Bonus Army Significance – Would Government Send Troops Against Citizens?

Bonus Army Significance - Would Government Send Troops Against Citizens?

As the rise of the police state in the USA and Canada becomes ever obvious, many, including members of Best Gore started to ask if our governments would send troops against their own citizens. Likewise, questions are being asked if our troops would attack their own countrymen.

These are all legitimate questions and whilst most believe that our soldiers would never attack their own, I’m here to prove to you that oh yes – not only they would, they wouldn’t even think twice about pulling that trigger while having their little cousin in the scope. Why am I so sure of this?

Take a look at what these so called soldiers, more appropriately called ZOG Mercenaries have been doing to little children in Iraq or Afghanistan, among dozens of other countries. Do you think someone who doesn’t have any problem executing innocent families to clear path to the little ones so he can rape them would think twice about killing their countrymen? Do you think someone who enjoys torturing and humiliating prisoners of war would have any problem slaying his neighbor? There is no conscience, no remorse, no humanity in a child rapist slash baby killer who laughs after massacring the innocents. You’d have to be a complete fool to think someone this degenerate would give two shits about their countrymen. He’ll cheer at an awesome headshot after blowing the brain out of the head of his babysitter.

It is the same with police. Why do you think there is such a noticeable increase in instances of police brutality? Cops are being conditioned to get used to assaulting their countrymen until it becomes second nature – a normal part of their existence. They are promoted, celebrated and always backed up so they keep getting away with it. Their lust for blood grows with each assault. Should shit hit the fan, they will more than gladly step it up a notch and start breaking skulls en masse.

Make no mistake, my friends – both police and army would and will go against their own citizens. And when it happens, it won’t be the first time. In 1932, the US army had no problem charging those they should hold it the highest esteem – veterans who had fought in the tranches during the real war.

The Bonus Army Significance

The Bonus Army got its name from the Bonus Certificates the US World War I veterans got with a promise that these would be exchangeable for cash sometimes in the future. Because thousands of WWI veterans were unemployed and had no money for immediate needs, they needed their bonus stamps cashed now, not 10 years later.

And so in the spring and summer of 1932, some 43,000 people, including 17,000 World War I veterans marched to Washington, D.C. and set up a camp in a Hooverville on the Anacostia Flats, demanding immediate redemption of their bonus certificates.

On July 28, 1932 Attorney General William D. Mitchell ordered the police to remove the Bonus Army from the property. During the altercation, two policemen were cornered inside a building and opened fire at progressing veterans, killing two. William Hushka and Eric Carlson died from sustained gunshot wounds.

After that, the government sent the army to intervene. At first, the Bonus Army thought the troops were marching in their honor – which is what should have been the case, but commanders instead ordered the troops to charge. Not only did the troops attack their fellow Americans, they also attacked war veterans.

Documentary below offers closer view at the significance of the Bonus Army incident.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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74 thoughts on “Bonus Army Significance – Would Government Send Troops Against Citizens?”

    1. It’s true, my best friend joined the national guard close to two years ago. He came back completely brainwashed and an entirely different person. He only cares about his army buddies and ended up covering himself in dumb patriotic tats. He’s 24 so it’s not like he’s a fresh out of high school kid. Anyway he had riot training and I asked him if he would ever go up against his fellow citizens knowing that I’d be opposite him. He looked at me and said. I have to follow orders.

      1. There’s no brainwashing in the military. I think I would have noticed something like that taking place and I can still recall every detail of my life ever since I was born two years ago as a full grown man in military fatigues…

        1. Brainwashing doesn’t wipe your memory. What silly movies have you been watching?
          You can be brainwashed and not know it. That’s the whole point. It’s not like they sit you in front of a screen and pin your eyes open. That’s not how it works.

  1. well, all governments emit bonds when they are in, or about to be in a world war….that was a real war that required the focusing of all the national resources to the war effort….not a fake war “fought” by fake soldiers like the iraq/afghanistan bullshit…the other day i saw a friend of a fb friends that is serving in irak or the other place and the dude posted his pictures in uniform like if he was in thailand doing tourism or something… comment shocked me, some old woman said something like “we are so proud of you, and the ADVENTURE you are living”…..
    Do you imagine a familiar/friend sending something like that to a young soldier in the hell of the trenches of verdun, the somme, or the isonzo valley??? no way dude!! they were living a fucking sleepless nightmare praying that the next ring at the door would be a letter from their son/friend saying “im still alive!, im not crippled”, instead of the officer coming with the feared letter of condolences from the government that hundreds of families recieved each day between 1914-1918….

