Kampf um Norwegen – Feldzug 1940, Full Documentary

Kampf um Norwegen - Feldzug 1940, Full Documentary

Kampf um Norwegen – Feldzug 1940 is a documentary film made by German National Socialists detailing the strategic invasion of Norway and Denmark (Operation Weserรผbung) in the spring of 1940. Indoctrinated sheeple may believe that the Nazis only invaded Norway because they wanted more Aryans, yet there is no mention of the Aryan race anywhere in Kampf um Norwegen – Feldzug 1940, only details of the invasion itself. This should put the speculation to rest, but I doubt it will ever happen.

The documentary which was directed by Martin Rikli and Dr. Werner Buhre was completely undiscovered until 2005, when a complete nitrate copy of it surfaced on an Internet auction and was purchased by the Norwegian college professor Jostein Saakvitne. Still, the existence of Kampf um Norwegen – Feldzug 1940 is little known, which makes it rather obscure.

One of World War II facts intentionally kept in obscurity is that Britain sent their explorer troops to Denmark and Norway and both Britain and France openly discussed and planned occupation of both countries long before Germany reacted to provocations that lead to the outbreak of the Second World War. If you were to do a little digging, you’d learn that it’s an undisputed fact among historians, yet you wouldn’t have learned about it in school because Jewish education system wants the sheeple to believe that WWII was started by the Germans, which it wasn’t. WWII had been long at works by the allies and was started by Polish Jews massacring tens of thousands of German civilians and raping German children whom they would crucify by nailing them to barn doors in the Danzig corridor.

Likewise, contrary to what Jew screwed education system would want to teach you, the Germans did not invade Norway because they wanted to occupy the world or because they would make a strategically pointless move or whatever the hell kind of other bullshit the Yids spew out of their foul Satanic mouth. Immediately after the invasion, governments of Denmark and Norway were informed by the German envoys that the Wehrmacht had come to protect the countries’ neutrality against blood thirsty, war hungry Franco-British aggression.

Because they were forced to war, Germany needed to protect the iron ore trade with Kiruna in Sweden via Narvik in Norway as well as the naval bases in the area. After the invasion, Germany offered both countries territorial integrity, political independence, neutrality and right to national identity in exchange for them not warring with Germany. Danes accepted the offer after just a few hours of resistance, but Norway, already tricked into bending over for circumcised Jew cock infected at birth with syphilis by a pedophiliac Satanic Rabbi, chose war.

In the battle of Narvik, the German Wehrmacht suffered their first defeat of the war, but in the beginning of May, the British-Norwegian resistance was largely broken. Norway capitulated on June 10, 1940.

Props to Best Gore member Nachfolger for the video. Check out full length Kampf um Norwegen – Feldzug 1940 with English subtitles:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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    1. You know the Norwegians with allied forces made the Germans retreat in Narvik at the end. But JUST after the retreat, Norway surrendered. So the Norwegians at Narvik was forced to lay down they’re weapons. I was in the Norwegian Army, and we learned a lot about WW2 and the big battle of Narvik. I’ve been in Narvik to celebrate Veteran’s day. Still many ships from both Germany and Allied Forces still lie at the bottom, untouched. ๐Ÿ™‚ Great movie, i watched the whole thing!

      1. Yes I did too. I was fascinated by the events and the vids. I’ve seen miles of WWII footage… (I build/collect armor and aircraft models, 90% of them German)…but not so much of the Norwegian campaign. And as usual, the French made a piss poor showing. Thanks for the vid, you rock!

      2. Poland invasion (jokes aside) was also like this. I’m a Polish/German American yet know that Germany, through talks with my ancestors and readings away from the main, did not instigate the war. Or wars…WWII nor WWI. History is messed up, sometimes…

  1. I fucking love these old war documentaries, I can’t get enough of them.

    They can be very educational and teach you how war works and the various tactics of war and when to use these tactics however these documentaries were also supposed to make war look fun, to inspire the audience, to make them look upon war as something to be proud of and they did this by removing the human element.

