Guerrillas Whipped in Africa for Food Rations

Guerrillas Whipped in Africa for Food Rations

Out in the open fields of West Africa, guerillas form a line and begin to dish out food rations with discretion. Hungry soldiers barrage countless whippings for their one meal a day. The field cafeteria workers are overeager to impress their regime leader by strict portion control and food cost management. The few and the proud endure extended lashings to gorge on the bountiful oats.

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    1. This is the race that claims they all came from kings and pharaohs not to mention they invented everything from toilet paper to the light bulb.
      Watch “ a day without black inventions “ on YouTube if you need a thorough cleansing of the bowel and stomach contents.

    2. You glank deserving ignorant “people” (insert appropriate word) @curleyballhair , @illegalsmile55 , @darkflare , @seraphim-serenata , @fred1212 , @thedre , @empty-soul , @terminator_g , @godfellas , @thedood etc

      If you applied a shred of reasoning here you would know it’s not about the grains. This is a military training activity for toughness and ability to concentrate under immense pressure. I’m betting some of you cracka superheros would have fainted on the first flog. The only thing you’re capable of is racist rants and sarcasm. Keep it spewing

      P.S I’m not a libtard, not an SJW. Just ashamed of you, and concerned your commonsense might be degrading quicker than necessary to keep your race in equal IQ standing with others ;

      1. @goritian
        You are really concerned about the degradation level of my common sensing capabilities?
        Please don’t… I’ve got oodles of common sense! I gain more on a daily base, due to these “learning moments” I find myself in whilst navigating the Dutch Multicultural society 😉

        But do keep up that shame that you are experiencing!
        That is a nice gesture, and I appreciate it immensely 😀

          1. Ha, that would be fun to watch.
            Maybe they could run through a series of water cannons while holding up a billboard sign. If they can do that, they can snatch a Samsung during a hurricane for sure.

    1. To me it looks like a true expression of their primal behaviour, that the civilized white man has tried to breed and beat out of them!

      We should just give up this endless pet project!
      Fence the natural habitat… and let nature run its course 🙂

  1. I never hardly say shite about shite but what is goning on. They’re in the middle of bum-fuck & no fucking place really … given a choice which they do being a small group .. why make the days harder then they are. In a big world why live small backward thinking life’s. Sorry to all tuff guys .. there should be an island were like minded folks can be among your own kind .. if you dare .. if not we get it.

  2. Someone show this video to all those White social justice warriors on the universities across America. And watch em go bat-shit crazy and write them letters complaining about their mythical White privileged lives complaining about having to use toilet paper and hating their self induced WHITE GUILT. Imagine that scene especially if their liberal pets were around doing the race hustle thing a.k.a. BLneverM group unless shot by a White police officer. lol “hey honky’s uza poda help”

          1. @illegalsmile55
            Deflection and finger pointing will do you no good. You saw the list. Shame.
            There’s no room in my rowboat for a foul mouth racist. Okai…
            (whispers) you still bringing cookies to the next klan meeting?

  3. So many spilled oats. All those people ready to be fucked in the ass for a handfull of oats, while we throw away 40% of good food in total. Forty fucking percent, dude. That’s also a shit ton of unnecessary greenhouse gas emissions.

    1. Are you serious?
      We pay farmers NOT to grow “too many” crops every year in America.
      The food we send to these African nations usually get swiped up by warlords so they can feed their armies and starve out whatever people they want dead anyhow.
      You sound like my grandfather back in the 80’s.
      And if you are worried about CO2 emissions… are you avoiding all meat products? Do you only ride a bicycle or public transit? Do you use any petroleum based products? (Including the vaseline your “good buddy” uses on you)

      1. A coon’s age. Hahaha
        It’s hard to guess a coon’s age.

        All that melanin prevents and masks the visual cues of sun damage we humans experience.
        You have to check their teeth or count the rings in their bones. Lmao

  4. Jesus Christ, I don’t know if they need a bowl to use as a scoop or a safeword to yell to stop when the whippings have successfully given each guy a BDSM chub-on like some Tenderloin District daddy gimp.

    Imagine that kind of shit eventually getting mis-wired all to hell in your brain if you live to see forty.

    “God damn…every time I get hungry I can’t do anything about it unless somebody shoves a bag of uncooked Quaker Oats in front of me then hollers and beats the ever-living shitstains outta me, and finally I just end up jizzing my rations-boner all over the oatmeal. I don’t even feel hungry for any of the shit after that. Speaking of which: you want this oatmeal? I can’t finish it.”

