4 Year Old Child Drowns, Mother and Father Break Down When Body Is Found

4 Year Old Child Drowns, Mother and Father Break Down When Body Is Found

Young parents – 27 year old Adriano Pereira da Rocha and 25 year old Genise Ferreira da Silva took their 4 year old child Adriel da Silva Pereira to a local body of water for a fun day out. At one point, the parents noticed their child missing and started to worry. Having not been able to find their child anywhere, the parents called firefighters to help with the search. After two hours of weeding through the muddy water, the fireman recovered the child drowned and tangled in a vegetation that grows in the river. As the desperate parent’s worst fear came through, both mother and father broke down.

The incident happened near the town of Cuitegi in the metropolitan region of Guarabira, State of Para铆ba in the Northeast of Brazil. I don’t suppose this is much different from taking a child to a train station and not paying attention where it’s crawled.

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  1. This is very sad. You can feel the pain.

    Ultimately it’s a question of responsibility though.
    Can’t count the times I see tourists leave their children wonder around, carelessly, while they sit at caf?s drinking pints of beer and having laughs ,and then they worry when they can’t find them. This kind of behavior will be more scrutinized in my next article, a case that I followed from the very beginning and happened close to me.

    1. I cant even imagine their pain, i have a 5 year old daughter who is my whole world and just the thought of going through anything remotely similar to this is beyond my comprehension. I understand what Portugese dude means whenhe says about tourists being extremely careless and preoccupied with having fun to take care of their children but these things happen regardless of how good a parent you are! Its just so very very sad.

      1. I have a three year old daughter and she is never out of my sight while out of the house. Heck, I haven’t gone out in four years let alone vacation. Ill never understand letting your child out of sight especially in an unknown area, or in a potentially dangerous place (body of water).

        The only vacation I have had is going to the shore (yes, the Jersey shore, that’s what people do in Philadelphia since its only an hour drive). We go to Atlantic City, and she never leaves my sight. Ever. If you are a parent its your responsibility to take care of your child. You want to party? Shouldn’t have had a kid. So what you have to wait til your child is older to go out and drink… Boo hoo. Whenever a child dies its 99% of the time its because a parent was too busy with their own life so a child lost theirs (incidents like this, single moms letting their dick of the week beat their child to death, etc)

      2. I always find it funny to watch the reactions of the people around the family… (not that the kid died thats to bad) they always seems to be so careless, just standing around doing nothing exept for those guys who found the kid

        1. I noticed that the three guys taking the kid out all had red shorts and sweaters, the latter to cover the body. I’m guessing the lifeguards? And so one, in that busy place, noticed a kid drowning? And no one bothered with CPR? Its easy to get pissed at the USA, but looking at other places, I’ll take my mercury-laden tap water and toilet paper and world wide web.

      1. Brazilian Nordeste (Northeast) is by far the lowest developed part of Brazil, basically 90% of content here was recorded in this area. And the difference when compared to a developed city is brutal. I am brazilian and when I come to bestgore I always get kinda scared lol

        1. Sure. Even being a dried region, there was plenty of water to one get drowned…

          … as this do not take place in the south part. Man, fuck off!

          It is always the same: if something bad happens here in the northeast, you can count until ten but before the time ran out, you will see a brazilian from south region who thinks that he is almost an european.

          Again, fuck off!

    2. Christ, this broke my heart. My little boy is six. My only child. I never let him out of my sight near roads or water. I’m very lucky he’s still a big hand-holder. He slipped off to see the comic books at the shop once and I thought I was going to have a heart attack when I looked up from the milk and he wasn’t there. Those poor parents, I feel so bad for them.

  2. I feel her pain being a mother of 2 children it was heartbreaking watching this and actually couldn’t watch it all..saying that I never take my eyes off my children especially places like this where things like this could happen..saying that its easily done I suppose..my friend lets her children go off all the time and she is fine with it but I just couldn’t do that I have to make sure I can see them at all times..r.i.p child..
    On a positive note its my birthday today yay!!!! x

        1. well May as well do my thing on here….

