Avoiding Turnstile Payment Collects Instant Karma

Avoiding Turnstile Payment Collects Instant Karma

A metro turnstile in Chile gets violated with non payment from delinquent. A cheat takes a free pass and uses friend card to get through. A quick getaway on foot does no good with no eye-foot coordination. Losing track of your feet and how many steps it takes to walk down stairs is an art form all in itself. Karma was hard at work for this perfect chain of events.

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      1. This inspires me to make banana bread…. Funny thing is, you gotta get them bananas to resemble a nigger dick… Add some flour, eggs, flavors, hateful slurs and two ounces of creamofsomeguy… Hand it to a friendly colored neighborhood… And let the fun begin!

      1. @illegalsmile55
        What Goes Up,,, Must Come Down! And I Mean Way Down, for this Dimwit, lol.

        Man i laughed my Guts-Out when i Watched this fucking Moron employ what he thought was his own style of Fancy Footwork to descend those stairs, cause he ended-up looking more like he belonged to The Ministry of Silly Walks, In *A Monty Python* Movie*, For Fuck-Sakes, lol.

          1. Eh, fuck Carthage… hey, weren’t they the ones that were lead by the guy that liked to eat human livers with a side of fava beans? Perhaps a nice chianti to go with?

        1. That incest joke is old and that shits for weird faggots like yourself . I guess you like people shitting on you as well yes?

          You should read this book on the sad twat. A very interesting read. A Psychological Analysis of Adolph Hitler.

  1. Wow, I didn’t know that Schindler’s List had a sequel. Doesn’t look like much of a budget though.

    (For those not familiar with the movie, SL was filmed in black and white except for a couple of brief moments where we see a little girl in a pink dress. This recording is so crappy that the stairwell parts look black and white until someone near the end is wearing bright blue.)

    1. Shadarus
      I take it you’re fan of sci-fi, just as I am.
      I myself puts the 1978 “Holocaust” (holohoax must be the right spelling, I guess) in my top 10 with “the diary of Anne Franck”, “Music box” and “Magen david whores” (aka Star Wars).
      Have a nice day, Miss.

  2. B4 any ski race, I’ve always been told:
    “Never go down a tough slope if you haven’t good skills or you run out of good cocaine…”
    Seems that Chileans will never equal the 70-80’s “crazy canucks”(my heroes) such as Ken Read, Steve Podborski, Dave Irwin, Dave Murray and a few others.^^

  3. Fatness is never prosperous

    It didnt even seem like anyone in any position of authority chased after them once he made it through the turnstile. There was no reason to run, and certainly no reason to KO his own fat ass falling down two flights of stairs

  4. You dumbass Chile con carnage cocksucker, nobody was even chasing you. Once you hit stairs, transit rent a cops don’t even bother it’s not worth the workman’s comp claim when they pop an ankle if they try for you. You were Scot free until gravity apparently noticed your uncoordinated ass. When you get out of the hospital, try some practice on a playground balancing beam. Shitstick.

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