Hunting Magnotta – Documentary About Luka Rocco and 1 Lunatic 1 Ice Pick

Hunting Magnotta - Documentary About Luka Rocco and 1 Lunatic 1 Ice Pick

For us here on Best Gore, today marks the first anniversary of the infamous 1 Lunatic 1 Ice Pick video being posted. Best Gore was the first to publish the video, and Best Gore community the first to identify the perpetrator and report him to the police. As you already know, police blew us off and a few days later, severed body parts were delivered to the Canadian Conservative Party headquarters in Ottawa. At that point, I made a post in which I asked a rhetorical question wondering if it could have anything to do with Luka Magnotta and the following day, all hell broke loose.

Needless to say, 1 Lunatic 1 Ice Pick video changed Best Gore forever. It ultimately means that Best Gore continues to run to this day. I had announced a year before 1 Lunatic 1 Ice Pick my intention to retire from teh interweb and anticipated the months around when the incident happened to be my last. But with the whole fiasco exploding and the sheeple jumping on the bandwagon to attack Best Gore and try to shut it down, I changed my plan and instead decide to continue with it and increase the post count. Ain’t no sheeple telling me that you the readers of Best Gore have no right to see and learn the truth about what really is going on in the world.

The sheeple, in a sense are really the reason why Best Gore is still running and why it’s stronger and larger than ever. I would have already shut the site down, but after the sheeple got involved, I took great pleasure at showing them all a huge middle finger and continue showing it to them to this day.

To celebrate the first anniversary of showing the world what one Canadian who lived in their neighborhood did to a Chinese student inside his apartment, here’s a documentary by The Fifth Estate titled Hunting Magnotta. It contains all information that was known about Luka Rocco Magnotta at the end of 2012 and a whole lot of interviews with people who knew or came into contact whether in a business setting, or as friends with the alleged killer, as well as those who tried to get him arrested after the videos of him killing kittens were leaked.

As for the latest news about Luka Rocco Magnotta, his first-degree murder trial in connection with the murder and dismemberment of Chinese exchange student Jun Lin, to which he pleaded not guilty, is scheduled to begin on September 15, 2014 – a year and a half from now and more than 2 years after his arrest. Because of how high profile this case is, the trial is expected to last six to eight weeks, which is a relatively big block of court time. Apparently no earlier date was available because the courthouse is busy – you know… in Canada people get prosecuted for saying things deemed offensive by the Jews or for making artistic films that contain gore, so courthouses are too busy for actual criminals.

The Fifth Estate documentary titled Hunting Magnotta is below:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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119 thoughts on “Hunting Magnotta – Documentary About Luka Rocco and 1 Lunatic 1 Ice Pick”

        1. The kittens cheated on him and he had to take action. WAKE THE FUCK Up. You never thought that this site actually inspires ppl to kill? I bet over half of the Latino murders on this site goes unnoticed.

      1. He did kill kittens. It put them in a vacuum sealed bag that was airtight. Absolutely horrendous 🙁 Would’ve crushed them and suffocated them all at once. I agree, human death I am happy to watch, but not animal death or cruelty 🙁

        1. Nothing more heart breaking and depraved than Animal cruelty. Which is why I am against Chimps in research labs. They are only one gene from us and feel the same exact feelings we do: Fear, Joy, Sadness. They are scared when they are torn away from their mothers. They are scared when they see their brethren getting hacked up by scientists. Those scientists don’t know what they are signing up for when they join doctor school. They must kill animals to get their lisence. Just how children must kill frogs in high school biology class.

          1. Err…no? I am a Biology student; no one ever told me to kill an animal! Please don’t talk shit about medical research (the same research that allows you to be healed) when obviously you don’t know shit about it. Get your facts straight. Animalist propaganda would say anything to make you side with them

    1. Hi started by torturing kitties. If i remember correctly there were some clips pertaining to that posted around the time. Just cant be twatted to look for them cos i’m such a friendly guy.

    2. I honestly hate this piece of shit not only for killing the guy but for the animals thats just ridiculous i hope they hang him things ill never understand with the ignorant scum of society …

    1. Yes…I just watched it…oh my. It takes a lot to shock me….I was shocked. Is there a way to PM on here or is it OK to just share the name of the site or YT link where the link is shared?

      1. It’s sad how the Best Gore community helped catch Luka Rocca Magnotto and yet Miami police made Mark take it down… What a load of bullshit

        On another note, I am yet to see this video and would like to see it. Could anyone possibly give me a direct link?