          May your wisdom from with the love of the eagle that sowers above the sky.
          you grow old and every day and your wisdom will grow even more by every hour
          The spirits watch your every move
          both as a parent and as a person
          your spirits will protect as long as you do right
          follow your heart as it will guide the way
          may your birthday be filled with love from your family fill your heart
          your family may be crazy but the love you with all their heart.
          happy birthday miss from the bottom of my stony heart

          i’ll see you around the web ^.^

  3. This is absolutely horrific. I cannot even fathom the aching pain one feels when losing a child and I pray I never will. This is especially sad being as we can all imagine what a slow and agonizing death this poor baby endured jin his final moments alive. As much ad I feel for the mother and father I can’t help but be annoyed… no, utterly disgusted that they weren’t keeping a better eye on their child. These situations are what common sense is for. We have a pool in the backyard and I have rally young siblings and because child drownings are so common, my dad has three different locking mechanisms on our sliding glass door. Better to be safe than sorry

    1. Ditch the pool and get organic garden. I live in an apartment and I have food growing in my balcony. Tomatoes, strawberries, coriander, oregano, and a few other vegetables (can’t plant more due to lack of space). Swim in the ocean, it’s healthier. Chlorine in pools is bad for ya. 馃槈

      1. You’re amazing! I think everyone should grow their own food. Think of how Mich healthier everyone would be and the m ey they would save. Out society is much too Dependant on things we coukd easily do for ourselves. I live out in Arizona and with it getting as hot as it does here, almost every house has a pool out back. Trust me, I”d much rather swim in the ocean rather than a pool anyday – although I do absolutely love hot tubs 馃檪

        1. I also live in a very hot area (one of the hottest in Europe) and only a few houses have pools, they are expens?ive lol
          And most people prefer to plant food instead of having pools. We have the sea near us, fortunately, so it’s just an easy walk to a good swim on the ocean.

          1. You’re very lucky! It’s all desert and rock out here so growing anything is damned near impossible. I suppose it could be done but when the dry heat and the ecosystem here, I can’t imagine it being as easy of a task as else where. It’s a daunting task to even grow flowers! I’ve always wanted to grow my own food though and I hope to be able tondo that very soon. How long have you been growing your own food? I just think that’s so awesome! I have only met one other person besides you & myself who is interested in growing their own food

    1. It was a son. All it takes is five minutes of distraction and bam, disaster. People need to realize that with children this young they can’t be too careful.

      But then again, there are those who are completely careless and those who worry way too much. I have seen some children with leashes, just like you see in dogs! I mean, wtf? People need to know the meaning of moderation 馃檪

  4. Very sad. Only takes a second to go under in water. The pain is really real and it’s unfortunate that someone didn’t see the boy. Maybe the mom noticed right away that he was nit next to her but it was all too late. That water was so murky and people were probably splashing everywhere. Truly unfortunate..

  5. The moment when the mother realises her child is dead is very sad and the father too is obviously distraught . Water means danger and by the description , there were weeds and vegetation under the surface . Were there any danger signs on the beach ? . Probably not , it is Brazil after all .

    1. Most people ignore signs anyhow. You literally have to be holding a child that’s near water. You can’t even really blink and it only takes an inch! I had an experience about 7 years ago where my friends dad said he was going to take a few of the kids to the shore area at a swimming/camping beach. I didn’t want my kids to go because I had lack of sleep from camping the nights before. I let her and the next thing I remember was the lifeguard saying that she fell over and couldn’t lift her head back up (which happens all the time with young kids) and they grabbed her. Not only did it scare me shitless but I never talked to that “friend” anymore AND I never allowed my kids to go anywhere that there’s water without ME! You never can’t trust that someone will really watch your children! All my kids know how to swim now but that was the scariest thing that ever happened in my life as a mother and I’ll never forget it!

      There was another incident where a child drowned at an amusement park wave pool as well. Think he was about 5. There were lifeguards everywhere and people all in the crystal clear pool as well. It can happen so damn fast!

      Straight tragic!

        1. No. Actually what I was saying is that if *I* wasn’t anything done right- *I* need to do it myself! I put MY trust in another parent that didn’t do a good job of watching my child! Obviously if the lifeguard had to intervene! We’re I fucked up was letting her go!

          I’m definitely no “perfect parent”, but my kids are STILL alive and healthy at this point so I think I’m on s good track! You’ll notice I never mentioned anything about being perfect. No one is and accidents happen! Me and my kids could be killed driving down the freeway one day and I may not be able to save them or prevent it BUT, there’s some accidents that happen that are preventable and ridiculous! Many times we see them on here and they are due to neglect, plain unsupervised children off by themselves (like the baby on the train platform).

          I am never in a drug or alcohol altered mind state, I never allow my kids to be home (especially with friends, etc.) unsupervised, I won’t allow staying out all night, etc. because I’m a parent and it’s my job to make sure they stay safe! I only mention these scenarios because my kids are getting older. I don’t have to worry about as much of these other types of accidents because we’re past that stage. I will say that each close call had taught me and made me get my game tight!

          Anyone can blame someone. At the end of the day, accidents will happen. Maybe THIS was a complete accident but with 2 parents and obvious other people around, I think this was a straight up preventable accident. That’s my thought!