    They rarely show what happens when tactics don’t go as planned, they rarely show or mention the cost to human life. The choice of music is brilliant, exciting music for the battles, joyous music for the successes, fun music for when the soldiers are socialising, never any morose, sad music.

    This documentary was educational and inspirational but, as is common in war time documentaries, devoid of any real humanity, I suppose having an army scared miserable would be devastating to troop moral and would impact on the success rates.

    Keep up the good work, showing documentaries and open posts on Best Gore is what sets this website apart from all the usual gore sites, it gives this place a sense of humanity, a soul if you will.

    1. @ Empty soul
      always good to read your extensive answers/posts and thats for me the greatest thing: the open posts and special topics. i used to read dailyrotten but that went dead sometime ago – so i chose this as new “home”.

    1. id rather play any of the total war games, the newest thats coming out is gonna be the best, it contains more politicing than any of the other games combined, but the total war series is more large scale and in-depth than the civilisation games

      1. Looks nice, but I never tried that. Maybe the series of Empire Earth comes close to this, its like something between C&C and Civ. Definitively addictive. Regarding the the newest Civ 5 game, its just a huge dissapointment, even with Gods&Kings or the coming Brave New World. Civ 4 Vanilla is also rather small in content, but the C2C mod makes a whole new dimension of it. Myriads of Techs, Buildings, Units, real guileful KI, Revolutions that kick ass even at easy levels etc. The only flaw is the engine, cause the game came out 2006 as single threaded. ๐Ÿ˜ฅ
        All in all with all this training we could lead easily an army to victory. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      2. Some of my friends play the Total War series and they are addicted to it. I’m sure, It’s a cool game! As to me all those strategic games make me agressive (Civilization is an exception), rather play shooter and RPG.
        …and we are off-topic^^

  2. I didn’t watch the video yet, gonna do it now. But I’m happy that German Nazi scum was defeated by our grandfathers at that war. I love Germans, I have nothing against them cause this nation is really very great. But I do hate those grandparents of them who were involved in Nazi antihumanism politics.

    1. Decades of brainwash while living under the Jewish communist regime left a deep mark on you. It’s the Jews and their communism that was based on anti human politics. National Socialists had the most human policies in existence. If Jews did not kill Russian Tzar, your soldier would join Germany and defeat the real enemy. World would be a better place. Germans were not the enemy. Jews were and are. We are all paying a heavy price still. Time to wake up, Russians. World is waking up. When will you join in? We are all being fucked over by the same entity. We all have the same enemy. But if you continue believing Jewish lies, you will forever think the friends are the enemy.

      1. What are you talking about, mate? Are you German or Austrian, either of your granparents was Nazi? Just confess, there’s no problem with that, mate. My granddad was in the Finnish front and was wounded. I’m not one of those Candians/Americans who knows about WW2 from books. Hope you’ll get my point.

        1. Dude, you need to ease down on this bullshit. You are a byproduct of too much Jewish propaganda. Russia is a great country but was fucked over by the Jews. Germany was also fucked over by the Jews. Now you as a Russian think Germans were the bad guys.

          Germans did not start WWII. Jews did in Poland. At that time, your people, the Russians were being executed by the millions by Jewish Bolsheviks and they used the influence to brainwash you into thinking that everything was fine and Germans were the evil ones. You are so sheepified, you refuse to even read up on it to see what really happened. Let go off the Jew already. You live in a great country, but unless you start to understand who brought it to the knees, you will forever be down.

      2. It’s time for YOU, Westerners, to wake up, not us. Russia is not perfect at all, but trying to revive its economy, cut the taxes, preserve the traditional family values etc. while your Western society is going down into the abyss.

        1. @pnn69

          The reason why the Russia economy is doing well is due to their abundance of Fossil Fuels and they don’t have to abide by the OPEC rules of production quota.

          Also because they were, until recent history, a central planned economy until the collapse of the Soviet Union, now a more market-based and globally integrated economy, they had not procured the same level of debt due to their isolated status.

          However due to the Economic reforms in the 1990s and the privatisation of many sectors of the industry and agriculture Russia will sooner or later find themselves in financial trouble.

