Children of Leningradsky – Documentary About Homeless Children in Russia

Children of Leningradsky - Documentary About Homeless Children in Russia

Since documentary I’ve posted so far have been met with vastly positive feedback, I’d like to present this interesting piece by Andrzej Celinski and Hanna Polak about some of the most disturbing social ills in post-Soviet Russia.

Children of Leningradsky (Дети Ленинградского) is a documentary about homeless children who live in the Leningradsky train station in Moscow, Russia. As the documentary suggests, between 1 to 4 million Russian children have become homeless since the fall of the Soviet Union. Estimated 30,000 homeless children live in the streets and railway stations of Russia’s capital city – Moscow.

11 year old Christina lives in the Leningradsky Station because she was kicked out of home by her step mother. 12 year old Roma ran away from home because he was frequently beaten by his patents who liked to get drunk on Moonshine every day. He admitted to stabbing his father in the belly twice.

13 year old Misha was sent to an orphanage when he was 2 year old because his father would not accept him as his son (mother probably slept around). Father of 10 year old Andriey likewise doesn’t accept him as his son.

14 year old Yula was raped when she was 11 and left home because of it. Instead of taking it to court and getting justice for Yula, her mother took a bribe to keep quiet.

These children and many more wander around the Leningradsky Station begging for money. Some say they stick with begging and refuse to steal, but whether they really don’t is anyone’s guess. Unfortunately for younger children, sometimes older boys come and take what they’d earned.

The girls who live at the Leningradsky usually take to prostitution. As a result, they often end up pregnant and when the babies are born, they end up homeless just like their mothers. The boys likewise resort to prostitution when there’s no other way around. These are all children under the age of 14, making them easy scores for pedophiles. Bad news is – despite their young age, because of prostitution, many are infected with syphilis or AIDS.

Autumns and Winters are cold in Moscow. Serioza, Roma and Svieta spend them in sewers with the hot water pipes. When they have money, they buy glue and sniff it to get high. It’s very addictive so they need to keep buying it all the time. They also drink Vodka every day.

The children are frequently beaten by police. Many were beaten when they were in orphanages. One boy had glue he kept for sniffing poured all over his head by a policeman. The children also fight a lot among themselves.

Needless to say – these children have no future. They are mean to old bums, kicking them and stealing their clothes, yet they themselves stand to end up the same. They don’t believe in nothing, least of all in justice.

Genya from the Kursky Railway Station was killed. He was raped and strangled with a rope to death. The police investigated the children by beating them one after another. As if being homeless wasn’t bad enough, they’re also subjected to systematic police brutality.

The saddest part of the documentary is the story of Tanya. She was only 14…

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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70 thoughts on “Children of Leningradsky – Documentary About Homeless Children in Russia”

    1. @silenced,
      European women do adopt Russian children, but bear in mind generally a man and a women makes it easier to adopt. After living on the streets, being addicted to substances and alcohol and being sexually active it takes someone with a great deal of specialist experience and an enormous amount of time and patience to be able to integrate children like this into ‘normal’ homes. What often happens is the children can’t adapt and end up being at best a bad influence at worst a danger to other children. They are used to the ‘freedom’ of the streets and have a deep hatred of any authority.
      Terribly sad.

      1. Im from Texas, and my family adopted 3 russian children from a family of seven with shitty parents, one was a drunk and the other was in prison. Noble i guess, but honestly if i had the choice to do it all over again (i was around 10 at the time) i wouldnt.

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      1. Better Gypsy’s than Muslims/Africans like all over Europe/USA/Canada. (.. when White Women Race-Mix, it’s generally with Africans)

        Well, actually.. I’ve never seen a Gypsy. Aren’t Gypsy’s people who keeping moving around? (I’m rather clueless on the subject, evidently)

        When I see White Women adopt Children from different Countries, it’s Africans or Asians.

        Who cares about the poor White Children, right?

