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Guide to Writing Posts on Best Gore

This is a “How To” guide for Best Gore contributors. It is currently a work in progress so check back for further references.

1. Need for Thick Skin

If you are considering writing for Best Gore, the first thing you should be aware of is that because it’s a high traffic website with lots of user activity, no matter what you write, or how you write it, there will always be someone who’ll bitch at what you have written. It’s just the nature of the beast that among the millions of people who peruse Best Gore on a monthly basis, there is bound to be a troll who will bitch at content of your post for the mere sake of bitching at content of your post.

As such, the first prerogative of a successful writer would be to have a thick skin. That being said, despite occasional trollage and the inevitable opposing views which are a normal part of topic discussion, you can expect to mostly receive supportive and engaging comments, and have the community as a whole standing firmly behind you.

2. No Plagiarism!

The writer rule of all rules is that whatever you write, it must be your original work, ie – written in your own words. The use of other sources for background information will be inevitable, but you can’t copy someone else’s writing and paste it into your article to pass it as something you have written yourself – that would be plagiarism.

It is OK to quote another writer, but in such cases the source must be clearly identified. However copying someone else’s article word for word is a big NO NO. Learn about what had happened, but write about it in your own words. Best Gore has never in its entire history plagiarized work of other writers, and will never accept contributors who plagiarize.

3. Who Can Become a Contributor?

Anyone with reasonably thick skin and no inclination to plagiarize.

Being an English language website, reasonable English language proficiency would also be essential to write for Best Gore.

Having sources of content to post would be beneficial, but is not necessary. If you can get content of your own – great. If not, we’ll hook you up. We got so much, with more coming every day, you’ll never run out.

4. What Will You Need?

A computer with internet connection and an image processing software that can watermark images and save them in. jpg format. Video editing software would be beneficial, but is not essential. Word processing software with spell check would also be beneficial but is also not essential.

5. Expressing Personal Opinion

Do not be afraid to express your personal opinion on the subject matter you are writing about. Unlike the voting cattle and the indoctrinating media that shapes their behaviors, Best Gore is a community of real humans from the real world.

Trying to win the world popularity contest by arbitrarily siding with the opinion of the majority, or by arbitrarily promoting the popular side of the story would only make you one with the cattle. This is not how we do things on Best Gore.

We encourage writers to be bold and be themselves. Your sincerity as a writer will be returned with sincerity from the commenters. They may not always agree with you, but they’ll appreciate your openness and straightforwardness. In the world dominated by pretense, Best Gore sets itself apart by being real. Real people are able to look at themselves in the mirror and see an honorable man with morals and dignity.

6. Working with WordPress

Best Gore uses WordPress as Content Management System. WordPress is an open source PHP script that has become reasonably secure and versatile in the past few years.

While vastly intuitive and generally easy to use, if you have not used WordPress before, the interface may seem a little overwhelming. But once you get a general hang of things, you’ll find that it’s all very simple.

We have compiled this guide to help you with the learning curve.

Because WordPress is a platform for the internet, its features and interface evolve as frequently and as rapidly as the internet itself. We’ll try to keep this guide up to date, but be aware of possible variations between what you see here and what you get after login.

7. Always Write in Plain Text Mode

It is important that you always write the text used in posts on Best Gore in “Plain Text”. By default, programs such as Microsoft Word operate in “Rich Text” which enhances the visual appeal of the text, but could cause issues with HTML Best Gore relies on.

“Rich Text” mode would for example turn straight double quotes into curly double quotes, straight apostrophes into curly apostrophes and regular hyphens into extended ones. These are all no good as they are special characters that wreak havoc with HTML unless used carefully.

To avoid potential problems, either type your text in “Plain Text” word processors, such as Notepad, or turn off the default “Rich Text” mode in your more advanced word processor so what you type remains in “Plain Text”. Typing directly into the WordPress dashboard will be in Plain Text mode.

8. Starting a New Post

Once your account has been upgraded to “Contributor”, you will see an icon that looks like a large plus sign (+) with the word “New” next to it in the toolbar on top of your screen. Click on it and select Post from the drop down menu.

