It Is Better to Die Like a Wolf, Than Live Like a Dog – Trailer by Pravy Sektor

It Is Better to Die Like a Wolf, Than Live Like a Dog - Trailer by Pravy Sektor

Ukraine’s extremist group Pravy Sektor (Right Sector) is touted as “ultra nationalist” and “neo-Nazi“, yet they are anything but. Sponsored by Israel, leaders of Pravy Sektor take orders from the Israeli Ambassador to Ukraine, and cooperate closely with the Jewish community to advance the interests of Israel in Ukraine.

Zionist use this type of disinformation all the time. For example, the primary purpose of the Anti Defamation League is to defame those who expose too many Jewish lies to the public. So because the group was established with the primary purpose to defame, it was touted as “anti-defamation” to confuse the unaware. Similarly, to conceal the fact that the Israeli soldiers readily uses children as human shields, Jewish media is constantly in overdrive making up stories about the Hamas using human shields.

Pravy Sektor supports destruction of the Ukraine, and the enslavement of the Ukrainian people. But they do it under the false pretext of ultra nationalism, which often attracts well meaning Ukrainians, whose thinking is appropriately twisted to support that which corrodes their country, so they never get out of shit they are in. In other words, many of these kids were handed shovels to dig their own graves, but the shovels had a nice Ukrainian flag on the handle, so even though they systematically bury themselves and their families with them, they do it thinking they are preserving their identity.

There are, by the way, many such fake nationalists all over Europe. The English Defense League is another one like that. They mean well, but were tricked to fight the symptoms while protecting and nurturing the root cause of the disease. They too are digging their own graves while falsely believing they are serving their country.

So this Ukrainian group of fake, Israel-first nationalists who call themselves Pravy Sektor released a trailer for the upcoming documentary which will bear the title “It Is Better to Die Like a Wolf, Than to Live Like a Dog” and directed by Evgeniy Titarenko.

However anti nationalist they may be, I do like what the title says and fully agree with it. None are more helplessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free – said Goethe. Few understand the true meaning of freedom these days. And even fewer are willing to fight to set themselves free.

Check out the trailer below:

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      1. I am an National Socialist! a real one! those bolsheviks must get erased from existence BUT not on this way. As a National Socialist I would NEVER listen or accept any money at all from a god damned cock sucking jew! EVER! and if you do you’ll end up as a bolshevik as well… you’re digging your own grave and you don’t even know it! open your god damn eyes man!

        1. I am a Tolerant National Socialist. And i TOLERATE such violence against Bolsheviks….

          The land thieves from East Ukraine are Bolsheviks, they don’t want to stop the fight, they push for interracial multicultural Ukraine. You can’t reason with such people.

          As for the jewish money… you really think that the only way for funding a revolution is using jooish money? Well… Lenin, Hitler, Che used bank robberies and took the property and money from their fallen victims.

          If you are so worried about jewish money, look the billionaire “russian” (jewish) oligarchs funding the neo-bolsheviks.

    1. Fuck you…………This isn’t a Jewish operation. You cocksuckers blame the Jews for everything. Damn they have one of the smallest countries and they get blamed for every damn problem in the world. ..Blame the Fucking Russians Sons of Bitches!

        1. It’s coming closer. Thousands of active and radical National Socialists are gathering in Ukraine.
          It’s only matter of time, before attempting revolutionary overthrow of the government in Belarus, Poland, The Baltic region and… Mother Russia, the country with the highest population of National Socialists.

  1. Why some?continue to praise these traitors to their nation and race as heroes, boggles the mind, although this faulty logic may rest in the idea that these phony ?right-wingers? represent the lesser of two evils, with the more dangerous entity being an aggressive and resurgent Russia.

    Time will tell as to the real motives behind each side in this convoluted struggle, although one has to feel for the common Ukrainian man and woman, as they may have been shoved down a path that shall lead to nothing but ruin.

