Iraqi Soldier Tries to Disable an IED, It Explodes In His Face

Video from Iraq shows one of the Iraqi soldiers approaching a wall with a planted IED. Apparently he was going to try to disable it. He tinkered with it for a bit, but whatever he did it failed to render the device harmless and it exploded in his face, killing him. I have no further … Continue reading “Iraqi Soldier Tries to Disable an IED, It Explodes In His Face”

This Had Great Potential – Part XXII

Video from Iraq shows occupying forces, or ZOG mercenaries as Mark used to call them, driving around in a humvee or other armed vehicle, probably sharing stories of raping preteen boys, when they were taken a shot at but the vehicle’s bulletproof glass stopped the round from tearing into them. The video had good potential, … Continue reading “This Had Great Potential – Part XXII”

US Marines Burn Dead Insurgents in Fallujah – 2004

The Iraqi city of Fallujah is already famous for some iconic, if not grisly images. We all remember the pictures of US contractors, aka Blackwater mercenaries, hanging from the Fallujah bridge after being dismembered and burnt. And of course, some of the most violent street fighting videos of the US invasion and suppression operation came … Continue reading “US Marines Burn Dead Insurgents in Fallujah – 2004”

Group of Men Killed by Iraqi Soldiers

This video is from Iraq and it is Iraqi soldiers and officers that are seen abusing the slain men post mortem. Not much more is clear about the circumstances that lead to the deaths or who these men were. I suppose when one talks about the Iraqi soldiers, he means puppet enforcers put in the … Continue reading “Group of Men Killed by Iraqi Soldiers”

Beheading Video from Iraq

I saw this beheading video posted a year ago with a claim that it was a beheading of Libyan soldier by NATO terrorists. I asked Best Gore member who speaks Arabic if he knew anything more about it and he’s telling me the accent don’t sound Libyan. His said accents sounded like they were from … Continue reading “Beheading Video from Iraq”

Those Iraqi Mujahedeen with Silencers Are Back, Now In Full SWAT Gear

Remember that recent video of the Iraqi mujahedeen armed with weapons with silencers who carried out a well planned, timed and executed attack on a number of security check points in Iraq, killing dozens of officers and soldiers in the process? Well, these same guys are back, with another attack on more security checkpoints and … Continue reading “Those Iraqi Mujahedeen with Silencers Are Back, Now In Full SWAT Gear”

Curbside Beheading in Iraq

This has got the be the fastest beheading ever. It’s as if the victim’s head spontaneously detached. You could hardly behead someone this fast with a chainsaw, let alone with a knife. Do Arabs view beheadings as we view porn? If you listen to the intensifying Snackbaring in these beheading videos from the Middle East, … Continue reading “Curbside Beheading in Iraq”

Muslim Insurgent Blows Himself Up Firing Mortars

This is an old gore classic from somewhere in Iraq. A Muslim insurgent is firing mortars and doing reasonably well, but then there’s an explosion and the insurgent is no more. Everybody says that he blew himself up with his own misfired mortar, but that last projectile was put in correctly so I was wondering … Continue reading “Muslim Insurgent Blows Himself Up Firing Mortars”

Ansar al Sunnah Execute Iraqi Police and Military Personnel

An old gore classic from Sunni Jihadists known as Ansar al Sunnah. Ansar al Sunnah formed in Iraq in 2003, shortly after the invasion and has carried out a number of successful suicide bombings, kidnappings and beheadings. In this video, Ansar al Sunnah interrogate several captured members of Iraqi police and military. The captives are … Continue reading “Ansar al Sunnah Execute Iraqi Police and Military Personnel”

Mujahedeen Bearing Weapons with Silencers Kill Iraqi Army Soldiers

Looks like the Iraqi Mujahedeen laid their hands on silencers for their weapons and are going all gangsta on soldiers with them. Operation Iraqi Freedom resulted in anything but freedom for the Iraqis. The Mujahedeen definitely won this round. Storming military outposts and killing soldiers who are resting proved to be a solid strategy. They … Continue reading “Mujahedeen Bearing Weapons with Silencers Kill Iraqi Army Soldiers”