        The utter disregard, and sometimes I think hate, White Women show toward their race is nauseating.

        I won’t go further, as I’m sure there are some good White Females on this site and I wish not to offend anymore than I have.

          1. Meh. The ones offended are probably the ones described (Liberal, Race-Mixers, Self-Hating, Kim Kardashian their role-model, no morals etc.) White Women anyway.

            They might as well be invisible to me.

            But I’m a nice guy 🙂

    3. Actually, a very good friend of mine was born in Russia. Her parents were murdered and she was adopted here in the US. After seeing this, I actually think she was semi-lucky to end up here with a loving family, despite the circumstances. She could’ve ended up on the streets like these poor children. It truly breaks my heart to see this..

  1. Those adults at the funeral of poor little Tanya had no right to be there. She is dead because of them. Those poor kids, I can’t believe they have been abandoned like that. That was one of the saddest things I have ever seen. How did Tanya die?

        1. In an interview Hanna Polak the Director of this film said “The death of Tanya was the most shocking. She died overdosing of glue a day before her 14th birthday. This was so sad.”

  2. A hundred years ago it was a common sight to see street urchins, my country, England, wishes for these days to come back.

    Our leaders used uncontrolled immigration to make a large percentage of the working class unemployed, they have since changed the social security terms so that you are only entitled to support if you work full time for free.

    They banned housing support for the under twenty-fives and have taken away child support payments, obviously this is a recipe for poor people to abandon their children onto the streets.

    If what my third world, shit hole of a country did becomes common practice elsewhere I expect we will all see documentaries like the above but in our own streets.

    1. yes but don’t forget our benefits systems have enabled generations of the same family to not work. Children lie in bed half the day instead of attending school while thier classmates work hard to succeed. Thier parents take no interest in thier schooling. They leave school semi illeterate with no skills, and a shit lazy attitude. They have made themselves fit only for unskilled labour yet they refuse to do low paid unskilled work. In London you never see a white person sweeping the streets, it’s always an immigrant. Even at fast food restaraunts in London the majority of people working there are not white working class people. They are mainly students, some people flipping burgers are studying for thier masters in pure maths etc. Or the immigrants working there use it as a stepping stone or have an eye on promotion and going up the internal ladder.

      1. Hi wicked mama,

        I mean no disrespect but I have to strongly disagree with you on this one. I work for a large recruitment company and therefore I am in a position to see all the statistics and recruitment methods from all over the country and I can state as fact that white working class people do apply for non skilled work, a hell of a lot actually, but they are very rarely ever given the jobs and the reasons are as follows:

        immigrants work for very little, lower than minimum wage and its legal, so they are favoured by greedy corporations. They can work for these wages because they live many to a house and share rent and other expenses, they also have no intention of staying here so what money they do make goes a lot further back home.

        The state sector employs people on a box ticking method, they prefer their employees to be from ethnic backgrounds and female with heterosexual white males being the least preferred, homosexual white males however are favoured because it ticks the politically correct box.

        I have seen many, many times heterosexual white males who were the most qualified for the job and had the most experience being turned down and instead the job was given to the candidate who ticked the right boxes, again this is all legal.

        Yes, you are correct that there are lazy, uneducated people out there who do not want to work and pass this ideology down to their children however the vast majority of unemployed people are actually very educated and experienced people that cannot find work because of the above reasons and because job creation at the moment is extremely low and many companies are still going bust and sacking staff.

        So the question is, should we remove the safety net for all because a minority misuse it, of course we should not, it would be more prudent to simply have better checks in place to identify and remove rogue elements, the fact that the safety net is being removed is because our government want to save money at the expense of the well being of the poor.

        The reason I am angry about this despite being employed is because unemployment is a situation we can all find ourselves in, I have been unemployed before when I was younger and if it wasn’t for social security I would have been homeless and probably dead.