Alternatively, you can go to bestgore.com/wp-admin and click on the icon in the left sidebar which looks like a pin with a word Post next to it. Hover over it and select Add New.

Either option will open an “Add New Post” page. This is where you will create new drafts for posts that will appear as regular posts on the site. You will be listed as author of the post and any comment you make on posts you have authored will be color enhanced.

You may (or may not) see two tabs in top right corner of your post’s text area. They are “Visual” and “Text”. Always, always make sure “Text” is selected. Never work in “Visual” mode.

In order to ensure that new contributors don’t accidentally use the “Visual” mode (which bloats posts up with lots of undesired code), we have lately opted to remove that option all together. Therefore if you do not see any such tabs, then your editor is automatically set to work in the “Text” mode without the option to change it. This is a good thing and if it’s the case, you do not need to worry about this part.

9. Titles

Title is the most important part of your post, so special care need to be taken in order to ensure the title is the best it can be.

It is the title which shows up in large font on the All The Gore page, it is also the title which shows up in large font, highlighted and clickable in search results of search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.

In other words – title is the most “privileged” part of your post because it draws the readers’ most complete attention. It is the first, and often the only impression you make on the reader.

Title is therefore the single most important factor which determines whether an internet user clicks through to visit the page, or gives it a pass.

Good titles meet the following criteria:

  • Predict Content – they are descriptive and exactly about what people would find in the post
  • Catch the Readers’ Interest – they make readers click through to read more
  • Contain All Relevant Keywords – they make it easy to find and access the article using the search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc) or website’s built in search feature

Always think in terms of – what would I search for if I was looking for this particular content?

While ensuring your title is not misleading is absolutely esential, a good title, on top of being descriptive of the content and containing all the relevant keywords, would also be attracting the readers’ attention.

People scan web pages quickly. If you fail to grab their attention with your title, it will matter not how well researched and presented your article is, because many of your prospective readers will not get to read it.

Making your title captivating and intriguing is therefore essential, unless of course you’re not bothered by the fact that all the time you will have put into writing the actual post will go vastly to waste.

Examples of bad titles:

  • Holy Shit Look at His Head
  • He’s Not Walking That Off

10. Preparing Your Perfect Title for Use

Always write your titles in an external application, so you can twinker with it until it’s the best that it can be. Look at your title and imagine someone else published a post on Best Gore using that title – what response does it evoke in you?

Does it make you want to click through right away cause you can’t wait to see what’s inside, or does it make you feel like – meh, I’ll take a look at it later?

Titles should have the first letter of each word capitalized, except for common words like at, the, in, of, by etc. and should only contain letters or numbers. Avoid the use of commas or apostrophes, and absolutely no special characters

Once you have your perfect title written down, copy it and paste it in the “Enter Title Here” field at the top of the New Post page.

Then scroll all the way to the bottom of the page and look for section titled “All In One SEO Pack”. Paste the same title in the Title field. Leave everything else under the All In One SEO Pack blank.

11. Format

Format section has several options with radio butttons – we have set the backend up to make Gallery the default option. Every post on Best Gore should use Gallery for its Format so just make sure it is selected and if not, select it manually.

Never select any other Format option for your posts.

12. Category

Category section will require you to select the most fitting Categories for your post. A category must always be selected. Never publish a post without a suitable category selected.

Depending on what your post is about, you may need to select one, or more than one category.

If for example your post is about a person who committed suicide by hanging, both Suicide and Hanging should be selected. If your post is about a person decapitated in a traffic accident, both Road Accidents and Beheadings should be selected. If no decapitation took place, then your pot should be filed under single category Road Accidents.

Category Medical should only be used for posts with content which shows actual medical procedure being performed. If your post is about an injury which would have required medical attention, but it only shows the injury, rather than a surgeon fixing it up, then don’t file it under Medical, and only select Bloody Injuries.

Posts involving street fights, brawls and other beatings should be filed under Torture.

If you’re feeling adventurous and would like to make a post of interest which doesn’t necessarily involve gore, feel free to use the Guest Post category.

Also please note that there is a difference between Murder and Execution. In general terms, Executions are carried out by higher power, or someone who deem themselves to have such power and its purpose is to punish a person they consider to be in breach of their rules with death.