    1. Indeed @SteelToe. We had a couple of young women from Ukraine stay with us about 14 years ago. Very kind, noble women trying to help bring awareness to their group’s symphony. I don’t attend many gatherings of any kind, but we did go to hear their symphony play in concerts around here. It makes this conflict and the dirty deeds done to the average Ukrainian very real.

    2. What controlled struggle? The russian minority was radicalized by Putin and took lands from Ukraine. Look at Palestine, look at Kosovo… fights over stolen lands never cease. Never.

      You are on the side of the so called “rebels”. And they are openly Marxist and Globalist.

      You support the anti-white Putin.

      This shit is purely western phenomenon. You swallowed so much propaganda, that in your eyes the mass immigrant supporter Putin is some kind of a “hero”.

      But i am not worried about you. You are just spewing shit, while the National Socialists are Building Ukraine.

      1. I guess I need to repeat myself.

        Any sane individual can only hope that the slaughter of innocent White men and women does not continue indefinitely.
        There is no need for Eastern Europe to be consumed in a ?Brother?s War? that only benefits the conniving, subversive Jew.

        1. How can those Marxists be innocent? How can people who turned interracial marriages as some tool for provocation of the Ukrainians be innocent? We have black separatist working for the interest of those “rebels”. This is not about jews, it’s about a land being taken over by a Putin-loving/communist sympathizing minoirity. If you want Jews, you should focus on Russia. Every single russian billionaire is a Jew, every single influential politician is a jew. The mother of Putin is a jew, by jewish law – he is full jew (because the mother is the important one according their law).

          If you keep watching pictures and videos without real context: dead “rebel” bodies and marching White Nationalist troops, of course that you will sympathize with the dead fuckers. It’s a propaganda which appeals to human emotions. And if you don’t know the full story, it’s only natural to succumb into the disinformation.

          1. This was is being run BY JEWS. Putin, the russian political elite, the oligarchs with apetite for Ukraine, all jews.

            You just called Marxist killed fuckers “Innocent white men”. Fuck you.

          2. The situation on the ground in the rest of Ukraine has grown so chaotic and disordered, that this would be a perfect time for those who style themselves ?Nationalists? to prove their real beliefs.
            The Jews in the region have torn the region apart with their subversive intrigues, and have yielded a land that is far poorer economically, militarily, and in terms of land mass.
            We can see at this current moment, that they cannot even agree among themselves as to the best course of action to adopt in response to the Separatist ascension.

            Instead of fighting for those diabolical beasts that would do nothing but turn the area into a clone of the dying, degenerate, ?multicultural? West, those who wish their portion of Eastern Europe to be strong and independent should take matters into their own hands, and cast out the perfidious Jews bleeding Ukraine for the second time in a century.
            So fuck you coward!

          3. So, you are spewing shit about the Azov from the comfort of your home, while they are establishing National Socialist rule.

            Not only that you only talk, but you talk on the behalf of… Jews. Putin, all corrupt russian politicians and russian oligarchs.

            For you defending white country like Ukraine from MARXIST scum who TOOK lands from Ukraine is wrong.

            You are a fucking mess. Start prioritizing for what you fight for. White nationalism, globalism, mass immigration… what are you ideals?

            If you are white nationalist, you will help the comrades from Azov, Right Sector, Whitefreedom Division, WotanJugend to establish National Socialism.

            If you are a communist, you will support the “rebels”.

            What are you?

          4. I am someone obviously who hasn’t been mindfucked by Jews to believe that Pravy Sektor are “White Nationalists”.
            I truly feel sorry for you and your beautiful country and it is a shame that white people must fight each other (including you and me) because that is the way the Jews have always wanted it to be.
            I am a White Power skinhead if you want to know who I am.
            Anyway, I want the same for both of our countries- to be governed by TRUE White Nationalist.
            So let’s both agree to disagree.

            Hail Victory

          5. Okay brother. Let me ask you some questions. I don’t want to fight (verbally) with you. I am just interested in your position as a westerner.