  1. @GorePapiChulo- until I found you and your site, I had never even heard about this case! Once I heard of it, I tried my best to find it and watch it. Only recently did I see that crazy fuck’s homemade murder video. I can’t say I was completely disturbed because my tolerance for gore is pretty high, but when I saw the victim move- that got me a teeny bit and I was slightly disturbed by him putting his dog up there to eat at the Chinese guy. Honestly, I think seeing his kitten video would really disturb me. In fact, I haven’t even looked for that one! I’d be crying and snotting everywhere!

          1. This is very interesting. Correct me if I’m wrong, but this isn’t the first time a gore gurl has made a reference about your arm. I need to start doing more push ups.

  2. i have dreamt about him last night. yani, when his dog ate the ass of his boyfriend. i have thought that maybe his Lover wanted to die. like that cannibal in Germany. his victim agreed to be killed and eaten too. yani, i dont know what goes thru their sick mind, but it could be possible?

  3. I still haven’t seen this goddamn video! Fuck! When I first got to bestgore this case was at the highest, right before he was caught. But for some reason I didn’t look for the vid. And by the time I went looking it was gone. Fuck, what a mistake. I keep kicking myself.

    1. I saw it. There was a link to it posted not too long ago. Might have been taken down now. Can’t remember what post it was in…personally I thought the hammer/screwdriver murder was worse because you actually see t
      And hear the victim die. Too bad it was such shitty quality. With ice pick you don’t actually see the murder,it’s pretty much all post morgen. The dog thing is fucked up,tho.

        1. Holy fuckin crap. I didn’t see that link before, so now I watched it Thanks @perditor. He did some sick shit. I had to actually put my sandwich down. WTF. And I thought I was completely numb inside. nasty

          1. I was eating beef stroganoff when I watched it, I also had to stop, when he cuts a chunk of asscheek and eats it. Stroganoff will never taste the same again

          2. When we first watched in this site there was a big debate for a long time whether it was real or not. It took the edge of somewhat because all of us thought it might be a hoax so we weren’t initially outraged.

  4. Good thing I cant get to them cause it would be 1 b ullet 1 sick phuc and me to end that monsters life! I don’t hardly eat beef anymore because of the way cattle are forced to live and the way they get slaughtered. Still eat chicken and fish! But to take pleasure in torturing animals you don’t have a soul! Living in a world full of insane people who needs zombies,the living are worse!

  5. We Best Gore viewers are like history students in that we look back at events that have already taken place and form opinions based upon our own individual standpoints and the evidence present, we also want to see reality, free from propaganda, free from knee jerk judgments from the usual lot, we just want reality, unashamed reality.

    The Magnotta case was a unique situation in that he put on a show, he acted in the present for the viewers of the present and this put to the test the notion that all viewers of “gore” are in fact Magnottas in the making themselves.

    The end result was thought provoking in that whilst they may have been a few who lusted for the Magnotta experience to continue the majority were disturbed enough by this mans actions that they went about collecting information and handing it in to the authorities.

    If the ?Gore? viewing online community had acted in the same way as the sheepish public we would have turned a blind eye and carried on with our lives without concern to what happens elsewhere, that is after all how the general public behave, therefore I have to conclude that people who view ?gore? tend to be a step above the general public when it comes to giving a shit about events outside of ones own bubble.

  6. Is there anywhere to see the video? I don’t understand how BestGore uploads murders all the time, with a lot of hate, yet when the police request one is taken down they comply? I’m not hating, I just don’t understand it.

      1. @kill Clearly he was. Wonder why he was almost charged with sexually assaulting a woman though. I’m surprised he would look twice at a girl.

        @Admiral Good thing you didn’t compare him to New Kids On the Block or I would’ve had to kick your ass.

  7. I guess this is also my one year anniversary of coming to this site. It was the magnotta video that first brought me here. I’m glad that you changed your plans of shutting down this great site. It has helped me see a lot of things for how they really are. Without you mark, I would probably have no idea about Syria, let alone the truth about their struggle. It’s made me a lot more aware of the politics of deceit and the many lies spread as truth. I hope you continue the work that you’ve been doing because you are making a difference out there.

