The Start of American and Israeli Imperialism Around the World. Iran – 1953

The Start of American and Israeli Imperialism Around the World. Iran - 1953

I decided to diverge from gore with this article since I think this is an issue that deserves appropriate attention. Why? Because in order to understand the present, we must know the past. But not the biased history they taught us in school, but the things that were obfuscated and kept in the dark for the sake of indoctrination, because, who wants informed citizens?

Well informed people will not tolerate the things that are happening, and will take action in the most suitable ways. How? By spreading the truth, by protesting, by not complying, by not acquiring or maintaining certain habits that benefit those that oppress us.

So in this particular article, I decided to talk about a pertinent event of the 20th century. One of the most important, in fact. The 1953 Iranian Coup D’état, also known as TPAJX Project by the Americans, and Operation Boot by the British.

If you already know about this operation, then you have an idea regarding as to what follows, but for those of you who never even heard of this, you’ll understand how this historical moment paved the way for US/Israeli imperialism around the world.

On August 19th, 1953, the democratically elected Prime-Minister of Iran, Mohammad Mosaddegh, was overthrown from his position by a group of rebels under General Fazlollah Zahedi, following orders of Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, the self proclaimed Shah of Iran (king, in other words).

The forgotten hero, Mohammad Mosaddegh:

The Forgotten Hero, Mohammad Mosaddegh

Now you may ask, “ok, but where does the US/UK fit in all this?”

This rebellion had a purpose, and that purpose wasn’t providing help to the Iranian people, oh no. It was something else.

When Mosaddegh became Prime-Minister in 1951 (through democratic elections, closely followed and scrutinized by international observers, I may add), he had a few plans for his country. He wanted to reduce the semi-absolute authority the Shah had, therefore making Iran a complete democracy, and he wanted to nationalize Iran’s oil industry that consisted of vast oil reserves as well as the Abadan Oil Refinery which, when he came to office, was under the control of the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company, today known as BP (British Petroleum). Which he did.

Now, can you imagine Winston Churchill’s reaction? Oh what I would give to have been alive back then and see his disappointed and angry bulldog face.

So of course he didn’t let this slip by, he had to do something, since he knew the potential of Iran’s oil reserves, and that oil consumption would continue to increase, thus generating astronomical profits.

In response to the nationalization of Iranian oil, the British bulldog decided to place an embargo on Iranian oil exports, and attempted to block the Strait of Hormuz (how classy). All of this to no affect.

So what did he decide do? He ran to the United States and literally begged for help.

When Churchill went across the pond to the New World, then US president, Harry S. Truman, refused to take part in something as outrageous as inciting and financing a military Coup in another country (I bet that hurt, didn’t it, bulldog?). But unfortunately, Dwight D. Eisenhower, who became the US president on January 1953, was all ears and agreed to assist the British in their quest. Eisenhower, persuaded by anti-communist sentiment, thought that Iran’s communist party, the Tudeh, could capitalize on the political instability and assume power, aligning themselves with the Soviet Union. And giving more influence and power to the Soviets was not an option.

So the game was on.

Winston (The Bulldog aka Winnie aka Cunt Face) Churchill, voted the greatest Briton of all time. I guess crime does pay, uh. Take that, Shakespeare!

Bulldog Faced Winston Churchill

The recently created terrorist organization CIA (Central Intelligence Agency), and the British Secret Intelligence Service, known as MI6, also a terrorist organization, joined forces and were on their way to do what they were assigned to do. Cause chaos and mayhem in the name of oil, power, money and imperialism.

Although the British had agents working in Iran, the most prominent man in all of this was Kermit Roosevelt, Jr (funny thing they named a Sesame Street character after him. They must have been inspired), the grandson of the 26th President of the United States, Theodore Roosevelt. Even in his final years he showed no regret for what he had done. This shows very well the intensity at which he performed fellatios on the Zionists, after all, Israel benefited greatly from this event (and I shall explain in future posts).

Kermit and fellow agents, American and British, paid Iranian tribal leaders to speak against Mosaddegh and portray him as a villain, a man who had ambitions to become a dictator. Their role in this was to provoke anti-government sentiment amongst the population, generating discontent and hopefully protests.

To add to the list, both the CIA and MI6 also bribed street thugs and gangs, opposition politicians and Iranian military officials. The ultimate goal was to provoke a revolution, overthrow Mosaddegh, create a “guided democracy” and return full authority to the Shah, Mohammad Pahlavi. All of this, unfortunately, became true.

A royal decree dismissing Mosaddegh and appointing Zahedi was drawn up by the Coup plotters and signed by the Shah.