    1. in fact, Hitler’s finance minister Schacht financed the rearming of nazi germany paying the german arms industry with bonds, hahaha….the german industrial establishment seemed to have a lot of faith in Adolf’s government, as they kept taking the bonds, producing, and researching new weapons like if they were paid in solid gold, haha

          1. Depending on your view point. Hitler gave opportunity to the ordinary Germans to be all they could be. A nightmare to Europe. Whole groups of nobodies who would still be on farms feeding pigs and cleaning out stalls and poor got opportunity.

    2. While there is no doubt in my mind that these veterans needed their money (a little over a decade after the war ended) during the depression, I can not accept the validity of any war after the First World War (with it included). We should not have been part of Europe’s affairs.
      The British cut the Atlantic cables in an attempt to stop Germans from ordering more goods from “neutral” America. They also stole hundreds of dollars by blocking German banking transactions. This was supposed to be against the rules of that war and should have lost the British their rights to trade with the West.
      The Germans would actually approach ships with their U-boats and announce that the ship was to be abandoned and sent to the bottom of the ocean. It was the gentlemanly thing to do in order to minimize casualties. However, the United States did not oversee the merchant vessels, leading to the addition of deck-guns on their ships which would result in many U-boats being sunk and the beginning of unconditional Atlantic warfare.
      The British were actually close to a deficit in goods before the United States stepped into the war. The German plan would have likely succeeded in the unconditional surrender of the United Kingdom, no second world war, and (ultimately) there may have been a way to miss the great depression entirely.

      I really wonder what the world could have been like, had we only stayed away.

      Anyways, the short was that their war was just as meaningless as today’s war. Just a political maneuver that ultimately leads nowhere.

        1. Did nothing? A war is won as much as with logistics as with folk in the front line. Stop believing the propaganda. If the US stayed out of the war 1. It would of been a stalemate and ended in negotiation and probably no Hitlerism. But we can only speculate.

  2. At least in the USA some citizens are still prudent enough to protect their right to bear arms. As a child and during my days in indoctrination camp I always thought of that amendment, like all other Canadians, to be one of the most foolish and infantile laws to still adamantly adhere to. Now that I’ve matured and financially freed my soul, giving my mind the ability to think freely, just as the founding fathers did and cherished the tenuous ability to, that amendment now makes the most sense to me out of any piece of legislature every written in the history of man. Hold on to it dearly my fellow Americans; we here in Canada will be slaughtered bearing only our regret.

    1. The fact of it is, if our governments did go against its own people (americans and Canadians) the gov would have tanks, missles, all that. The guns that half the country owns may be good for protection from murder or robbery, but in reality would do little to an entire army.

      1. Untrue. An insurgency depends on guns and ammo. That makes a long war of attrition and the guys at the top are vulnerable rather then conventional wars.

        To bear arms puts pressure on everyone to play fairly. They are just one step away from your firing iron.

        The most dangerous folk are folk who have nothing left to lose.

  3. As a veteran I would like to think that I would never have obeyed the unlawful order to attack my fellow Americans. But, I see this and other examples like in New Orleans where troops are illegally ordered to do so, and there they are doing it.

    Great, albeit sad find, Mark.

  4. Nothing new in the west, indeed. In fact today there is no need to send the own troops against the populace anymore. In case of Europe the bureaucrats are now implementing a European Constabulary Force containing members of every nation. In the face of a bigger situation, police troops from e.g. Romania would then be sent to Germany etc. Plus dont forget the drones flying over the USA and Europe and the ongoing revolution in robotics and AI. Brave NOW World.

  5. Big brother is getting bigger by the day and more ferocious. Just like the gangs in the city streets except better equipped and better financed. It’s all about being able to keep power and control still. That is the only constant. Civil war all over again will be the result if the course dose not waver.

  6. A prime example of a government sweeping one of its biggest atrocities under the rug and pretending it never happened. Through 12 years of public education and 4 years of university(as a history major), I had 1 professor spend a grand total of 15 minutes teaching us about the Bonus Army. I’d venture to say that if polled 90% of Americans never even heard of it. Ignorance truly is bliss.