      1. That’s exactly what I was going to say. This wasn’t a beach or pool but a large body of water. There were tons of people around and entire families. You could see in the video the water wasn’t very deep at all where they were walking and they probably thought he was alright right by them. He wasn’t 2 he was 4 and maybe he could swim. All they had to do was look at each other, a friend, the sky for a moment and he steps into a deep end or trips/gets caught in some vegetation and that’s it. The water was so dirty you couldn’t see through it. I cried so hard watching this I don’t remember the last time I bawled like that. My heart goes out to all of them. That realization that your mistake just lost this child you bore, raised and loved. So so horrible.

  6. As a father of 4 kids I could never imagine going through something so tragic as this, but to be honest who in there right mind would swim in that dirty shit anyway, again I blame the parents for not watching there kids, the FuCk is wrong with parents these days being so careless, RIP lil man

  7. No one else is pissed off at these fucking useless parents? ONCE again… hope what ever the fuck got your attention while your child drowns was worth it… thx Mom n Dad… you had one fucking job.. keep your child alive… sterilize em

  8. This breaks my heart, seeing this child lie hopelessly dead due to the parents poor supervision of there child.
    I just don’t understand how no one else saw the child drowning, there was a crowd of people in the video.

    1. It’s easier than one would think unfortunately.

      Like @Juice mentioned above, we too had a drowning in the wave pool at our amusement park.

      This was a full grown adult, surrounded by 100+ other swimmers with 4 lifeguards watching the pool!

      Anything that can possibly happen will happen someday, somewhere. (And now I have the fucking song from “Fievel” stuck in my head! Godspeed little mouse…)

  9. My heart screams because of their pain.there is nothing more painful for me watching a grown man break down. On the otherhand…they were careless. You are supposed to protect not neglect! How could you take your eyes off your child for one second in this world? People can drown from a teaspoon of water. Let alone a four year old in a large body of water. Would you leave your four year old in a bath tub to bathe himself? Common sense…no. i would not

  10. Truly heartbreaking. In all honesty though, I can’t decide if I’m more upset or angry. A young life taken too soon, and it wasn’t because of the underlying vegetation, or however deep water. It’s all on the parents, and that is the saddest part of all. If they had been right there with him, this wouldn’t have happened. This in itself is punishment enough. I couldn’t imagine having my daughter pass away, let alone from my own lack of responsibility. Just awful.

  11. Unbelievable, they hold the kid like its a rag doll and no attempt to use cpr, the kids probably well n truly dead but atleast try its amazing what people wake up from especially kids!

    1. I understand what you’re saying but being as how long he was under water, there was absolutely no way he was coming back.also, must by the way he looked when he was laid down seels the deal. He was dreadfully lake with blue lips. He had been dead a long while

  12. Human nature is a strange concept to understand, take this footage for example, there is a scene with a crying mother and dead child and mostly everybody here is saddened by this and have expressed their emotional reactions, which is a perfectly normal reaction to have, but then when there is a post with footage of a crying Arab parent and dead child in a war zone the reactions tend to be quite the opposite.

    Do people view war zone deaths with a less emotional viewpoint?, Are Arabs not considered to be worth anything?, it is all very interesting.

    1. I think so, most of us here don’t live in a war zone, but our children play near water. It’s easier for us to imagine ourselves and those we love in this situtation. The nearer we are to a possiblel tradgedy the more we will be upset by it. If a maniac goes mad shooting people on a street in Nigeria we won’t be truamatised, but someone starts shooting and killing people on the streeet we live we are going to have a massive freak out, becuase it could have been us.

      1. Agree. And most Arabs don’t usually mourn their dead the way we do, especially when at war. They can cope up easily knowing their dead loved ones were called upon martyrdom, and believe they will see them again in the afterlife. And while they can blame the infidels for their loss, in situation like this, there’ll be no one to blame but themselves, which is more difficult.

        1. Most of us don’t live in a warzone so can’t really emotionally attach to the situation, People living in a warzone expect to see kids die especially when they are playing hopscotch in a minefield. The rest of us could never imagine it. Drowning however is something that anybody can relate to and that is why people become emotionally involved with a drowning kid.

          1. This is why I often disregard what people think or feel. It depends on innate randomness and what experiences. For example, I’ve seen people being fool because a squirrel looked “cute”.

    2. Its never a good thing seeing a dead child no matter what background they from, i think the vids of kids from war zones are posted on line as propaganda which changes peoples mindset as to what they are seeing!

