Crystal Defanti Video

Crystal Defanti
teaches 5-graders at Isabelle Jackson Elementary School in Pleasant Grove, California. She was being a nice teacher and created a DVD for her students before she released them on Summer holidays. Somehow a screw up happened and part of her home made sex tape made it on the DVD. Crystal Defanti did not find out about it until she heard from parents of her students who were outraged as their 5-graders watched the video which switched into a scene with Ms. Crystal Defanti sitting on a couch with her thighs spread like an eagle doing sexy times. Priceless! It only pisses me off that such shit would never have happened to me when I was a 5 grader.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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24 thoughts on “Crystal Defanti Video”

          1. this posting is the suckiest of the sucky.
            Intro info sounds REALLY GOOD, but it’s a dead link, so I’m stitting here with my empty thoughts now.

  1. lol, Openeyed

    And to the dad who said: “how do I explain this to my son?” .. Well, just tell him the truth. Fifth graders already know what’s going on. It’s not like they still believe that the stork brought them home.

        1. @RS,good idea,you two should
          meet,you both seem to get on
          so well,and thinking/humour
          etc simillar,my cynical jaded
          heart smiles for you & tig,
          Psst,i did not say that,am not
          here,lol(not many come to this

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