    1. “Me three.” I was in advanced placement American History, and took Amer. Hist as an elective in college “because I liked History.” Never heard about this in history, social studies, psychology, or even as a side story regarding the depression. Less than 50 years later, and it is not mentioned in the public school curriculum.

      Hmmm. If we don’t know about it, then it never happened, right? My grandfather was in WWI and he had a horse. That’s all he would say about it.

    2. I should count myself lucky then. I do remember hearing about it in 9th grade history. Same thing with all the anti-labor violence.

      There’s a lot of dark chapters in American history that just aren’t covered well enough in history classes (if they’re even covered at all).

    3. I had no idea they (the bonus army) ever existed, and I remember college history covered WWI – so with that in mind I shouldn’t be so offended they’ve minimalized US history on Slavery down to 1 page double sided total…and while I knew about the other instances of this happening, ie: Katrina, I just never put it together that the powers that be would be planning to do worse to the general population. I thought the plan was to give as many as possible felonies so that they couldn’t bear arms (legally that is), but I’m seriously starting to think I was wrong. What’s even more messed up is that they’re going to bring home our loved ones who will be ticking time bombs waiting for some subliminal message to go on the rampage. Wow… what a new, yet scary perspective on things.

      1. You said it Cooch. You would think something as bad as attacking veterans, who had just fought the deadliest war the world had ever seen, would take centuries to erase. Not the case though, even most Americans don’t know about it, its really pathetic.

    1. Coochie

      I was driving around just before the end of school term and was thinking exactly the same thing; school uniforms, just to get you used to the corporate image. All you need is to add the little badge with the spaces for some little golden stars and you have your army of drone workers working for the minimum wage. It’s a true return to Victorian values in britain; I’m going to stop using the ‘Great’ and the capital ‘B’ as, I truely think, we’re now on the level of a third world country; we have **cking food banks because people, actually in work, can’t afford to feed their families.

  7. We exist soley for our tax paying money. We are what keeps a country stable. We have been betrayed countless times by our governments, and lied to even more times. The rising of the police state of Canada and America will be the last straw. Leftist sheep will realize that their “free country” is no longer free. Not like it has ever been. They will awaken and it will be too late for them. The 2nd Amendment of America was put in place for very few reasons. #1. To protect yourself, land and family. #2. To protect your fellow man if the government ever rises up in a tyrannical manner.

    That is why Barrack Hussein Obama wan’ts the 2nd Amendment abolished! Not the protect the good people from the bad people. Not to prevent shootings as he says and has set up (I.E. Sandy Hook). He wan’t to take away the guns so that we the people may not resist the uprising of the new world order.

  8. Being a “former” Marine, I can tell you that 90% of our troops are marshmellows and full of shit, and as soon as their female soldiers and faggot officers set foot in the midwest or the south with the intentions of subduing the people, they would definitely meet resistance, because behind every blade of hillbilly grass is a hillbilly, his 20 kids, 45 guns, a bag of meth, and his pissed off bro’s. Now in places like New York, Chicongo, San Fransisco etc… they’d let the military come to your house, disarm you for the greater good, and then fuck you up the ass because its societies fault not yours.

    1. No such thing as a “former” Marine. You are a Marine from boot ’till death, you know that.

      That said, The troops will most certainly shoot civilians if ordered and the civilians will most certainly shoot the troops in defense.

      1. Hence the quotes around the word former, once a marine always a marine. That particular question of “Would you fire on civilians” has been asked so many times, and I’ve never heard an officer say they’d do it. But I wouldn’t put it past them to justify it, which wouldn’t take much.

  9. Hoover had, by far, the lowest approval ratings of all times, ’til Bush knocked him off his perch. Whatever liberals are, – though I myself aren’t on either team, – republicans are so extra special. I love the current talk, and blame of how we’re just “printing” money these days. – As if we haven’t been doing it since then.

    1. I’m not on either side, but we all know that if a fight ever ensued, for whatever reason, be it here or somewhere else, it won’t be the die hard democrat standing next to you.

    2. if a fight ever ensued it would be republican with his thumb up his ass and doing as ordered with zeal. This is because Republicans believe the only way to get ahead is by stepping on someone else. Though we have the best congress that money can buy. That is the problem.

  10. This is the Oath of Enlistment of the United Sates Of America.

    I, _____, do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, FOREING AND DOMESTIC that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. So help me God.”

    So if the president tell the military that you are at treat to the state, you ass is dead. The soldiers don’t stop and ask questions. You do as you told to do. If they tell you to kill, you kill.