            I am a slavic white nationalist from Europe. Tell me… why are you a supporter of Putin? He is anti-white and anti-racist globalist.

            And my final question is – what according YOUR beliefs should be done with the “rebels”. They are marxists, they encourage racial mixing (but hate gays, so i respect only their anti-gay hatred), and they stoled the lands. What should we do? Left them grow as tumor? Or cut their attempts of growing?

          6. Okay then, i respect you as a white nationalist even though i really don’t understand why western WNs love the anti-white globalist Putin (not all of course).

            The Russian WN support Azov, while their american comrades support the Bolheviks. This is wasted support.

            But tell me, how can we deal with those “rebels” from Eastern Ukraine? They stoled the lands, they promote race mixing, they are getting the support from african and arab commies… tell me your solution.

          7. Azov and Right Sector are jew servants. Anyone who supports jew servants is not a White Nationalist. Fake white nationalists, even if they are well meaning, are the worst thing that can happen to White Nationalism. If you continue supporting the actual cause of the problem, symptoms will never go away and will only continue getting worse. This is what jew wants. And this is what you support. What an awful shame, man…

          8. The ruling political class in Russia are all jews. Russian olirgarchs for apetite for Ukraine are jews.

            Isn’t funny that all russian nationalists side with Azov, rather neo-communists like you?

          9. You have a long way to go to understand what White Nationalism is. To understand, you’d have to see who the real enemy is, so you don’t serve the wrong master.

            War in Ukraine is jewish construct. Jews invested $5 Billion to start the coup, jewish NGO National Endowment for Democracy made it happen and now the Jew are already enslaving the Ukrainians with loans from the IMF and puppet government that’s Israel friendly.

            Anyone who fights against this enslavement of Ukraine by the jew, is friendly to the interests of White Nationalists. Anyone who supports the jew in this is hard core anti White Nationalism, even if they tout themselves as “ultra right wing”.

            There is hardly anything more damning than fake White Nationalist who fight for the destruction of White People by supporting the jew. You are one of them. What infernal shame, for real…

            You side with the enemy of white people and you advocate on his behalf like a boot licker. You are a disgrace to white race, man.

          10. I am just waiting for the moment to tell me about the jewish russian political “elite” and the marxist “rebels” who stoled land from Ukraine.

            According you, the fight for taking the stolen parts from Ukraine is serving jewish interests. This is a very strange position, but still… why are you supporting the anti-white Putin and bolsheviks?

          11. According many from the posters of this site, when racially aware whites fight for their land, fight to take it back… this is serving of jewish interests.

            Okay, but here is the question. Let’s say the fight is over, let’s say there is no WN resistance and reconquest. The fake state of “Novorossiya” is left alone by the Ukrainians and left to grow. How exactly having a neighbouring “country” with state supported ideology of Communism, a state which promotes and encourages interracial marriages and import of arabs and africans will “enrich” the white ukrainians?

            The fake state “Novorosiya” have a clear open ideology – Communism, they are backed by western far-leftists and push for globalism. How is this helping the white cause? How supporting race-mixers who wave flags of Stalin is beneficial for white nationalists? If you manage to answer me with convincing arguments, i am on your side. I am jumping on the bandwagon of the dumbasses from Donbass fanatically waving the images of Lenin and Stalin and screaming “DEATH FOR FASCISM!”

          12. I hope Israel pays you well to support their position on the internet. Cause you;re already a disgrace to the white people, it would be a double disgrace if you were doing it for cheap.

            You say that “mainstream media” is anti Putin and “alternative media” is pro Putin. That alone proves that you’re pro Israel, as the true statement should be “jew media” is anti Putin and “non jew media” is pro Putin.

            Since I already caught you red handed, at least ask yourself – why would every jew media go into overdrive bashing the one man that stands in the way of the jew to completely clamp on the white race? Why the only exception to the endless bashing are journalists who do not serve the jew? Pro jew alternative media do the job of the jew just the same as mainstream media, so your separation really doesn’t stand.

