The War You Don’t See – Watch Full Movie

The War You Don't See - Watch Full Movie

The War You Don’t See is a British documentary film by John Pilger. The film focuses on the role of the mainstream media in spreading wartime propaganda and elaborates on its involvement in wars in Afghanistan and Iraq as well as the conflict between Israel and Palestine. The film was released in 2010.

Drawing on his own experience as a war correspondent, John Pilger asks what the role of the media in rapacious wars is, why so many journalists beat the drum of war regardless of the lies of governments and how the crimes of war are reported and justified.

The movie introduces the works of the father of propaganda Edward Bernays, member of the US Committee on Public Information who invented the term Public Relations and identified the intelligent manipulation of the masses as an invisible government, which is the true ruling power in a country.

When the US and British ZOG mercenaries attacked Iraq under a false pretext of it having something to do with the 9/11 attacks, the troops sent to terrorize the Iraqis had reporters “embedded” with them to provide a one sided view of the war based on misinformation and disinformation. The embedded reporters participated in “made for TV” moments, such as the collapsing of a statue of Saddam Hussein.

This is why I always have and always will cheer each time a cowardly, small dicked ZOG mercenary dies. That’s why I always grin when I hear of these little faggy twinks committing suicides after conscience for what they’ve done catches up with them. You have never seen me do otherwise and never will. This is why I have always said: “Do you know a soldier? Spit the faggot in the face and tell him you hope the sack of shit dies!

The biggest tool interviewed by John Pilger was that Fran Unsworth – BBC Head of Newsgathering. She sure was caught by the host for being a Zionist pig, wasn’t she? Exposed as being heavily partial, even in this interview she did her best to justify the murderous campaigns of Israel and blamed the Palestinians for her partiality.

The War You Don’t See is a great movie for anyone who doesn’t live with rose colored sunglasses permanently mounted on their nose to get a glimpse of manipulative journalism that is mainstream media. I’m glad the producer also included an interview with Julian Assange in the documentary because WikiLeaks is an important part of truth spreading. Watch The War You Don’t See full movie below:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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    1. That would make you pretty much non existant. Best Gore is media as well, let’s not forget that. What is necessary is a critical mind to deal with informations and that is what mainstream media is trying to take away from you. I highly doubt, that there are people who agree with Mark on every topic, but I respect him for providing FACTS (often in form of unedited videos) with an HONEST personal oppinion. Mainstream media are providing MANIPULATIVE LIES (often in form of highly edited videos) and sell it to you as the “TRUTH”. I see Best Gore as a really good way to sharpen one’s own oppinion. But don’t think you “don’t watch any media”, because you sure as hell do.

  1. That was a good example of the classic British documentary, sadly however, we don’t get many of these types of documentaries anymore.

    Our media, particularly the BBC is bought and paid for, this in a sense cannot be helped and is the very reason why most of our institutions are corrupt and open to pressure and influence.

    The reason for the lack of impartiality is that all institutions require funding to survive and who controls the finances, therein lies your answer.

    Therefore it is easy to control those who require funding to survive, there is also the individual conscience and that element is a little harder to control.

    Individuals can be controlled in many ways, they can be bribed, threatened, publicly humiliated and denounced, or if these actions fail then they can be killed.

    Our British government do not even bother hiding those who they have had killed, they just slap a D notice on it and a ban on anyone accessing the details for a hundred years plus.

    The only true, impartial news and information that you can access, other than your own eyes and ears, is from places such as Best Gore.

    Sadly however, places like BG cannot exist indefinitely and sooner or later, should this site report on something that would truly embarrass and cause problems for our governments, will be shut down, after all, the internet belongs to those who control the finances, sure, we can fight if we have the skills to keep an underground internet going, just like in China, however, the ability to spread any information would be greatly reduced.

  2. September 11… who benefited. Not America and not the Muslim world. Only one nation recieved tremedous benefits and boosted aid ISRAEL.
    Who was capable of doing 911 and plunging the US into a new century of endless war… Jews/Mossad/ Israel.

  3. they teach us the toulemen Arguement method in college, to use facts and reasoning to make an arguement. But I say this is fundamentally flawed because the majority of humens are not logical or reason based creatures, most humans are creatures of social and emotion persuasion.

    If you believed that most people get their views and perception of history and WWII based on books and facts… you are wrong, they get their views and perception from Hollywood movies like inglorious basterds and schlinders list… powerful powerful propaganda and emotional persuasion, inescapable to the sheeps and unaware. And really, there is not we can do about that, we have to accept that this is just how our people are, and we must accept that we cannot gain the mass of sheeps intill we take back our MSM or atleast a non jewish media outlet.

