Paying the Price – Killing the Children of Iraq (2000 Documentary)

Paying the Price - Killing the Children of Iraq (2000 Documentary)

Paying the Price – Killing the Children of Iraq is a documentary about how hundreds of thousands of innocent people were sentenced to death because the leader of Iraq didn’t dance to the Zio tune. The documentary is presented by John Pilger who is known for making documentaries that ask actual pressing questions, not to further the Jewish propaganda. We’ve seen John Pilger before in a documentary about The War You Don’t See.

The documentary predates the unlawful invasion of Iraq by western war criminals in 2003 and exposes the hypocrisy that has existed long before murder of Saddam Hussein. Ten years after the UN imposed sanctions on Iraq for invasion of Kuwait, the death toll included more than half a million children, with 4,000 of those 5 years of age or younger dying as a direct result each month.

Female pediatrician featured in the beginning of the documentary explains how serious health issues, such as Neuroblastoma and other forms of cancer used to be very rare before the sanctions, but are now very common, affecting many people, especially children.

In hindsight, it’s absolutely ridiculous how even back then the Zio puppets justified their sanctions and military attacks on Iraq with the “Weapons of Mass Destruction” rhetoric. We already know how much merit all these accusations have had, although in the year 2000, it still worked as a scare for the sheeple. As is mentioned in the documentary, the department of Trade and Industry in London, UK blocked the shipment or vaccines for Yellow Fever and Diphtheria to Iraq because, as the minister explained, the vaccines could be used in the production of WMDs.

When the then US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright was asked on American television if she thought the death of more than half a million children was the price worth paying, she replied: “…we think the price is worth it!” Secretary of State spokesperson interviewed for the documentary had no problem justifying the claim.

During the interview with Ambassador Peter van Walsum, Chairman of US Sanctions Committee, John Pilger asked difficult questions to which typical Zio puppets have typically no answers. When the ambassador tried to justify sanctions with scare talk that Saddam Hussein could develop Weapons of Mass Destruction, John Pilger asked why there were no sanctions on Israel, a country known to already possess WMD and known for attacking its neighbors almost every day of the week. Peter van Walsum had no answer to that, although as an obedient Zio puppet, he tried to justify it by saying complete bullshit about Israel being surrounded by countries that allegedly want to wipe it out, when the exact opposite is true.

The part which exposes the US and British ZOG mercenaries who intentionally bombed child shepherds as they tended to their flock of sheep in an open field was one of the most difficult to watch. Ordinary Iraqis have never done any harm to any of us yet all they’ve known their whole lives, because of us (i.e. our Zionists Occupied Governments and their minions whom the sheeple thank for their service of slaughtering helpless children) is suffering and death. There’s nothing but desperation and sadness in their eyes. That’s why angels in heaven sing each time a ZOG mercenary commits suicide.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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    1. Absolutely @ rebelk that he is. But what a sad state of affairs though. All the medicines and food we take for granted everyday and then we see THIS ? This vid was hard to watch , but well worth-it. Maybe some of those pigs will see this and realize that over 7 million souls are seeing this and do something about it.

    1. Yep, very true indeed. Thats why its not that difficult to see why people join the taliban or al’quida. The zog swine keep wiping out innocent people and groups like the taliban keep getting new members.

  1. The only positive to be taken out of this is population control. There are too many of us fuckers on this planet. We went from 1.5 billion to 7 billion in just over 100 years. That is fucked up. WWIII should help us out in that department.

    1. The population of Europe is manageable. The population of North America is manageable. The only places that have bred out of control are Asia, Africa and South America. There aren’t too many people in the world. There are too many brown skinned people in the world.

      1. The average white woman will produce 1.6 children in her life, whereas the average Hispanic and black woman will have nearly 3 (2.9). Currently, less then half the children under the age of 1 are white. Every year the numbers are smaller and smaller, while other ethnic groups have more children. Something’s gotta give eventually.

  2. I feel for the innocent children and as a Mom, its hard to imagine having to raise babies in such a fucked up environment- as that. Its hard enough where I’m at. Its hard to not sympathize with them- for me. Thank you to Daddy-Gore for this. I absolutely love these kinda documentaries and having my eyes opened to the truth!

      1. Yes @JewMinator!! Its my friends Irish Cock!! He’s so cute, isn’t he?! So fresh and juicy looking!! I’m also getting an itching for some Micky D’s nuggets- dipped in sweet n sour.. washed down with some orange Hi-C!! Wanna make it a date?? 😉

          1. @paulbooth
            ohhhhhh how lovely …one of these times i shall share with you my wild horse fantasy which involves an irish man and a box of lucky charms….