        1. @oblitorater, no disrepect taken, nothing wrong with disagreeing.
          I have no wish to stop benefit payments to people in need, I’m just pointing out that our system has allowed many people to fail. most cities in the UK don’t have large immigrant communities but we still see the same thing. We have to put some blame on ourselves to some extent the fact that so many people want to employ poles over Brits. How many times do you walk into a shop to get absoloute shit service from some lazy bastard you can’t be bothered to give you even a shit service. Poles still take pride in thier work, they don’t sit there chewing gum telling you ‘if not’s there we ain’t got it’. They will take the trouble to look for you. My son’s schools are generally around 50%white yet when you go to the parents evenings you hardly see a white parent. what the fuck is that about? These parents obviously don’t care about thier kids educations, thats why white working class boys are bottom of the league tables when it comes to exam results. We have to do something about this shit.

          1. Hi wicked mama,

            I am not obliterator and never can I be, I feel a bit inadequate now, I feel like I have woken up next to my girlfriend only to hear her whispering another mans name.

            I realise that that you prefer obliterator to me and, well, it pains my heart, but if it means that you will be happy I will step aside, good luck for the future and I wish you and obliterator well, and it is the onions that I am chopping at the moment whilst watching the scene where bambi’s mother dies that is causing my watery display.

          2. Oh my god!
            I don’t know where that came from, I’m working on my laptop so I’m a bit distracted, but thats no excuse for such a betrayal.
            I will think of a way to make it up to you make no mistake so dry those eyes!

          3. I can understand that you were a bit distracted, a bit distracted by obliterator’s profile.

            It happens all the time, at first I was the jam in your doughnut but time is a cruel mistress and before long my six pack had turned into flab and my hair receded and my household attire went from cool and sophisticated to old underpants and stale beer.

            A new neighbour arrives, a Mr Obliterator, and with his bulging biceps and his award winning smile he quickly steals your attention, before long you are volunteering to mow the lawn and take out the garbage just so that you can initiate conversation.

            The next thing you know, you start coming home late at night with the usual story of how you had to attend that meeting or friends invited you over and you couldn’t say no and finally one day I arrive home to find that letter, that heart breaking, gut wrenching letter, I open it slowly as if I don’t wish to view its contents but I must, I then stare blankly at its contents and there it is in writing, the inland revenue saying I owe thousands in tax, and next to that letter is another letter saying that our relationship is over.

          1. @EmptySoul & @Wicked mama, you two are so funny. My day’s gone pretty shitty today but, getting on here and reading you two’s bantering back and forth made me laugh and for that I thank you both! Have a wonderful day!

          2. I just want to give a shout-out to Mark for posting this. Since Best Gore has quite a large following, it’s good to make more people aware of the children that are neglected and suffering out there in the same world we all live in.And how so many parent’s turn their backs on their own children and should be made accountable for their own actions!!!

  3. I’ve seen a similar doc on HBO that had to do with homeless children in Russia I’m not sure if its the same town cause I watched so long ago but it does appear to be, in that HBO doc all the kids were shooting up and almost all of them had AIDs and it was just a bunch of little kids no adults not even teenagers just a bunch of homeless dope shooting terminally ill Russian pre teens.

  4. Easily the saddest thing I’ve seen on Bestgore. Fucking hell, it makes me hate religious groups like Catholicism even more. With a fraction of the Catholic Church’s bankroll they could shelter and feed thousands of these homeless kids, all the while teaching them a useful trade…

  5. From my point of view the saddest part of this story is the fact that this is only just one city in the entire world… where i live there is only 3-4 homeless people and the strange part is 2 of them that i know is completely by choice i know for a fact one of them has quite a lot of money and just got sick of living in a house so he basically just goes camping every night …. but its horrible what happens to these kids they really have no other choice

    1. Yes, there are homeless people with a lot of money, and there are who are homeless by choice. There are also people who think that homeless in general choose to live like that. “They don’t have to live like that” some retard said again to me last week. That’s just an excuse for not having to feel any care for those who are in a shit position. This so pisses me off. I wish that everyone who thinks being homeless is by definition a choice, would have to live on the street for some time. That would include those who have gone completely cold and indifferent regarding their fellow citizens, and politicians who keep on nibbling at the lower incomes while not even knowing how low they are.

