11 Year Old Bloater Floater from Caruaru, Brazil

11 Year Old Bloater Floater from Caruaru, Brazil

Caruaru is to Brazil what Brazil is to the world – Gore Capital. This bloater may not look it, but it’s an 11 year old boy. He was found dead on Wednesday December 28, 2011, floating in the river of Ipojuca in the neighborhood of José Liberato e Rendeiras in Caruaru. Identified as Ezequiel Ferreira da Silva, the boy lived in the village of Queimadinho.

According to the family, Ezequiel Ferreira left home at around 6pm on Monday, December 19, 2011. He’s been missing since. His bloated corpse was pulled out of the river and even though it bore no signs of violence, family members requested thorough autopsy believing the boy was murdered. Due to the advanced state of decomposition, the body was transported to the Forensic Institute of Recife because it could not be properly examined locally. Given that this happened in Caruaru – murder capital of Brazil – I understand where family’s reasoning is coming from.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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