  8. Did not want to watch this one because of the animal killings, i love all animals too much. But, major props to our frien @ MARK for all he did to help solve this major crime. Man , a year goes by so quickly does it not ? Anyways a big THANK-YOU from all of us i,m sure for this great site and what it stands for 🙂

      1. Thanks sweety, i though it showed the cat killings & such, an when it comes to that i am a big chicken. I love animals so much, it would upset me greatly. As for BEST GORE, I am shocked that they did not mention the best tip they could have used to help solve this case came from and was disregarded complrtely by B-G. Yea, like you said Mainstream media did not want to make the cops look bad !

  9. Damn lazy cops let alot of kittys die and so much evidence was against him and just tossed out because it was based on the internet….The Chinese guy coulda still be alive if he was arrested for killing those cats.

  10. In a way, Jun Li did not die in vain, as if it weren’t for him BG would be no more and there would be one less voice of truth and one less place for debate where no one will censor you for whatever you think (politically correct or not!)

  11. I found the video pretty easily. Is it only 10 minutes long? For some reason I thought it would be longer. Also, the video wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Still pretty fuckin weird though

          1. @YourNextExGirl o.o holy shit 4 days without sleep that isn’t a good sign you should go to the doctor, I remember when I was going out with my ex since she moved to Florida and I live in California the time zone is shit so I would stay up till 4 in the morning every day for the passed 8 months talking to her on the phone, I still remember staying outside at the park at night in the middle of winter just talking to her and after we finished talking on the phone and she went to sleep I would run 3 miles in nothing but shorts and a t shirt in 30 degree weather every morning when it was still dark outside. ^_^ I didn’t get that much sleep the most I would get was 2 hours.. Goddamn one does the craziest shit when one is in love 😮 but then she breaks up with me that night the good happy kid died and my heart turned black I stopped giving a shit -.- this is probably the reason why I don’t show any emotions when I watch beheading videos or murders on here >.>

          2. @misfit I know.. I’m getting to that point where I’m actually too tired to sleep. My eyes will not close, but I feel like hell. What would you tell a doctor? He’d think I was on drugs or something.

            If you did all that for your girlfriend she was a total idiot to break up with you. She does not deserve you then. Guys like that are hard to come by. I mean look at me.. I just found out My boyfriend was married with a baby. Insane. I think that is the biggest reason I can’t sleep. My head is so beyond fucked up. We should like all unhappy and black hearted and watch beheading videos together.

          3. @YourNextExGirl I’d tell the doctor what’s going on .. they are here to help you out that’s their fucking jobs not to judge you.. I always stayed true to her i never treated her like shit >.> That same day she broke up with me I went crazy I got inside my trucked and was driving recklessly I was going 90 on on a wet road I did a sharp right turn and the truck started slipping and I almost hit a tree -.- I didn’t care if I lived or died when I got home I pulled my pocket knife out and slashed my right forearm twice o.o I thought it was going to hurt like a bitch but I didn’t feel a thing /: so now every time I look down my arm I think about her -.- keep your head up don’t let this fucked up situation tear you apart get some help talk to someone I’m really sorry you had to go threw all of you aren’t alone just remember that if you need to talk to someone we the *best gore* community will always be here.

          4. @misfit I actually feel a bit better now. I slept for two hours and went to the store. Since I live so close to the army base.. Army guys are in there all the time. And when i hung up on my ex Friday night he says “if you ever see me again you can kick me in the face I’m sorry blah blah..” So when i saw him in the store.. Can you guess what I did? I punched the punk ass in the face in front of all his army buddies. He started bleeding everywhere and I left lol. Made me feel a lot better. And it sounds like you went through hell after that breakup. I’m glad you didn’t die or anything. I haven’t had the urge to hurt myself.. Only him. And it’s a strong one. Thanks @misfit. 🙂

  12. According to the Toronto Sun, Magnotta loves prison and was on a prisoner dating site before asking to be removed after finding his “prince charming,” a man named Clinton Teale, unsurprisingly Clinton is a killer. He was connected to the Lievere killings, killings by psych group Lievere which Clinton started.

    He was found not connected entirely and spent like a year in jail. So him and Magnotta are dating, very odd they’d let him be on the site in the first place. That’s how he met Jun Lin.

  13. I just saw the documentary on Netflix ‘ Dont fuck with cats ‘ which talks about this crazy guy Luka Magnotta killing kittens and an asian guy. I first thought it was a movie – but NO!!!
    He is a great manipulator…
    You guys should really go and watch this documentary.

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