American Man Found Dead in Bathtub Full of Water in Cambodia

American Man Found Dead in Bathtub Full of Water in Cambodia

In Sihanoukville, a coastal town and a major scam central in Cambodia, a corpse of an American man was found floating in a bathtub full of water.

61 year old US citizen Matthew John Keefe checked in Ekareach Hotel on December 11, 2015. He stayed in Bungalow number 158. At around 1:30 pm on December 17, 2015, he was reported dead to local police.

Cambodian authorities say they are investigating his death. They have not released what they believe to be the cause of his death.

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    1. Are we absolutely certain that’s his own poo? Fish out those turds, bag and tag em, that’s potential evidence. “I’d like to present the jury with the prosecuutions evidence exhibit #2…”

      1. I was thinking he could’ve just had a massive heart attack, I mean the towel is place behind him as a pillow and has that book to read. There is a towel underneath him too, so he could’ve pulled a towel in the tub during his struggle.

    1. Actually Ive been to Cambodia many times and its a beautiful place. Its pritty sad actually that Yanks or the Brits always imply paedo to anyone that visits there or Vietnam or Thailand etc.

      I stay in Thailand and friends and I discuss why there are so many suicides from Westerners – especially older ones. We reckon a good theory is that they have run out of money – or had it taken from then by their lovely North Eastern Thai wives and Girlfriends and can not face the thought of having to return to the USA or Canada or UK etc… as really there is nothing there worth having or being part of, especially as one gets older.

      Very sad.

      On the bright side – there is a pointer lurking in the main pic!

          1. There are warnings for Australians who intend to travel in Indonesia, including Bali, RIGHT NOW! There have been warnings across all media today, “recent indications suggest that terrorists may be in the advanced stages of preparing attacks in Indonesia” I wonder if any Aussies have cancelled their holidays? I bet no-one has, 🙁

      1. Even amongst Asians, Thais are well known for robbing westerners. In fact, it’s their ‘brand’, per se. (Since you’ve been in Asia a lot, I guess you already know how Asians dislike other Asians lol) Thai women are well known to be hookers, same with Vietnamese women and Filipino women and a lot of Westerners go to South East Asia for something called ‘sex holiday’. But, since you said that you’ve been to Thailand a lot of times, I would assume that you already know what I am talking about so I wouldn’t expound on that anymore. But, it does so happen that only amongst Thais that they murder the Westerners. Foreigners commiting suicide is pretty much bullshit to me. I am more likely to think that they got murdered. It just doesn’t make sense, IMO. I mean, I live in the Philippines for fuck’s sake hahaha I never heard of a foreigner commiting suicide in here, especially white people. You wouldn’t hear dead foreigners anywhere else in Asia more than you’d hear it from Thailand. I admit, Philippines is shit but at least we don’t murder our tourists. In fact, tourists murder us hahaha. Oh, dear.

      2. @jock_strap sorry but your comment has angered me, coming from personal experience with Thailand and death that was a silly comment to make.
        If the people have nothing to get back home with all they have to do is go to their Embassy!! I quote “54 year old man commits suicide by jumping from 12th floor Jontiem balcony, signs of struggle in room”. – this has nothing to do with me but showing you what has been said before.
        People go all over the world but its not to commit suicide, the Thai government say that as they dont want their econemy ruined by tourists not going!!!!

        1. @Mil, but he didn’t say that they ran our of money & COULDN’T get home (btw I’d kill for an “italics” button on here). He said ran out of money and couldn’t FACE going back home broke to significant others, etc.
          Not that that’s what happened obviously, but I’m sure that’s been a reason for legitimate suicide here & there.
          But ignoring all the obvious murders & taking the governments suicide cause as fact is just fuckin’ crazy, though I guess all of us who know better now had to learn that at some point in our lives & maybe this is the start of his enlightening?

    1. Ha Ha Ha @ Already gone your version of the story is fathomable and humorous but I think this human submersible towards its tail section has a torpedo all its own which was kinda shy of any launch at the time of skirmish ……..but meanwhile as you rightly pictured his playing a yellow submarine had his own shit hit the ceiling……………well you can see some of it on the rim of that tub …….this submersible nearly was to acquire foetus position but for that blasted torpedo ……
      Lessons learnt well . even when through thick and thin .don’t let the gear let ya down .be stiff amidst odds ….cause .it pays to have a boner even in the dying seconds.

    1. if those aren’t the gassed out bubbles what by the moons of smellly farts is your puzzle all about Mister @Gnat.
      Now don’t tell me you practically weren’t ever there bathing with some of that nice hot water after a day’s long doggone tiresome work knowing that you were gassing but thought you were actually guessing that those bubbles are simply some apocalypse your butt hole had been going through but actually that’s not what it is.

      See its nothing serious none of the bubbles rise they only surprise !
      Now cheer up and realize .

    1. @zxvyk, I’ve read complete books on Albert Fish, he was not a nice little old man! Child torturer/eater, he also practiced coprophilia and he liked to insert needles into the skin around his anus (all the way in, til he couldn’t retrieve them!) I think you know this though?

  1. Did I just located a few koi fishes in his back…….
    But who cares……I say there is somewhere a cute young lady
    ( me love you long time ……me so horny!) Who cached in…..
    Drives a brand new Benz…….living in a nice place with a better
    Looking guy with a big dick……fucking in an even bigger bathtub
    Than the one where the old fart is macerating in……

    1. Why would you choose to die in that slow way of drowning unless he had heart attack or something but if I was guna end it would just be a bullet to the head simple quick no suffering, struggling looks like maybe he was splashing around in his last few seconds before he went under maybe that how some shit has splashed up behind him plus what a way to be found naked laying in a bath with your own shit floating around your head , in your mouth eughhh na not the way I would choose to bow out

        1. Well if anyone silly enough to get high or drunk in bath I mean ffs you just asking for a watery slow death so hopefully he wasn’t that naive but very possible .. Shitty way to go out tho whatever happend to him not as bad as the guy who died while having sex with prostitute and he was stuck inside her and there a video on news of his body been wheeled through hosp with her still on top of him hiding under sheet lol prob best way to go during sex but massivley embaressing for her was funny to watch tho

  2. Best Gore = Brazil, Tailand, and then of course Mexico Cartel stuff + ISIS stuff. After awhile you start seeing “Gore” patterns.
    1) In Thailand,
    A) There are always horrible road accidents where people are just torn apart. Don’t get why people who get into highway accidents in Tailand are dismembered, brains and guts on the road, seemingly all the time. Is it that they don’t have safe cars or good laws for the road? Or is it that one source for Best Gore might be a cop in Tailand who videos all the accidents he is called to? I think its the later.
    B) Thailand, specifically Bangkok seems to have old white guys dying at hotels all the time. Like this story. Usually they “jump” to their deaths although from comments on BG, seems like these guys go there for whatever their bizarre fetish pleasure requires, and are rolled by locals who steal their money and use their credit cards until the sytem catches up with them.
    2) Brazil – Same thing like Thailand and horrible road accidents. Once again I think BG has one cop who likes the website and sends video and photos. I believe there are accidents like this happening all over the world but because BG has two cops who film everything, we get way more stuff from those two places.
    3) ISIS – This stuff is on multiple websites so there is no “scoop” for BG. If you debase things as I have, a huge majority of content on BG probably comes from a cop in Thailand and one cop in Brazil.. Without those two guys this website would be starving for fresh content. I think the guy in the bathtub is another white guy who was “rolled” for his money and credit cards.

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