Chinese government killing a person found guilty of a serious crime – that’s execution. Islamic Jihadists killing a person for not following religious dogmas – that’s execution. Da Silva stabbing someone to death to steal their money for crack – that’s murder. Thais throwing a foreigner to his death from a highrise after a hooker made him change his will to assign all his life savings over to her – that’s murder.

13. Permalink

Permalink is generated automatically after you have pasted in your Title (see #9 for info on how to write proper titles).

It is therefore imperative that you prepare your title before pasting it in and not try to write it from scratch directly into the title field. If you don’t paste it in and instead try to write your title directly into the title field, the permalink would be generated mid typing and would as such not contain all words of the title.

Likewise, if you were to write your Title directly in, and after writing it in you’d realize that rewording would make your title better, the changes would not be reflected as permalinks once created, remain the way they were created so subsequent changes to the title will not modify permalinks.

Once again I stress – prepare your title before starting the post, review your title and review it again to make sure it’s the best it can be and only then start creating your post by pasting the title in.

After your perfect title has been pasted in and you navigate away from the title field, permalink will be automatically generated and the post saved as a draft. You will be able to see your automatically generated permalink right under the title field. To the right of it, you will see the Edit button.

Permalinks are generated using proper web formatting and as such don’t contain any capital letters, spaces or special characters. This is the way it MUST be. The only permitted characters in permalinks are:

  • Lowercase Letters
  • Numbers
  • Hyphens

Never add any spaces, upper case letters or special characters into permalinks. Spaces in your title will be automatically replaced with hyphens (dashes).

If you prepared your title the right way so it doesn’t contain any special characters, then your permalink shouldn’t contain any weirdness either. If it does contain weirdness, then your title contains special characters which means it’s a bad title.

14. Editing Permalinks

While permalink the way it was automatically generated would be generally good enough, there are ways to improve it and with it, to improve the post’s visibility in the search engines. There are three ways to improve permalinks:

  1. Remove all meaningless words, such as prepositions, conjunctions and definite/indefinite articles
  2. Replace words with suitable varieties of the same word
  3. Add to permalink relevant keywords which simply did not fit into your title

The first step should be pretty straightforward – the goal is to remove meaningless words from permalinks, but leave important words such as verbs, nouns and other words that give the title the meaning in place. Examples of meaningless words are:

  • Prepositions – on, in, at, from, into, …
  • Conjunctions – and, but, or, yet, for, nor, so, unless, …
  • Definite and Indefinite Articles – the, a, an

Next see if you could modify remaining words to instead have its varieties. For example, if your title contains word “Syrian”, instead of having “syrian” in the permalink, turn it into “syria”. Similarly, if you have a verb in the past tense in your title, change it into present tense in the permalink. This is particularly beneficial as present tense verbs are often identical to nouns. For example, if your title contains word “Raped”, change it in the permalink into “rape”.

The reason we want to do these changes is because search engines, such as Google, Yahoo or Bing consider the page’s title and permalink the most important indicators of content and relevancy to terms searched for by internet users.

For example, if your post was about an accident in which an Indian woman was killed by a train, there will be people who will look for it using the following phrase:

indian woman killed train

while others are more likely to search for the same thing with this phrase:

woman killed train india

If your post was titled: “Indian Woman Killed by Train”, then the post will be considered relevant to the first search phrase and will likely appear in the top results, because title contains each keyword to the letter. However because it does not match the second search phrase to the letter, the relevancy will be lower so its placement in the search results may also be lower.

But, if instead of “indian” your permalink contains word “india”, then you have both of these instances covered and the page stands a good chance of ranking high for both (and more) instances of search for this type of content.

Thirdly, sometimes stuffing each relevant keyword into your title may simply not be possible without making the title too long, or sounding stupid.

For example, if your post is about a motorcyclist who was run over by a truck and had his head pancaked, you want to have all this information in the title, so your title could look something like this:

Motorcyclist Run Over by Truck, Head Pancaked on the Road

But perhaps there is other relevant information related to the content, such as that it was caught on a CCTV camera, or that it happened in Brazil, but if you tried to add any of this into your title, the title would end up being too long or it would simply sound too stuffed. Therefore, since you will be removing meaningless words from permalink anyway, add these relevant keywords there.

