”

Thief Shot Two Times, One in Each Hand

I would say the people in the backdrop could be anywhere in United States, if not knowing this happens in Brazil. Looks identical to any backwoods hillbilly with his crackhead friend, shooting the shit. Theses dudes have the lightest skin of anyone involved I’ve ever seen in Brazil. Why the fuck didn’t alleged thief keep … Continue reading “Thief Shot Two Times, One in Each Hand”

Robbers Brutally Beat Up Security Guard in Russia

In Russia, a security dude sitting on chair takes good beating from intruders. Three robbers enter the establishment, two brutally beat lone security guard while other hops counter where woman clerk is at. Not much else is known, other than the robbers had more than robbing in mind.