  5. Protein is delivered in small, roughly 10cc, mouthfuls from catering staff’s stinky negro cocks. They really jet it out fast so the feeders really need to be quick. The field porridge is created from dried buffalo droppings beaten to a paste with guerrilla urine.
    On top of that there are the punishment fistings, bummings and spitroasts. All watchable on the 3 x DVD set “Serengeti Spit Roast Vol23”.
    No wonder the Pharoahs built pyramids to hide in and stuff like that.

      1. I found it a difficult video clip to wank successfully to but then I am not gay but I do like to boast that there is no video on the Internet I will not at least attenmpt to masturbate over. I would be interested to know if a homosexualist like @mattjack666 can crank one out in a vaguely joyous way to that field-kitchen, begging for scraps, punishment-bumming clip of dat niggra bent over dat oil drum.
        I’m not saying it would be every analist’s cup of tea but maybe it can spark a jizz-bolt in a chutney-ferret a little easier than it does in me.
        And before anyone dismisses me as weird… just hold on. This is how we learn tolerance, understanding and shit like that, thus we might one day create a better world and form an international shining brother and sisterhood through mutual understanding, real acceptance and the unspoken language of righteous and robust punishment buggerings.

        God bless us one and all.

        1. truth is i had to do it because i was too not gay, i had to have some of that stuff… so here i am, a homo….. 🙂

          but no as hilarious as you lord wankdust, i did not belt one off to these slug men… picking up food and being whipped isnt a turn on for me… however transgender babes are….

          good day to you

          1. The most cordial of greetings to you my gay BG brother. Back in the fine days of the 1980’s I shared a flat with what was probably the gayest man in Ireland at the time. This was before live-and-let-live attitudes, co-existence and mutual acceptance was trendy and probably a decade and a half before Will and Grace made such living arrangements “cool”. It was like a cross between The Odd Couple and Anal Carnage III – Prolapse Apocalypse.

            I have always considered myself ahead of the curve, at the cutting edge of Culture, new ideas and probably I alone am responsible for breaking new ground for much of the population. I also thought Pet Shop Boys were great before most so-called fans and stuck with them long after the teenyboppers had left town for Erasure.

            Any Viz-type double-entendre style names or references to “Pirates of Mens Pants” or “Hershey Highwaymen” which you see me posting are simply business and not personal. Myself, I am a strict adherent of the fishy, tidal-washed, sea-pools of fragrant feminine fish and delicate lady-clam sea-food… moon-washed on a 28 day cycle.

          1. @mattjack666

            I did like English Roses. I recall my utterly rampant throntopede getting jammed so far up one English girl’s steaming fish-vent that I thought my helmet was gonna be visible every time she opened her mouth to breathe after each muffled orgasmic moan. I found English Girls delightful, like characters from a BBC play or something… it was like having sex with someone off the telly, sort of wholesome, posh and their accents were really charming. They were all deeply in love with me and loved it when I called their cunts “minges”, “splinges”, “split kippers” and suchlike. But being posh English Girls they couldn’t take the pace of my exciting Scottish Knobbing for long.

            I did pluck a few English Roses in my time. I used to deliver a very high standard of quality industrial pumping up their slimey fish chutes. They tended to really enjoy their horny slurming from their their bit of Scottish rough, but I used to drive my dibber a little extra fiercely at times. I felt it reminded them that there were wild and untamed lands North of Yorkshire and Lancashire. Lands where spunk jizzed freely up between the bearded clam, a land where the Romans had simply given up on, a place where a man could breathe free and he could hang a wet kilt up to dry on his erect penis. They fucking loved it.

            I would use my dobber driving, twist-thrust method usually just after they’d come for the twelfth or thirteenth time and I was be getting ready to drain my spuds. Just before I fired my massive salvo of splooey porridge up their bifucation, I’d grind a screech out of each English Rose with the swollen head of my Kidney Nudger as I chafed it throbbingly against her cervix. This was my own personal revenge for the wanton slaughter of Scots at Culloden and in the years after 1745. It was also a belated retaliation for Scotland’s losses at the Battle of Falkirk in 1298 and the subsequent resignation of Wallace as Guardian of Scotland in September of that year.

            The past casts a loooong shadow.

            An English Rose would be nice now though. I am kinda over the Culloden and Falkirk thing now. But these things can take time.

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