          2. @Seedy- that’s why I won’t find you in a deli! Got it now! Shamrock pubs?! Niccce!! Did you happen to see my little contribution to the Irish on St. Patty’s day?? I was rockin’ the shams too!! 😉

  3. It is an interesting psychological concept in that a large majority of human beings, I would even say most, do not care about what happens to other people in far away lands.

    We eat our meals without giving a second thought to starving Africans, we go about our own lives complaining about the weather, the shitty tv shows, the price of petrol without a second thought to people being murdered and enslaved across the world.

    The interesting part however is that when it happens to us, when it happens in our countries, when we start to starve, when we get killed or enslaved, then we get angry and outraged, then we want to do something about it.

    I am not merely spouting left wing shit as some will no doubt assume, because when we suffer, those people across the other side of the world do not give a shit about us either.

    The conclusion, we human beings are selfish and creatures of habit, we only care about ourselves and those with connections to ourselves and we will continue in our everyday activities as long as we believe that our own safety is guaranteed.

    This is why we do not care about those who suffer outside of our own social barriers, it is also why the rich do not care about the poor, because they are not poor themselves and it is why we human beings have survived for thousands of years, because we behave in a self protecting manner, we ensure our own survival and this is also why we are so easily controlled by our governments, they understand that we will do anything to survive, even close our own eyes and do what our masters order.

    1. Darwinism 101 with empty soul.

      That some real “survival of the fittest” shit. Just like dogs not wanting to share their food.
      It’s only when something affects a person individually that he/she starts caring about his/her own well being.
      But of course there a way to counter argue this thought, but I don’t give two turds so I am not going to do it.

      I’ll say this though, children do not deserve to dye or suffer- except for jew spawns.

    2. @TheJewMinator

      “I?ll say this though, children do not deserve to die or suffer, except for Jew spawns”.

      I am slightly intrigued now, how do you separate Jew children from other children, do you consider Jew children to be indoctrinated, if so then any religious parental upbringing of children can be considered the same.

      Do you dislike Jews more than any other race or religious doctrine, if so then this is an illusion to stand behind.

      All religions want to spread their doctrine around the world, by force if necessary, therefore the Jews certainly are to be hated but this also applies to all religions and therefore to hate one religion is to hate them all.

      I personally hate a great number of things in life but I am fair in my hatred, I hate all equally after all.

      The Jews are a force to be reckoned with at this point in history but Christianity once had the same power and influence and maybe the Muslims will have this power some time down the line.

      Therefore the question is, why do you hate the Jews more than any other race of people, of course there is no right or wrong answer, I am just curious and intrigued by personal stand points.

    3. I think this is largely true because people still subconsciously operate in the stone age (where the vast majority of our time evolving have been). What happens to your tribe is always more important than the neighboring tribe or the one that lives on the other side of the mountain.

      Heck, a big part of the world is still tribal. Definitely most of Africa and much of the Mideast. There loyalty to the local chief (or equivalent) is still much more important than loyalty to the country one may happen to be living in.

      1. The pressure cooker is always my first weapon of choice.
        I left the gas on too high once and the pressure built up so much the lid came up. I had bits of meat all over my kitchen, on the window the ceiling. It took me days to clean all the walls.

  4. Wait so beating,killing and torturing your own people and also using chemical agents on neighboring towns is a good thing ..? There are lots of footage of saddam’s torture session and the fact that he would take his two sons at a very young age to watch them o.o I’m not really sure if that’s how you toughen up a kid that would just lead to psychological problems and emotional drama in the near future.

  5. …and they also poison the foot soldiers who do their fighting so that they don’t have to provide them with benefits and can’t live long enough to really speak out. They did it in Vietnam with Agent Orange, and the Gulf War/Iraq War with depleted uranium and who knows what kind of nerve agents.

  6. Oh god, in Iraq before the US invaded, men beat their wives every day and forced them to cover their faces in publi… wait, is that a woman who is a doctor trying her best to help kids with cancer? And her face isn’t covered? In Iraq under Saddam? Why wasn’t this in the mainstream media?

    Ugh, people were brainwashed back then, and they still are. I don’t like to think of people as a herd of sheep. No. Too peaceful. We’re a stampede of buffalo charging toward a cliff.

  7. this was done cause Iraq wanted to get out of the dollar, the u.s took out Gaddafi cause he wanted to create his own currency as well, Iran is another wanting to get out of the dollar, and is one of the last independent oil producers, the Jews arn’t pleased with it

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