            Also ask yourself why ZOG puppet world leaders, such as Obama, Cameron, Harper, etc. who never ever do anything unless it’s good for the jew, are so openly anti Ukraine defenders? If you think Putin is anti white, then what are they? Do you really think that if there was anything positive at all for White Nationalism to come out of Poroshenko destroying Eastern Ukraine that they would support it? They only and solely support what is good for the jew. If their stance does not clue you in, nothing will.

            God, I really hope they at least pay you well for being the traitor.

          13. There are many reasonable people here who follow our “conversation” or rather your monologue.
            You ignored my arguments and like the fanatical mujahadeen you simply repeated your well-remembered mantra.

            Okay, maybe you are not fanatical nut, maybe you are not paid shill, maybe, just maybe you are just a “slow” (retarded) person.

            Okay, let me try it again.
            Do you support the occupation of Ukainian lands? Yes/No

            Do you support the bolsheviks from Novorosiya? Yes or No

            Is Putin… nationalist? Yes or No

            Do you hate the russian nationalists for opposing Putin? Yes or No

            You see… simple questions which demand a simple answer.
            Instead the usual brain farts and mantra speaking… use arguments for a change. Pay attention to the other side in the communication.

          14. You seriously can’t be reasoned with. It’s the defenders that fight the occupation. While most of the Ukraine bent over and took it up the ass when the jew took their country over, like they did in 1917, the defenders were the only one who stood up and said no to occupation. That’s what they are still fighting – the occupation of Ukraine by the jew. They don’t want to be occupied, they don’t want to be enslaved. That’s why they fight. Their predecessors lived under tyrannical rule of the jew for decades. Millions were killed by Jewish bolsheviks in Gulags and through Holodomor and other means. Of course it makes sense that they should rise against the same occupiers that caused all these deaths to their predecessors.

            I’m done talking to the Israeli agent…

          15. Babbling mixed with historical truth. You completely ignore the current events.

            Do you deny that Novorosiya is Communist (fake) state? Yes/No

            If you are seeing those fanatical nutters waving leninist images and kissing portraits of Stalin and still claiming “they are not communists” congratulations you are mentally ill bolshevik 🙂

    1. @ewestomper
      Some people feel the need to find purpose in their life (“?No one really knows why they are alive until they know what they’d die for.? – MLK), especially if they feel helpless, if they feel helpless, they’re vulnerable to what’s being fed to them-the source of fodder (and BG videos).

      No, I’m not a brother, I’m not a fan of MLK, but I DO try to give myself the edu-ma-cation I never got in school.

    1. Remember, my fellow Best_Gorians, we are all in this fight together against the Jew. All problems in all the lands of all the different peoples of the Earth stems from Jewish interference in our ways of life.

      Want to know what I found out today? Was checking out news from Pakistan, as it is my home country, and a little bit of information came out about how Balochi seperatists (uber cunts) are showing off with .50 Cal M82 Sniper Rifles. Can someone please explain to me how they have access to $9000 Sniper Rifles that are not even accessible to non-military organisations? Don’t kid yourselves. We are all being constantly attacked by the Jew and our nations and identities destroyed. My white brothers, when the time comes you best give the Jew hell, because I sure as fuck cant see us failing on our side. Motherfuckers first split Mighty India and now they’re funding these little bitches to kill our people on both sides? Something tells me they don’t want their people to live past the year 2100. Happy future hunting, white brothers. We’ll do what Hitler never did.

        1. This issue has been bothering me for a while, I’m white Irish born an bred, the IMF is buttfucking the arse out us in Ireland dipping our pockets while their at it . How do we fight the Rothschild Banking, world conflict starting Jew bastards? Tell me how please and let’s fucking get them all.