  13. When I was 4 my mother took me to a local swimming hole in a river. There a lot of people there. I tried to wade across where I’d seen others doing it. They were all taller than me and I ended up below the surface. I kept sinking and would shove my legs to reach the surface to get a gulp of air. It was getting bleak and I was scared… Dying wasn’t what I knew about. All I knew was the pain of breathing in the muddy water. Before I blacked out I saw about 3 or 4 adults running full speed to me. My mother was in the lead… When I woke up there was a woman kneeling beside me. She had performed rescue breathing on me and saved my life. I was taken to a hospital for observation. Mom cried for days at the guilt of having turned her eyes for just a second and lost site of me. We both immediately began swimming lessons. No point here my friends. Just wanted to share my empathy for these parents.

    1. I imagine how she must have felt. I shared a little experience of my own up above.

      When I was about 4, I didn’t know how to swim but my mom (she was about 20) put me on one of those inflatable lounger things and knowing I didn’t know how to swim, she just left me on it. I was so scared and sure enough fucking fell off of it. She was nowhere to be seen. I remember the taste and the pain of swallowing huge amounts of water and the sheer panic! Some strangers jumped in and saved me. I went on to learn to swim very well but I think that was my very first lesson in learning that there’s really no one to trust in this life. I was thankful that strangers jumped in to pull me out but also started my voyage of not trusting and always watching my own back. This is the main reason that I won’t drink or never was into drugs. I trust NO one with my own safety.

      1. @bentendo I struggled to keep pushing off the bottom. It was hell but at some point during getting a gulp of air is when I saw them coming… I know I blacked out then because I remember nothing until I woke up with a woman kneeling beside me. No worries.

  14. I nearly drowned when I was in elementary school. I was in the school swimming pool and no one had noticed when I went under. I was pulled out unconcious but soon regained conciousness. They then sent me up some concrete steps to watch the rest of the class and coming down I fell and hit my head. Turns out I was not as concious as everyone thought and ended up in the hospital for a few days.

    I was 9 years old then that happened, so it just goes to show that it’s not just the younger kids that need watching. I learned to swim after that!

    I am not a mother but I do feel her pain, the video almost had me crying. What got me is the way the guys handled the kid, just like a piece of meat. The child may have been dead, but he deserved to be handled better than that especially in front of the parents.

      1. Hey @Obi, yes I did get concussion but no one that I was with knew it at the time. It wasn’t until I got to the hospital that the concussion, head injury and water in my lungs from the near drowning (not bad though) were diagnosed.

  15. Look how most grown ups are acting, even with themselves. They dont notice many things acting so loose and random by doing many mistakes
    ANd when they are parent. How they can improve this skill if than things are even more complicated
    My sister acts same way and i can see how many troubles she has with her son. Things getting out of control all the time and happy birthday smittenkitten. Your hair looks similar to my sisters and you both are in same age lol
    And brokeback your pic doesnt make sense at all 馃槢

  16. here in brazil i live in a city near the ocean and every summer i see lots of that, ppl usually dont understand or just ignore the risks, when i was a child i was living near a river and i still remember seeing drowned ppl, and there was lots of young kids playing in the water. it wasnt hard to one get drowned, sometimes the parents didnt even know what the kids were doing… thing is, if you dont respect the water you end up as fish food… natures law

  17. Heartbreaking reactions from the parents. I live on lake front property so I know it only takes a min. My gf brought her 3 kids over to swim, she had just had one and was working with the car seat when her 3 yr old saw the lake and took off down the steep hill towards it. My husband and I were already in the water but we were far from shore. She hit that water and didn’t stop til she was bobbing. My friend had seen her take off but being she just had had the other baby she couldn’t run down the hill fast enough, she made it but not before the kid got a few gulps n breaths of water. Those little jokers are fast, sometimes parenting has nothing to do with it.

    1. kids aren’t worth the stress and money, if you ask me. i don’t need to make a clone of myself to replace me when i die. doesn’t make sense. i’m dead. i don’t care what happens afterward, i don’t care how i’m remembered. i’m gone. continuing the family line? who gives a fuck? i live for me.

  18. The university I go to is located directly next to a large lake (Mendota). During the summer months, booze cruises & post-bar skinny dipping sessions are commonplace. Unsurprisingly, one or two students drown in swimming-related incidents every year 馃檨

  19. Nothing quite like the wail of a mother for her child. I’ve heard it in person after just having turned around in time to see her baby fall some 25 feet to land on concrete. Sounded like a sack of potatoes might make on impact. Babies bounce and green bones didn’t break. Bruising aside the child was fine. I can live without hearing that wail. I can still recall it.

  20. First off! How the fuck can you manage not to see this kid with 50 people all in the same puddle the size of shoe box. Then not even attempt any cpr at all even though a good number of people have been necessitated when believed to be dead. That should have been #1 priority to at least try.

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