SOUR: Hibi no Neiro (Tone of Everyday) – Synchronized Webcam Video

This video blew me off my feet. It’s a music video for a Japanese band called SOUR and their song Hibi no Neiro (Tone of Everyday). It features synchronized webcam footage of several people around the world each doing things on the webcam that blend together with what other people were doing on a webcam and together it came out as this absolutely mind-blowing video. Great idea on behalf of SOUR, very well executed and an amazing final result. It’s a bit geeky if you will, but you can’t deny the awesomeness. Two thumbs up to SOUR. I don’t particularly like the music, though. Song has gay feel to it. I think it’s the singer’s voice. Hibi no Neiro allegedly means Tone of Everyday in Japanese.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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        1. Ya beat me to it @high!! On pg 144, Iput a new post on an idea and I am trying to give/get the best ideas on the best thing to do so we are not all over the place. Give your opinion.

          1. As I suggested last night…I think one Page per week is easy enough to handle. The number of posts per Page is equal to what Marks would put up per week anyway!

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            So yha, canvising up and dowm one single page for a week is WAY COOL in My opinion

          3. I think I can live with this system… 🙂 I never actually watched this video. Oh well. lol
            So, who else wonders how many bears have caught Mark’s scent by now? I bet he has at least a bad-ass knife, hatchet, ax or some other such wilderness tool. I pity the hungry animal that comes to his tent in the middle of the night! 😉

          4. Souds good, 1 pg a week, so we will say today 5/2/12 is the first day for this page and next wed. 5/9, we hit page 143. Yes?

          5. @scorpio..I don’t even want to think about that! PLUS, it still kinda cold here. We’ll, at least it has been here in Ontario. Don’t know what Alberta feels like right now

          6. @High- so possibly the hungry fleshy virus eating animals will be at a minimum? That is good news! I will be honest, I am about ready to take off for parts unknown myself! This shit hole town and the shit rivets who inhabit it are working on my VERY LAST NERVE! They Sooo do not want me to go all “da Silva psychotic” on their stupid asses….although, the entertainment factor would be a HUGE plus…lol

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        I moved here for a guy, so I was double stupid. 😉

          1. Damn, I almost burned the kitchen down!!! Got my dinner cooking and I am so immersed in this site that I forgot about what is on the stove until I heard it boiling over! PLUS it does not help cuz I am drinking for the first time in a long time! Lol. But, I won’t drink as much as Tiger!. Lol,

          2. hehe..I use humor and sarcasm as my last remaining defense against the idiots all around me. If I give in and start beating the stupid out of these sheep, I could potentially get locked in a room somewhere. I am Positive I would not like that… 😉
            Yes, I plan on getting the hell outta here just as quickly as I can possibly arrange it. Sadly, I will likely be stuck here for a few more months, thanks to the shit-rivets all around me…it is a Vicious circle!! 😀

    1. Go back to Page 153, look at the dates of the posts. There are some posts that are 4 months apart and several that are several weeks in between updates. So, yes it is possible. That was when the Site was new and as more people joined then the demand for new content grew. Simple! Lol

          1. After reading through the chat room, THAT ctually makes sense to me. with F.D’s 3 dogs and jacking off when they’re looking at him and such…..good times

  1. the song is like taking a baribiturate and falling into a sac of japanese porn, but instead of japanese pornstars, its all multicultural.
    LOL “gay feel to it” mark is the shiit

    1., I have not yet viewed this post. Is it any good? Oh, how are you feeling now? I am having some Wolff Blass wine right now. So in a couple of hours if I sound strange, it’s the wine talking! Lol

        1. @ tiger…I’m really sorry if you got offended. Implying that certainly was not my intention. There are many here that I would consider that way before you! So you had a night of fun…I had mine last night. Well, more or less.

    1. That was funny!
      I do appricate the gusture of something besides gore, to break things up.
      Not ALL ideas can be good ones… in point, “SOUR” in general.

      Like I said, I can appricate the work needed to pull this video off, but if I wanted gayness, I’m on the internet for fuck sake.

      100 tons of anus-gayness is justa few keystrokes away!

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