On the 19th of August, a pro-Shah mob paid by the CIA marched to Mosaddegh’s residence. Other CIA-paid men were brought into Tehran in buses and trucks, and took over the streets of the city. The conflict resulted in an estimated 500 – 800 dead.

Mohammad Mosaddegh was illegally arrested, tried and convicted of treason (truth is treason in an Empire of lies – Ron Paul) by the Shah and sentenced to three years in prison. After that, he was placed under house arrest for the remainder of his life.

Kermit (the provocateur) Roosevelt, Jr.

Kermit (the provocateur) Roosevelt. Funny thing a Sesame Street character has the same name...They must have been inspired

Many of those who supported Mosaddegh were also arrested, tortured and executed (estimated to be several hundred) by the newly formed authoritarian regime under Pahlavi.

Pahlavi remained in power for 26 years until he was removed in the Iranian revolution of 1979 and went into exile in Egypt, like a coward. Grand Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini took his place and formed the Islamic Republic of Iran, as we know it today. It still is, believe it or not, a democracy that allows parliamentary representation for all religions, and does not prosecute the Jews, as we are taught by the mainstream media (an estimated 35 thousand Jews live there and enjoy the same rights as all other Iranian citizens).

In his 26 years, the Shah bowed down to the US like a puppy, recognized the illegal state of Israel as a legitimate and sovereign state, and filled his bank accounts with US tax dollars, while oppressing the people of his country.

It is also imperative to mention that this whole operation was carried out using the US and British tax money, obviously, and even though the true costs of the operation were never fully disclosed, it’s generally estimated to be in the millions (back then this was a lot of money, even more so than today).

So what can we learn from this and how useful is this information? We can conclude that neither the US nor the United Kingdom ever were the glimpse of hope, democracy and freedom that Zionist owned Hollywood and the mainstream media portray them to be. And this can be particularly useful when someone calls you a conspiracy theorist, because now you can argue with factual evidence of past events, because what we saw in Iraq and Afghanistan (and I’ll talk about a particular operation regarding Cuba and 9/11 in future posts) is nothing more than history repeating itself.

To the American and British BestGore members, please note that I am not criticizing neither you nor your countries as a whole, as I myself have plenty of American and British friends and have the outmost admiration for them, as well as I have for many Americans who are fighting for change with nails and teeth and are doing their best to keep the truth alive, but I am criticizing the political, banking and corporate system that utilizes your countries to achieve their goals. Why your countries more than others? Because of their influence and power. Controlling the US military is a huge advantage for Zion, but I will talk about that in another occasion.

While on trial, these words pronounced by Mosaddegh have stayed in history: “I know I am guilty of only one thing, not surrendering to foreign influence.” If only all leaders of nations were like you. To you sir, a big round of applause.

Mosaddegh on the Illegal Trial, Where he was Accused of Being a Traitor

Author: Portuguese Dude

From Portugal, thats all.

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  1. They are still doing the same shit even today.

    The Iran-Iraq-Syria pipeline was a planned natural gas pipeline running from the Iranian owned Qatari South Pars, North Dome Gas-Condensate field towards Europe via Iran, Iraq, Syria and Lebanon and was to supply European customers as well as the above countries.

    The previously planned pipeline, the Persian Pipeline, was to be routed from Iran’s South Pars to Europe via Turkey, the plan was abandoned after the Swiss based energy company Elektrizit?tsgesellschaft Laufenburg ceased its contract with Iran in October 2010 due to pressure over US sanctions against Iran.

    Iran, Iraq and Syria In July 2011 planned to sign a contract worth around $6bn to build a pipeline running from the South Pars oil field via Iran, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and then towards Europe, with a refinery and infrastructure in Damascus.

    The pipeline, had it been constructed, would have been a big competitor to the Nabucco pipeline from Azerbaijan to Europe, a pipeline backed by the United States and several EU member states, thus reducing European dependence on Russian energy, Azerbaijan by the way is a active member of NATO and helps fight against terrorism and is looking to apply for EU membership.

    Sadly however construction plans for the Iran-Iraq-Syria pipeline were delayed due to the Syrian civil war.

    My conclusion, The EU, USA, and Israel is desperate to break the monopoly Russia has on energy supplies and therefore they go about sabotaging the opposition, first via sanctions and then via coups and uprisings.

    Oil and gas supplies will create the next world war I think, It’s already started in the Arab regions where we so lovingly liberated them.