Using the example above, if your title was “Motorcyclist Run Over by Truck, Head Pancaked on the Road”, then your automatically generated permalink would look like this:


After removal of meaningless words, you should get this:


After substituting words with alternatives of the same word, you should get something like this:


The only way to make this permalink better, and to also increase the page’s chances of ranking high for more relevant searches, would be by adding further relevant kewords to the permalink. In the end, the permalink should look something like this:


Voila – perfect permalink, ready to rank the page high for all relevant keywords your average internet user could search for when looking for this particular content.

To give you another example of how to improve permalinks, let’s say your title is this:

Mexican Woman Analy Raped with a Chainsaw

After all relevant fixes explained in this section, the perfect permalink could look something like this:


As an extra reminder – always make sure you do not add any spaces, capital letters or special characters to your permalinks. Only lower case letters and numbers are permitted, with hyphens used as separators.

15. Preparing Images for Use on Best Gore

Once your post has a properly formatted permalink, copy it to your clipboard. You will need it for images.

Save all images you will be uploading to your post on your computer and rename them all so their names match your post’s permalink. If your post contains more than one image, then add double digit numbers at the end of the name.

Using the example offered at the end of section #14 about Editing Permalinks, let’s assume your post’s title is “Mexican Woman Analy Raped with a Chainsaw” and your permalink is “mexico-girl-anal-rape-chain-saw-narco”. If your post contains only one image, then that image should have the following name:


If you’re working on a multi image post, then all images must be renamed thus before being uploaded:


16. Convert Images Into JPGs

If your images are not .jpg, you will need to convert them into jpg’s using a photo editing software. Do not use any such image formats as .png, .bmp, .gif, etc for images on Best Gore. Always resave your images in .jpg format.

Sometimes. jpg images are saved with the dubious. jpeg extension. If that is the case, again make sure you convert them into .jpg on your computer before upload.

17. Watermarking Images

Before upload, watermark each image with the following:

Hosted @

Typically, this text is aligned to the right and placed in bottom right corner, however if this placement would mess up the most interesting part of the picture, place it elsewhere.

To remain consistent with the rest of the site, use Square721 BT font in bold and make words “Hosted @” about 20% smaller than “BestGore.com”

If you know how to give the text black outline while keeping the inside white, do it as it will prevent the text from blending in with the background completely. Also, if you know how to add transparency to the text, add some to make it less in the face. 60% – 70% usually works the best.

18. Uploading Images

To upload images to your post, click on the Add Media button. A Flash based window will overlay the page. Here you can add new images to your post, add titles, captions, alt tags and descriptions to individual images and/or delete unwanted images.

The Add Media screen contains two tabs:

  • Upload Files
  • Media Library

To upload images, switch to the “Upload Files” tab. There you can drop files into the window, or click on “Select files” to locate files you want to upload on your hard drive, select them and confirm them for upload.

Your images will be uploaded one by one, with progress shown as it happens. All images uploaded using these methods will be automatically attached to the post you are editing.

19. Titling Images

Each uploaded image will need to be individually titled. Rules for titling images are the same as those for titling posts (see #9 – Titles), so always make sure titles are the best they can be.

If your post is a single image post, then after upload completed, you will be able to go ahead with titling right away. Your image will be selected automatically and you will see it highlighted in the sidebar on the right hand side with 4 available fields waiting for you to put title in. Those fields are:

  • Title
  • Caption
  • Alt Text
  • Description

The first field “Title” will have text in it already, which will be the name of the image. You will need to overwrite it. The other 3 will be blank so there you will only need to paste the title in.

As a general rule of thumb, you should paste the same title into each of these 4 fields. As mentioned earlier, follow the same title rules as described in #9 by giving your image a descriptive and captivating title and paste it into each of 4 available fields.