    1. The Rothschild’s are the Freemasons, look at the Israeli Supreme Court, Masonic symbols all over the place, it’s clearly a Temple, I just wonder when they will start building the Tower of Babal or rebuild Solemons Temple. I used to think this stuff was BS but with world events being controlled by Rothschild’s whore’s bastard child Israel, it all makes sense. Money is their God, just follow it and they reveal themselves.

  2. Yes, comparing EDL to Right Sector. A group like EDL who never do anything with The Azov/WotanJugend/Right Sector who established National Socialism in Ukraine.

    “Brilliant” comparison.
    I have a request. Why instead showing dead “rebels”from the stolen lands of Ukraine (Donbass, Lugantsk)… why you don’t show us the living ones? You know, those who fanatically wave Stalinist and Leninist flags, wave christian icons of Stalin, promote interracial mixing, import africans? Show them.

    You are insulting the Ukrainians. I will show you exactly how. Remember Kosovo? It was historically serbian province, but the albanian “minority” managed to take it over. Right after that serbians resisted (even militarily)… and while doing the resistance, some westerner would call them “Zionists who work for the interests of Israel”. It would be both insulting and… strange. I say strange, because you are accusing the National Socialists who attack the neo-communist land thieves of working for the interests of Israel. If this is not a Disinformation(!), what is it then? Yeah just let the neo-commies have the land of Ukraine, right? I mean, who cares… The Ukrainians care.

    1. Anyone with half a brain cell knows EDL are a silly joke. The so called leader, who was as potent as a dandelion leaf by the way, gave up the ghost to concentrate on Islamic teachings, apparently anyway.
      Talk about a load of bollocks. National Front predicted everything over 25 years ago, they weren’t wrong either.

      1. But i am interested in something. You are westerner right? I am slavic white nationalist from a country very close to Ukraine. I am interested in your opinion as a westerner, non-mainstream following and maybe even with some sympathies for white nationalism.

        How do you see the situation in Ukraine? On which side are you on? If you spend your time watching videos and pictures without a context (dead burned bodies of the so called “rebels”) i have a clue on which side you are on. But… my advise to all western (!) white nationalists is simple. Watch the living ones. Yes, the alive “rebels” (land robbers). After looking at them, seeing what they are doing (the provocational interracial marriages were very fun), you will stop supporting them. You really will stop doing that 🙂

        It’s that simple.

        1. All I know for certain about the situation in Ukraine, is that the people were fooled by a hand picked, puppet leader, who was put in place to champion the Euro cause. The US thought it worth their while to invest 5billion dollars in the so called ” rebuilding ” of Ukraine, which is enough to tell me that not all is as it seems in the western media.
          I know 100 % that the European Union is a corrupt gravy train, and Ukraine are being lead straight to it.
          I have been around long enough to have seen many European countries before and after joining the single currency, and I can vouch that to a nation, they were better off before.

          1. EU can’t afford Ukraine to join them. But this Anti-EU campaign in Russia lead to the rise of the idea Eurasian Union.

            The Russian Putin lovers are being indoctrinated to hate Europe (the race, the continent and culture). It’s more likely for a Putinist to feel closer to Zimbabwe than to Germany.

            Russians are european people, racially and culturally. Don’t you think that Eurasianism is a bad for white nationalism?

          2. I don’t understand what you mean when you refer to the European race, there are many different cultures throughout Europe, not one single nation has a totally common culture, hence the dfficultes faced by the one government Europhiles, it s not a feesible solution, never was, never will be.
            As for the White Race question I believe you refer to, I personally despise cultural miscegenation, which is of course, a further symptom of the Brussels Eurocratc machine.

          3. EU can’t afford Ukraine. EU is not representing the white race (europeid).
            I simply stated that because of the promotion of Eurasian Union by Putin, many from his voters are slowly indoctrinated to hate Europe… i am referring to the European people (whites).

            If you hate EU, just wait for the coming Afroeurasian Union. Unregulated flood of arabs, asians and africans within Russia. You will love it.