          Privatisation is what eventually destroys a country for private enterprise is egotistical wealth acquirement without the regulation of state protection, sure they have market and financial regulators but they are openly corrupt and take pay offs regularly.

          The Banks, once state controlled, now open market, will use the assets of Russia as collateral, the entire global banking system is dependant on debt, they use money that does not exist to create money, numbers on a computer switched around every second, debt incurs interest and interest is what makes money, mere lending does not.

          To conclude without getting too far of topic, Russia will not revive its economy, Russia will, sooner or later, incur enough debt to ruin them because they are now a part of the poisonous global financial system, a system designed on purpose to indebt nations because the lender owns the borrower, pieces on a chess board is what we are and Russia is just a new player to the game.

          If Putin plays his hand well and keeps the Russian state from being penetrated too far he may be able to delay the inevitable but Putin will not be there forever and sooner or later you will have a Judist government and that will be that.

        2. thats just it, yes were embracing gay rights and the likes, but that doesnt mean that traditional family values are on the way out, it just means that there can be other types of families, there will still be others who will respect the traditional values, also, are you religious in any way?

      3. Tell what you’ve just said to 27 millions of slaughtered, murdered, tortured and burnt alive Soviet citizens, both civilians and military. Fuck Nazi and fuck all who support them. Period. I’m not American, not Canadian, not Italian, I’m a Russian guy who really knows what WW2 was and to what it led.

        1. and what about the millions of women and girls that were raped by the red army, the young boys killed trying to defend their mothers from red army rapists, what about the thousands of refugees and allied POW’s that the red army executed when they found them, i dont see you mentioning them!

          1. According to your speech, you’re German/Austrian. Who started the war? You and your insane brainwashed nation did. So just STFU. If my mother, my wife, my kids were slaughtered, raped and tortured by Germans, I’d probably have done the same to your famile right at the moment a step on your land DEFENDING my country. So get a life. I’d kill with my own hands every POW I meet, the Atabic/Mexican style. DON”T you ever come to my country with hostility!

          2. Anyways, I’d like to call upon Mark not to post WW2 related materials due to the fact that the majority of the site visitors, which are mainly Americans and Candians, have absoutely no knowledge about WW2 and have not experienced atrocities of this was as my grandparents had.

        2. You weren’t there either. Neither anyone from here . Had you ever questioned what they had taught you? No. Then , stay brainwashed. Check and double checked all info you get. Never take anything for granted.

  3. Thanks Mark for yet another informative post on this subject. My eyes are opened a little more everytime I read these subject posts. It’s nice to have the facts laid out in front of you, showing these Jewish terrorists for what they are. Even if you hate Nazis, you can’t ignore history and what these cunts have done throughout it.

      1. I just think its because norwegian, swedish and danish sound a lot like the same in different accents and some words changed. For an example, when a norwegian write something, it looks like a dane who cant spell the words right. So i guess we like to joke with each others languages because we think they sound stupid or funny, like a german who is not good at english, lol.

  4. While most Norwegians wholeheartedly bought what they were told (and still do), a few saw that the Germans were not the enemy (and I’m not talking about the Jew’s favorite whipping boy, Quisling). I remember reading about a Norwegian writer and Hitler admirer named Knut Hamsun who famously “never equivocated and never apologized”. Rest his soul. My dad loved his books.

    Norwegians are utterly unprepared for the modern world and the influx of immigrants from the most savage of third-world countries who scurry in eager to join innocent white people in their beautiful country. They just don’t get it, and how can they? All they know are what they’re told. To them, Oakland and Detroit are examples of nice blacks mistreated by mean white people.

    1. No White Country is prepared for it. Our Governments have made that so. They’ve brainwashed us into being weak and pathetic.

      We are going to have to learn on the go, I guess. Or die out, which seems more likely.

      Since it seems the more rampant this invasion becomes in any of our Countries, the brainwashing gets ramped up also.

  5. It’s always a good thing to expose more Jewry in History than they care to admit.When the Jews refused to come off the Gold Standard , this caused Hyper Inflation in Germany.Not one Rich Jew gave a rat’s ass for the Poverty that then ensued.Result ? War.

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