How To Catch a Marlin Fish By Jumping on It From a Helicopter

These guys act like it’s real, but I somehow doubt it. Imagine you circle around on a helicopter until you see a marlin fish close to the surface so you can jump on it. And as it turns out, the underwater cameraman is right at the same spot, turn exactly the right way to film you doing that. Must be easy to navigate with all that camera gear underwater, isn’t it?

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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15 thoughts on “How To Catch a Marlin Fish By Jumping on It From a Helicopter”

  1. i doubt this is real. yes marlin’s fins are bone, but its a very thin and malleable bone. if real he definatly fucked it up and the poor fish prolly swam in circles till its death.

    however marlins have a reputation of killing fisherman. often times uneducated people will strap their rod (uh huh huh) to their waist when fishing marlins. when hooked, the fish will dive and dive fast to depths of over 500 feet, dragging the helpless “sportsman” with them. their skull usually will collapse at some point around 100 feet depending on the fish’s speed.

    sorry for the long post but im so stupid most of the time i like to share what i actually know

  2. ah wha?! this is retarded. i’m not sure if i should be angry, offended, or wutever. but i’m sure there’s some untrained idiots out there who will try this stunt and die disgracefully.

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        I’m very glad it was short-lived.

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