After each paste in, you will see a rotating clock in the top right corner of the screen. The clock should quickly change into a word “Done”. When you see the word “Done”, it means that the text in the field you have pasted in has been saved. You should wait for each individual field to save before switching over to the next field. If you do pasting too fast without giving it a chance to do the saving, it could happen that not all 4 fields will be saved.

In case of single image posts, the title you give to the image should in most cases be the same as the title of the post. So make sure you copy it into your clipboard before starting the upload so you can quickly paste it in and be done with titling the image within seconds.

If your post is a multi-image post, then after all images uploaded, you will first need to “Clear” the selection in the bottom left corner of the screen. Multi image uploads conclude with all uploaded images selected. You will be able to see the selection in the bottom left corner. Make sure you click on that “Clear” link so you can deal with each image individually.

Once selection is cleared, click on first individual image to select it, it will show up in the sidebar on the right with 4 available text fields waiting for you to put the title in. Give each image a descriptive title and paste the same into all 4 fields. Then click on next image of your post and do it again. Continue doing the same for each uploaded image until each have a unique title.

Inserting Image Into Post

Each new post on Best Gore should start with an image. If your post is a single image post, then your only image will be at the beginning with text of the post after it. Each post should have at least one image. If you are making a post about a video, then you will need to take a snapshot of a frame and upload and title it in the same way as with other images.

If your post is a multi image post, then you will need to select an image you think represents the whole lot the best to insert it in the beginning of your post.

To insert the image into your post, go back to the Add Media screen and after each image has been individually titled, select the one you want to REPLACE INTO the beginning of the post make it highlighted in the sidebar on the right.

At the bottom of the sidebar, under the 4 text fields into which you pasted your title for the image, you will find 3 drop down menus.

  • Alignment
  • Link to
  • Size

Alignment should always be set to “None” – which is the default option so unless you mess with it, it should stay at None at all times.

Link to has 4 options to choose from. Default option is “None” and should be used for majority of posts. The only other alternative which should sometimes be used is “Attachment Page”. Never select any other of the remaining two options.

If your post is a multi image post, then Link to should be at “None”. If your post is a video post, then Link to should also be at “None”.

The only one time when “Attachment Page” should be selected, is when working on a single image post whereby the image is more than 500 pixels wide. Single post images with an image which is 500 pixels or less wide should have Link to set to “None”.

When uploading images, system will automatically create a Thumbnail size version of the image, and if the image is more than 500 pixels wide, it will also create a Medium size version of the image which will be 500 pixels wide.

When working on a single image post with an image that’s smaller than 500 pixels in width, then there is no need to link it to its attachment page as the largest available version will be displayed on top of the post. When however working on a single image post with an image that more than 500 pixels in width, then the medium sized image will be displayed, but we will link it to the attachment page from where the full sized version of the image can be accessed.

Once again – “Attachment Page” should only be selected from the drop down menu if it’s a single image post and the image you have uploaded is larger than 500 pixels in width. For all other posts the Link to drop down menu should be set to “None”.

Last drop down menu, titled Size will list all available sizes of the image. System will automatically create a Thumbnail sized version of each image you upload. That Thumbnail as well as the full size version of your Image will show up in the drop down menu. If however your image was larger than 500 pixels in width, then this drop down menu will have 3 options – Thumbnail, Medium and Full.

By default, the Size drop down menu will automatically pre-select either Medium (for larger images), or Full size (for images smaller than 500 pixels in width). You may want to verify that it is set correctly, but by default it always should be. If you see Medium size pre-selected, then that’s definitely good as medium option would not be there is there was no medium sized version of the image. But if Full size is pre-selected, make sure the actual size which is displayed next to it is not greater than 500. Never select Full size image that’s greater than 500 pixels in width for insertion at the beginning of the post.

Once you have verified that all 3 drop down menues are correctly set, click on the “REPLACE INTO post” button in the bottom right corner. Once you do that, the Add Media window will close, you will be taken back to the Edit Post page with image embed HTML code automatically inserted into the post. This code will display the image you have chosen as your top image.

But we’ll need to fix up the code a little bit. If you have HTML experience, then it will be very easy. If not, just follow the guidelines in the next step. It’s very easy even if you don’t know any HTML.

…to be continued

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