    1. The west have a new favorite ally now – Qatar. A country with an abundance of natural gas. Qatar’s gas is to be pumped into Europe through a pipeline that goes across Syria and then Turkey and into Europe. This is the true reason behind the Syrian conflict. So sad that innocent civilians have to pay the price of kike greed. In the mean time Qatar has been getting bolder and has shoved its nose in all region’s affairs. Wish I could just chip off this tiny piece of land from the continent and set it adrift into the ocean. Jews are going to pump billions from this sad excuse of a country in order to finance their agenda.

      1. Qatar has been an integral part of the Axis of Evil for a very long time. Together with Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Israel and the USA, Qatar completes the axis with their relentless funding of Zionist trained jihadists and funnelling of oil money into covert operations that destabilize countries for Zio take over.

        1. But their presence exploded in the past 5 years. Who the fuck invites Qatar to the UN security council meeting? 90% of people don’t know where it’s even located. The whole Arab gulf is a fucking joke.

  2. Iran is very different than what zionist media portraited it. First of all, they are not arabs.

    This is all about oil… Hope that in the future it will not be about water, or we are fried (my bad, boiled… water, huh?).

    This proves that you are not an US and A friend, as a retaliation they will bring their democracy to your country.

  3. Here are a few facts:

    – Iran has not threatened nor attacked another nation for centuries (unlike Israel that won’t let a day go by without committing genocide, and that hasn’t changed about the Jews for 5,000 years)
    – Iran was attacked with chemical weapons but despite having had some of their own, refused to use them against the attacker (unlike Israel that routinely uses chemical weapons against children in schools or sleeping, and attacks foreign nations with chemical weapons via proxy)
    – Iran does not and never has owned nucleaar weapons – every single nuclear agency and all nuclear scientists in America and elsewhere confirm that as a fact (unlike Israel that is known to own about 300 nukes)

    Bottom line – Iran is one of the most peaceful countries in the world and one of the least likely to be of concern as far as world peace is concerned – unlike Israel!

  4. Gotta read this again in the morning when the effects of alcohol wear off. I’m not insulted coz im English, although all I have only ever been taught the ‘ fight them on the beaches” speach. Which is aline to what was said in the post. My mind is open. Knowledge is power and im open to learning.

  5. Thanks Pdude…I only wish more americans would educate themselves about our goverment. I am ashamed of the lowdown shit done in the past while worried about what’s to come. Keep posting these articles. I am still learning and want to know more.

    1. Hey thanks man. I’m gonna do some more posts about related issues. Apart from the USS Liberty attack and the King David Hotel bombing, and 9/11 of course, do you have any knowledge of more Israeli terrorism? I wanna make a post and incorporate several Israeli covert operations. I’m contacting a friend who has a degree in History so I make sure I won’t miss anything, but any extra help is appreciated.

      1. First thing that comes to mind is the Palestinians, hmmm let me think…7/7 in london, all those train bombings in Europe. Bombing Lebanon, the war in Iraq and Afghanistan, killing that guy while using Canadian and Austraian passports in Dubai I think it was??? That’s all I can think of right now.

  6. @porrtuguese
    why do you need to coddle american and british BG members when you diss their military.

    your article is stellar, but that need to coddle to the sensitity of those military’s populace (who fund and support thier unwashed military fucks) was very off putting and not necessary.
    military bullshit and pussyfooting to keep people from getting mad have no fucking business being entertained in the same breath or on the same page

  7. Excellent article, it’s a shame so few people know about Operation Ajax and all the other coups orchestrated by the CIA.

    And like you said, history repeats itself. The fucking zio are in an undeclared war against Iran, Mossad has murdered several iranian nuclear scientist and sabotaged several iranian military and scientific computer networks.

  8. bah zionericans whine for cia rob levison to be released from his 5 year holding by the big iranina meanies. may that fucking yebnenn kelp never see the light of day again.
    *i’d like to think our iranian assassin esteemed american turned traiter dawud sallahudin was part of the covert coup that lured and nabbed levison and not sickening possibility he was in cohoots for $$$,

  9. Sorry for any mistakes in my English!

    Ok, I’m new here and I was used to believe most of the things that the media said. I’m Argentinian by the way, any ways, I used to believe in those kind of sources until I discovered best gore. In my school, after studying WWI and WWII Churchill wasn’t that bad, they don’t even mention this kind of things in the books. We kinda already “hated” the UK due to the Falkland Islands event (which, in my case, I don’t really support Argentina).
    This post just really opened my eyes, the lies, the treason, the corruption, all those things that were hidden by the media but luckily some people still show it, despite the consequences. The fact that 2 nations caused a Coup D’Etat is just horrible.
    Thanks for the information!

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