The Great San Francisco Earthquake of 1989 – Rare Police Video

The Great San Francisco Earthquake of 1989 - Rare Police Video

This rare video of the Great San Francisco Earthquake was produced by California Highway Patrol. A Multidisciplinary Accident Investigation Team comprised of accident reconstruction specialist was formed to identify, collect and document all of the factual information and available data regarding the San Francisco – Oakland Bay Bridge and the Cypress Street Viaduct collapses.

On Tuesday October 17, 1989 at 5:04pm, as the third game of the 1989 World Series was about to begin, strong earthquake ripped through northern California, killing 63 people, injuring thousands and leaving estimated tens of thousands homeless. With the epicenter 60 miles south-southeast of San Francisco, near Loma Prieta in the Santa Cruz mountain range, the main shock produced the largest destructive force to strike the San Francisco Bay area since 1906, ruptured the segment of the San Andreas Fault and had a surface wave magnitude of 7.1 (6.9 on the Richter Scale). BTW – I don’t know why they call it the World Series since nobody anywhere in the world gives a shit about baseball. Unless because it’s the more boring and lifeless sport in the WORLD?

The video is a collection of the best authentic footages and news reports of the ’89 Quake amplified by audio recordings of 911 calls made during the disaster. It contains such things as the video of the rescue of a trapped vehicle that tried to jump the collapsed part of the bridge like it was in a Hollywood movie, rescue of a boy that was trapped inside a crushed car beneath the body of his dead mother, the after earthquake demolition of the viaduct and more. As the narrator in the video says, it took a total of 10 days to recover all of the 41 bodied crushed by the collapsed Cypress Street viaduct.

The video is broken into two parts. Both are included below:

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41 thoughts on “The Great San Francisco Earthquake of 1989 – Rare Police Video”

  1. Baseball is boring, and depressing, if you’re a Cubs fan…like me. That’s why beer is advertised so much during every game. It’s the only thing that makes the sport watchable.

    As far as earthquakes go, hey… I think I’ll stick with Gulf Coast hurricanes… At least they’re somewhat predictable.

    1. @ST- your new avatar is sexy! I am totally the opposite btw. A hurricane looks fucking waaay too epic for me to handle! My anxiety would be through the roof waiting to get blown the fuck away! Is rather just be sitting under a shelf full of picture frames and have the bitches just tumble down onto my head outta nowhere. Just seems less dangerous and the thrill factor is a little better! Plus who doesn’t like being stabbed in the eyes with broken glass?! 馃槈

      1. Juicy – Can’t go wrong with the ol’ Hunter S. Thompson avatar.

        Hurricanes aren’t that bad unless you’re really close to the water. If you’re far enough inland, then even the category 3 & higher storms weaken fairly quickly. Still, though… That’s just me talking about your chances of dieing during one. Property damage is another thing… The trees falling on cars / houses, windows blowing out, etc…. It can get pretty messy.

        I have never experienced an earthquake, but God willing, one day I will! If I could ever make my way out West!

  2. I think the best part of best gore is the comments that come from you guys in relation to human interaction at its worst, or best, or primal, or evil, or whatever the fuck it comes down to given the situation.
    But what can you say about Mother Nature kicking off?

    1. @beau2ifulfreak-Me too! I couldn’t get the damn front door open at my neighbors house because of some child-lock shit! I remember looking up at the sky and everything was just spinning. A eerie calm and it felt like it lasted so much longer than it did.. We’ll have a big reminder any day now. I sense it.n

  3. I remember it like it was yesterday! I was 9 years old and I was watching a younger neighbor kid next door. The entire house was swaying and it seemed to last a lot longer than it really did. I remember the aftershocks and no school the next day. It was a beautiful warm California day. Almost eerie like. Not to much breeze- just very quiet. I’ll never forget how impacted I was by the sights of the cypress structure and section of bay bridge collapse! I watched the rescuing in horror. I wondered what it would’ve been like to be headed towards Frisco on that freeway that I traveled on often- and for it to just collapse on my head! 馃檨 I remember hearing them pull little kids out of cars with dead parents in them, in the pitch black dark of the night and just wondering how many more were under there, grasping for life. I was sick to my gore-virgin stomach!

    Fast forward to now, the bay bridge is being rebuilt as I type. I know people that are apart of the new huge landmark construction. I’ve passed by it on the old one and I’ve experienced the new lame “S-curve” which some idiot managed to flip his semi over the side of because he had to haul ass through it. The new bridge will be complete soon. I’m more worried about some kinda terrorist/government approved attack on it than anything else! Lol.