      End of rant.

    1. Well said. So sad and heart wrenching. But black babies abused in daycare is fuckin hilarious. Fuckin phony. Nobody adopts african kids. You all know that shit! Everybody adopts Asian kids. Goddamn right they do. Every Asian kid I know has wealthy WHITE adopted parents. however, a wonderful woman adopted a Russian child. Eventually sent his ass on a plane with a note that said “don’t send this bitch back!” After he abused her children and herself. How about making their great WHITE parents keep their own lunatics.about making their great WHI

    1. Russian sounds so masculine, aggressive and deep to me. Can’t really explain it.

      Japanese is a lovely language, but I don’t think I’d ever get the hang of writing in it.

      Same for Korean.

      I think I like Mandarin more than Cantonese.

  6. Heart-wrenching. But why the fuck do the charity workers give them money? They are only going to buy vodka and gue with it, maybe stronger stuff, just ike one kid explained. Instead they should bring them the actual goods they need: Food, clothes, maybe some stuff to pass the time with.

  7. 1-4 million homeless Russian children, my god.
    National Socialism save us! Rescue these children of degenerancy, poverty, and hungry. Show the the light of the future, guide them and their people back together.

    “We should not only speak of a nation of brothers and sisters, but instead walk hand and hand with your people to get over all prejudices, and then to help again and again. Yet today we stand with our people, we live with it, we are connected to it for better or for worse”

    “We do not say, ‘Rich people, please give something to the poor’, instead we say ‘Russian people help yourselves!’ All of us must help! Whether you are Rich or poor! Everyone must think that there is alway’s someone in a much worse situation than me, and this person I shall help as a comrade of my race”

  8. Am I the only one that thought this was kinda funny. It reminds me of all the shit I wanted to do when I was a kid and reminds me of other countries that have kids that are 10-15 that are carrying around AK-47s around and forced to grow up and kill.

    At least they aren’t like the kids on that feed the children commercials

  9. This was so sad to watch. I cried at the part when the little girl died. I had no idea this many homeless children were in Russia. As I was watching the video I thought why are there so many seeing these kids sleep on the floor and they aren’t offering to help them in any way? You would think females would have more sympathy for these children. Russia is indeed a cold place to live in.

  10. Being homeless is terrible. Struggle for physical survival and the stigmas of other FV put upon one, wear one out and can drive one mad.
    Imagine being homeless in a fucking Russian winter.

    These kids must be full of lice and stuff. I’m surprised they haven’t been for the most part killed off by some disease outbreak. I don’t think they see a doctor regularly.

    1. @H.Thompson , Anyone, even kids, who have been homeless for a while learn to adapt, you do what you have to do to survive. You become incredibly innovative when it comes to getting food, water, clothing, and somewhere to sleep. Sniffing glue and drinking vodka are to dull the brain and the senses so that they don’t have to face reality or feel cold for a while. Being homeless truly sucks, but there is a huge sense of community – fthey orm their own groups and become a ‘family’ they look out for each other but they expect loyalty back.

  11. This is the saddest thing I’ve seen on this site. It makes me really sad, because even after all they have been through they look like good kids, I mean its really cute and sad that they still keep their faith that things are going to get better. Just.. uh

  12. The only use i see for these street urchins is rounding up the local pedophiles for extermination.They will serve no productive purpose in life,and will not become contributing members of society.Round the little bastards up and euthanize them.When the parents come to the funeral,have them sterilized.
    Did find humor watching them attack what they will become.An older bum.

  13. I husband is russian and ive been considering adoption of a child not a cute lil baby but a child who needs a home.i cant believe vlad putin baned americans adopting russian children when this is the alternative.

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