Workplace Accident Photos – Nasty

Remember photos of THIS workplace accident? Do you notice one strikingly shocking similarity between that set of photos and pictures in this post? As if dying performing your workplace duties weren’t bad enough, if you spend the last moments of life posed up like a whore waiting to take it in the ass, you know … Continue reading “Workplace Accident Photos – Nasty”

Fingers Amputated in an Accident

My guess is it was an industrial accident. The man was maybe a carpenter as they use all sorts of tools with sharp, spinning parts that can shred fingers in no time. You let your attention slip for just a fragment of a second and your fingers are gone. Amputated and quite possibly chewed up … Continue reading “Fingers Amputated in an Accident”

Work Accident – Hand Brutally Crushed by Hydraulic Press

This video has the power to make you feel really uncomfortable. After all the death and injuries we get to see through Best Gore, this is the most sorry I have felt for someone. Hydraulic press is a mean ass motherfucking piece of heavy machinery. It can crush metal so when a hand of a … Continue reading “Work Accident – Hand Brutally Crushed by Hydraulic Press”

Airplane Mechanic Sucked Into Jet Engine at El Paso Airport (photos)

You’ve seen this in movies, but now it happened in real life. An airplane mechanic was fixing one of the jet engines of a Boeing 737-500 aircraft and got sucked into it, turning himself into a slurp of red slush. The incident happened at the time while passengers were boarding the Continental Airlines flight 1515 … Continue reading “Airplane Mechanic Sucked Into Jet Engine at El Paso Airport (photos)”

Shitty Way to Die – Sad Workplace Accident Photos

Truly shitty way to die for an operator of heavy machinery. The gymnastic trick he was forced into as he was getting squashed to death by tons of solid metal makes it all so much shittier. Talk about a bad day at work. Of all workplace accidents out there, this is one of the saddest. … Continue reading “Shitty Way to Die – Sad Workplace Accident Photos”