        2. It’s happening already, have you not seen France, Sweden, UK, Belgium and many others ?. Putin is right to be very cautious about the European Union, whether that caused what you say it did cause, is by the by to me. And by the way, is Russia not classed as Eurasia anyway ?, that’s not a criticism, just a legitimate question. I do sympathies with some of what you say.
          I am British by the way.

          1. Orania, the white separatist community is in Africa. Are they… african? Geographic location aside, they are European.

            Russia is in Eurasia, but the ethnic russians like most northern slavs are genetically closer to Scandinavia. They are fully European, by race, by culture, by language.

            Putin is not right, he is wrong about everything. He is wrong to support open borders, he is wrong to imprison russian nationalists, he is wrong with his desire to import more and more africans.

            And Eurasian Union will be devastating for the white nationalists. But honestly… Nuclear Racial World War is more likely to happen than his fucked up dream.

            The National Socialist revolution similar in Ukraine will happen in Russia. It’s only matter of time.

          2. Agreed on the open border policy, which is insane.
            Since a certain man, an ex PM of UK, threw open our borders to any and every mupett who felt like a change of scenery, or rather, felt they could take full advantage of our over generous benefits system, our civic authorities have all but caved in. Schools are struggling to accommodate the extra heads, hospitals are on their knees trying to cope with this influx, which was severely underestimated by the way.
            And on top of all of that, the EU big wigs, suddenly toss us a 1.7 Billion bill to hold up the other Euro nations !.
            If that isn’t taking the piss, I don’t know what is.
            Paradoxically, that piss take of a demand for cash, could do us a favour in the long run, people have had enough of those corrupt arse holes in Brussels. I hope to Christ we get out of that sick gravy train once and for all.

          3. im Belgian and my country is fucking flooding with those fucking imigrants so yea it’s happening and the worst part is… our damn politicians are to scared to do some thing about it… what europe needs is another Adolf Hitler… a man or woman (I don’t even fucking care anymore) that can merge europe into 1 country and can get rid of this fucking immigration problem for us… because if the people would have to do it, it would get very violent

    2. there is 1 solution tho… let all the REAL National-Socialist groups fuse to gether and if your so called “ultra right winged” group refuses to join… well than your fighting for the fucking jews rather than your home country

      1. I argued while I was cooking 😀

        From one white person to another, and everyone else for this is universal:

        Jew is NOT your friend. He is nobody’s friend but his own. For 5,000 years he’s done nothing but leech off well meaning people. After 5,000 years of polishing the art of deception, he’s become master of it.

        Jew did not invest billions of dollars to replace the government of the Ukraine for nothing. And he’s certainly not done it for Ukrainians, white Europeans or anyone else.

        He thought the overtake of Ukraine and the subsequent enslavement of its people would be smooth, but somebody started to fuck it up for him. And if that weren’t enough, the same person is also fucking up what they thought would be a smooth overtake of Syria and the replacement of the government there.

        It is for that reason why all jew media are in overdrive badmouthing Putin. While America, Canada, Britain, Australia and all the rest of the western and Arab world bow down to the jew unconditionally, there’s this one guy, with a few allies, who still don’t. The way jew media talks about a person tells you all you need to know about how friendly he is to the cause of White Nationalism.

        Let me repeat what I had said earlier one more time – Jew did not invest billions of dollars to overthrow the government of Ukraine and replace it with puppet government for the sake of Ukrainians. Thus, groups like Right Sector, who serve the Jew, consult with the Jew, take orders from the Jew, and coordinate their actions with the Jew are not nationalists and do NOT act in their nation’s best interest. To the contrary, they are helping the worst enemy of ethnic Europeans and the world to take full of control of yet another country which he intends to turn into slave camp of Israel the same way they did it with Canada et al. WN movement will get nowhere if groups like Right Sector help hand whole countries over to the jew on a silver plate.