    We Californians learn to roll with the waves of an earthquake. I used to think Earthquakes were the worst, but truth is, for me I’d rather not know what was coming anyhow. Once the ground starts shaking, there’s nothing you can do but get your ass under a door frame. I don’t have my home proofed, and I don’t have supplies. I’ll just loot all my neighbors and put a claim in on my earthquake insurance! Lol. 馃槈 I think hurricanes, tornados, and tsunami’s would be worse. Then again, I know in the back of my mind that the biggest and longest earthquake is bound to happen any day! We haven’t even had little ones to let off steam lately.. When one does come along and shake the shit outta us for 1-3 minutes, it’ll be total devastation! Then I’ll just have to move to Canada! End of story!

    1. As native of Socal and a resident of Seattle during their 7.2 in 2001 and a current resident of Earthquake prone Arizona, I have been through some big ones and little ones. Those long EQs are the worst. even if they arent big. as soon as they hit the 45 second mark I start getting worried. Hopefully you wont be getting any of those too soon

      1. @CD- SoCal- what area?! Seattle. Never been but i have family in Oregon and Washington. Arizona… Have heard great things. I’m a sun goddess, and i lone the way Arizona sounds. I need to get out and travel more. Find my perfect place and move myself there…

      2. Besides earthquake prone I think AZ is prone to alot from Mother Nature. Well except for heat that is. We dont really seem to have alot of issues like alot of other states. I guess that is a good thing.
        @Juicy…come visit girlie! You can stay with me! I will even buy you a new pair of flip flops! 馃槈

    2. A doorway isn’t necessarily a good place to shelter during a quake. You’re better off under a sturdy piece of furniture or next to a sturdy piece of furniture because falling debris will form a triangle. This triangle, known as the golden triangle is where first responders tend to find living people.

      1. @obnoxiousbitch- good to know. I think we learned that in school at one point. Seems like when the earthquake starts, I’m spending most of the time realizing what’s going on. Kinda like a delayed reaction. Lol. Hopefully i get it right on the next one!! 馃檪

  4. I used to go on and UNDER the cypess bridge and was very glad when I no longer had too, because the support colums looked so under size that it seemed as if they would break in a big quake,and a few years later thats just what they did!!! Too bad nobody got any pictures of the cars that were under the top of the bridge I heard the cars were only 6 inches tall, those poor bastards musta turn into toothpaste!

  5. Drove south thru the Cypress that morning at 5:30 am. I was at Sunnyvale Ford getting some parts when the shift hit the land. There were waves 3 feet high on the El Camino Real. That was trippy. My truck with cab over camper in the parking lot looked like it was going to roll on its side at any second. My Labrador was hanging out the window looking goofy and happy which was his normal demeanor anyway, but since i knew him very well i could also detect some confusion and that “you better not be fucking with my mind again” look. The other customers in line with me mostly jumped back from the huge sheets of window glass we thought would shatter. You could hardly stand on your own feet without support. A hanging lamp was slamming off both walls. A screaming lady ( the only person in a group of perhaps 20 customers and employees who traveled to full Paniclandia ) dove under a feeble glass top table . She was shrieking and had her arms covering her head while her ass in a mid thigh length dress was all up in the air. Her posterior was plainly addressing all of us. She shit and pissed herself. Earthquake ended. Silence and calm. 19 people trying not to laugh out load at the poor lady with the Alice Cooper mascara and the loaded pantyhose.

    1. @davidmalpais- She REALLY piss and shit herself?! That’s extreme! Maybe she was a foreigner? First earthquake?! Lol. That’s some funny shit! I bet the sight of that took away from that view too! It was a lot of rolling though. Seemed like it lasted so much longer than it did, too..

      1. @lunatic- i like ocean beach. TOO many memories! I’ve never experienced a quake while out there either. I ended up being just fine. I shook my ass at Ruby Skye and hit an after-party. I needed the confidence boost last night! I’m just glad i returned home this morning in one piece! Lol

  6. I had no idea best gore people were so heavily Californian. Stupidly, I thought I was alone. I was walking across 12th street in Oakland on that day. I felt waves crossing the street from the south, and I found myself riding a bucking road as it capered. Later, I found public transport across the bay, ferries, and in Oakland broken glass littered the streets everywhere. Homeless guys were directing traffic in the city. Most, most strange. We live in only the flimsiest of constructs.

  7. I was on the phone with a business associate in San Leandro when it happened . She said she was getting under the desk and then the phone went dead. luckily the next morning she called me and sad that the building she was in took alot of damage but she was alright.

    1. My Mom (and most her side of the fam) was raised in San Lorenzo. I frequent San Leandro allllllll the time-still. Used to hang out at the Marina and watch all the plans land, etc at Oakland airport. Also, who didn’t make out over there?! Lol. I was in Sunol at the time if the quake but felt it just like everyone else. Epic shit- even for my little 9 year old self!

  8. Excellent video. I have researched the Loma Prieta quake extensively and haven’t seen this footage before. It was actually this event that inspired me to work towards becoming a geologist with a focus on natural hazards. I wasn’t alive at the time (born in ’93), but reading about this quake as a kid fascinated me. Natural disasters in general are incredible. No matter how well mankind can build over the Earth, our power is a fraction of that held by the planet.

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