  4. This is a very interesting watch. I was 13 when we invaded Iraq and at the time I thought it was the right thing to do, I thought Tony B-liar was an honest man. Time has passed, my eyes have been opened, and boy, what a fucking war criminal Bliar is. I don’t believe in Heaven/Hell, so in terms of wishing ill upon him, I hope he runs into Mexican chainsaw matey or some shit.

    1. I was 16, and I was thinking, “aluminum tubes?” We are invading them over aluminum tubes? It set us up with a nice place to waste taxpayer money and to terrorize innocent Iraqi’s.

      A lot of people joined the military to try and get the fucks that took the towers down, but they didn’t know what they were getting themselves into. So hating on the soldiers is mostly a ignorant thing to do.

      Saddam needed to die anyway, he killed innocent people by the thousands.. Now to kill the rest of the assholes who murder innocent people. I don’t think there would be many world leaders left if that were to actually happen.

      1. See, at the time I thought “Fuck it, Saddam was a cunt, he got what was coming to him”. But then a watched an episode of question time with the late great Christopher Hitchins and his brother Peter. Peter recalls “All this talk of ‘well we got rid of Saddam which was one of the main objectives’, you seem to forget that in the entire build up to the war Tony Blair telling Saddam that he could stay in power so long as he handed over the WMDs, and this offer remained right up until the 11th hour so don’t go rewriting history saying that was the objective”

        The episode is on YouTube, won’t take long for you to find if you’re interested

  5. I thought we had to invade Iraq because if we didn’t then the Iraqi’s were going to come across the ocean with the Navy they don’t have and take my freedom away. I heard the Iraqi’s were going to make bass fishing and Nascar illegal.

  6. And of course a documentary with this much magnitude would be virtually unwatchable. I’ve gone website to website trying to find a way to watch it and low and behold, every link has been killed or taken down. And when I try to watch it here it tells me the video cannot be played. Luckily I’ve thoroughly read the synopsis on the video.

  7. Great documentary! BG has never disappointed in providing raw, insightful information. If you guys are interested in similar issues regarding one of the kings of propaganda “Edward Bernay” check out “the century of self” . Bravo Mark keep it up!

  8. we are all just a bunch of fleshy viruses destroying plant earth. i am a 23 year old married mechanic who lives 65 miles from town off the grid. they only reason i travel for work is because i am forced to. property taxes, insurance blah blah. i catch myself getting rapped up in the same day to day bullshit doesn’t matter drama. makes me sick. very angry. makes me weak. because after the sun sets i know i will do it all over again tomorrow. we have forgotten to love one another. not saying we ever knew how to in the first place, but main stream media is making people hate others. ” IT ALWAYS BOILS DOWN TO MONEY” I am counting the days to when we go back trading chickens and goats for clothing and water. Community not individual because in community we need one another. i live on 40 acres with 3 other families whom of which i would die for to protect. because i know they need me and would rather suffer and agonizing death then to know in the back of my mind, i let them down. anyways. i got that off my chest, didn’t really make any points, just blabbing on so good luck with your every day rituals and watch the fuck out for Asian female drivers!

  9. As an American, I cant say im proud of my country at the moment. I disagree with quite a lot of what is going on, but its unfair to throw all of the blame on us. This documentary pinpoints mostly on the war in Iraq, but if you look back, the world has been doing these kinds of things to itself for centuries. Im not saying its okay, its fucking disgusting and horrendous, Im just saying America isnt the only country to be angry with. Tree-hugging stinky hippies are always so eager to say “hey, world peace, man”… but in my personal experience, they are the most hateful out of the group…

    All the worlds a stage, and all the men and women are merely players. Sad but true.

  10. The older I become, the more wiser I become. Unfortunately this is not the case for everyone. But the more I see the more disgusting it evolves… And sometimes I am so disgusted to be labelled as a member of the human race. Anyone else feel that the corruption that is involved with our governments is pointless? Our battles Will not be resolved, too many cover ups. I am getting near despair of it all. I am ashamed of our ancestors and I am ashamed of what is going on today in our names. Peace x

  11. Best gore as always telling the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Great job mark don’t allow no liberal, N.W.O controlled media to stop the truth from being told. Which by the way wants nothing but our very destruction no matter how long it takes.

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