    1. You act as if this contract is memorized and reiterated every waking moment.

      This verbal affirmation that is spoken at a MEPS station when enlisting is purposely short so that you would not stand there for an hour reading out all the provisions of the UCMJ and Constitution that you may or may not understand at the time. The UCMJ goes more in depth but makes a terrible pledge to read.

      There are lawful orders and unlawful orders. All orders must comply with the UCMJ and the U.S. Constitution. If they do not then they are unlawful and should not be followed.

      All “soldiers” should take reasonable steps to evaluate their orders. Blindly carrying out orders can get them injured or killed and the majority of “soldiers” have plans for their future.

  11. If you look at the compliance of the ‘lock down’ of Boston, following the ‘marathon bombing’, the setting up of TSA vehicle search areas and the apparent inability to purchase .22 ammunition in most US States because, allegedly, the TSA has been buying it up; it is, apparently, the calibre of ammunition used by most weapon owners in the USA, and add into the mix that there are a number (3, I believe) of battle hardened (Afghanistan) Infantry Battalions on permanent stand-by in the event of ‘civil unrest’ and you begin to see a government prepared to use it’s own troops against it’s own population.

  12. I’ve been active duty for the good part of the afg Iraq wars. Since the wars are dying down the a cutting down on mass amounts of people with little to no regard to their situation. The govt couldn’t ever use us against our own people. Most of us serve because we love this country and fellow citizens. Not all the money in the world could get us to turn on our own people. Yes the military or police could be used to police but they would only tolerate so much abuse or policing against or own fellow citizen. Yes we are being kicked to the curb since we are no longer needed but never would we allow the government to turn us on our own people.

  13. Attacking war veterans, now that’s an all time low.
    What pussy would try to harm not only their fellow man but those who went to hell and back.

    Now i might not be eye to eye with people from the US and heavily dislike foreigners but even i will show respect to any war vet.

  14. Read up on our history here in the U.S. Troops have been used against our citizenry on many occasions during our two hundred plus years as a nation going back to British Army soldiers firing on civilians at the Boston Massacre in 1770. I certainly hope you all remember the U.S. Civil War. It’s not too difficult to find where the Union Army not only killed civilian men, women and children whenever it suited them, but they also employed a scorched earth policy as they made their way through Georgia to the ocean, destroying all railroad infrastructure, and ruining the agriculture-based southern economy for decades, if not for generations. Estimates state that the Union Army killed 50,000 civilians during the war. Kent State, Ruby Ridge and Waco are also tragic examples of massively armed government employees using whatever means at their disposal to wreak destruction to any and all targets, including unarmed women and children. Of course these incidents exclude all the race riots in the 50’s and 60’s where the military and police crushed civilian unrest as well.

    Also, based on the military equipment our law enforcement has today, they too can be called upon to bring tremendous force against the masses. Look at the footage from the Boston Marathon bombings. I don’t care what types of weaponry are made available to the public. We don’t stand half a chance against both law enforcement and the military, not that we ever did. Perhaps this is why other nations parade their weaponry every chance they get and we merely play music, guide floats and balloons, and dance during ours.

    John W. Whitehead, founder and president of The Rutherford Institute and editor of presented this article, today interestingly enough, in conjunction with his book “A Government of Wolves: The Emerging American Police State,” and writes about this very tragic path we as a nation are barreling down.

    1. Well it ain’t that simple. An armed populace can do an insurgency. The USA is unlike any other place on earth. We have the constitution.

      It means that a government that goes too far will face an insurgency. As you know the USA run by foreign influence.

    1. I totally agree.. that’s why I believe IF it happens.. it has to be UN troops or Foreign Soldiers.. those bastards wont have any trouble shooting uncle bill or aunt sally, but of course ANY US Military member would most likely say Fuck You..

  15. I joined the Army in 1989, I was stationed on Bitburg AB, I was a Surveyor for the Patriot Missile System, on day myself and about 25 or so guys were handed a form to be filled out, there were a crap load of questions that I cannot remember now BUT one stands out in my mind that made me go WTF?,.. it simply asked ” if ordered to do so, would you fire on American Citizens”.. of course I checked the frigging NO box, I didn’t have to put my name on it , it was Anonymous , I turned it in like we all did.. but I thought about for a while.. it was only years later when I started hearing about the possibility of Martial Law and FEMA camps that it made me think about it in a different light..

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