        1. The jews are spending billions of dollars for supplying the so called “rebels”.

          Just a question, is anyone here familiar with the book “The Turner Diaries”? Do you remember who were the most vicious opponents of the National Socialist paramilitary?

          1. Every single nationalist at some point read “The Turner Diaries”, but how can you know that ??????? 🙂
            Your comment is out of place, read/listen the book.

          1. This is the audiobook “The Turner Diaries”. It would be great to listen it from the start, but this part is a pure gem.

            Listen it, and then compare your attitude against Right Sektor with the predicted reaction of the “patriots” by Pierce.

  3. Nationalist my ass, they can’t even put their own music, instade they use some english/american music. They have a poor and weak country and nothing good will result of this stupid war only dead people and the country will be more fucked up than it was.

  4. I can’t figure out if these guys are West ukrainian rebel coup plotters or the noble free East ukrainians that defend the country against mafia aggression of pro-Western conspirators.
    But, my brothers, all you need to know is that Russians will ALWAYS supply your needs to fight this takeover of your country and the ouster of your legally-elected President which true Ukrainians of the East still support.
    Your country may be partitioned, but its a good thing you will be freed of the tyranny of Kiev mobsters.

  5. great post @acne , as always.

    when the whole ukrainian “revolution” thing was brewing up, i was speaking to a ukranian guy on a games mod site who i had known for ages – he told me back then that all the trouble was due to ultra/neo right wing groups, and a “vile wave of ultra naltionalism sweeping my country” (as he put it)
    he more or less predicted the situation as it stands now.
    not heard from him for a while.
    he lived in Lvov where his mother was from,but his father was kalmyk – so although he lived away from the fighting, i do wonder how families like his (russian/ukranian or vice versa) are coping or suffering in any area of ukraine right now?

  6. The bottom line is that a country is only considered a fair and just democracy if?it is run by Jews.
    If the Jews don?t control it or influence it in a significant capacity and they hold elections, the elections are rigged, fraudulent or undemocratic in some other more vague fashion.

    What the Jews consider to be a democracy is a joke; if they really believed in the virtues of democracy, they would respect the people?s right to self-determination.

    1. Show me one country doing something against the jews. One. You can say, Iran, Libya under Qaddafi, currently Syria under the regime of Assad… but is this actually true?
      Do you realize that nowadays Libya, “thanks” to the Islamist takeover… don’t deal with Israel, jews are not safe there. But when Qaddafi was there, jews were protected, he made business with Israelis. His only anti-zionist action was, that he SPOKE about zionist crimes. He spoke, but that’s it.

      Western patriots are being led from their western alternative medias to a path without escape. You support a communist dictators – Qaddafi, Putin, Saddam, Morsi, the new president of Iran (i don’t even try to remember the names of those fuckers. The last one was Ahmed Mehmetjian, this is enough info for me). Can you tell me… what are you getting out from supporting Marxist old-farts who love to dictate and crush their own people?
      They are not real anti-zionists, they are racially hostile to the whites, yes they hate gays, which is the only positive thing, but is this really enough to justify the supports of the altermedias like BestGore?

      1. Putin is plugging into some of the modern world?s most powerful currents.
        Not only in his defiance of what much of the world sees as America?s arrogant drive for global hegemony.
        Not only in his tribal defense of lost Russians left behind when the USSR disintegrated.

        He is also tapping into the worldwide revulsion of and resistance to the sewage of a hedonistic secular and social revolution coming out of the West.

        In the culture war for the future of mankind, Putin is planting Russia?s flag firmly on the side of traditional Christianity.
        His recent speeches carry echoes of John Paul II whose Evangelium Vitae in 1995 excoriated the West for its embrace of a ?culture of death.?

        What did Pope John Paul mean by moral crimes?

        The West?s capitulation to a sexual revolution of easy divorce, rampant promiscuity, pornography, homosexuality, feminism, abortion, same-sex marriage, euthanasia, assisted suicide ? the displacement of Christian values by Hollywood values.

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