Asian Child Struggles, Drowns in Home Swimming Pool

Asian Child Struggles, Drowns in Home Swimming Pool

Asian Child Struggles, Drowns in Home Swimming Pool

Story Time With Uncle Dan: One More Pool Toy

I am hardcore but I have to admit that this video was tough to watch.

It begins with an unattended Asian boy in a small swimming pool with a flotation device. He flips upside down and never recovers his upright position. After an excruciatingly long struggle, water rushes into his lungs and death embraces him with its kiss. Ironically, the device that was intended to preserve his life, contributed to his death.


Here’s an update on the kid who drown in China.

Turns out the caregiver was taking a dump when the toddler was left on the edge of the pool.

Priorities, priorities, what to do when you have a turd calling your name and the babies quiet.

Thank you @fred1212 for the update!

Props to Best Gore member @honkeykong for the video:

My name is Dan, I’m an uncle and I like to tell stories ©

454 thoughts on “Asian Child Struggles, Drowns in Home Swimming Pool”

    1. Very beautiful thank you dan. Hey one less chink soldier in the PLA. Dont kid yourself the Chinese soldiers are smart and tough as fuck. Well see how they do against the faggot s in the usa armed forces..real soon.

          1. So this is South Korea, where maybe there is a shortage of 5 women. OK, they can deal with that I’m certain in a wild weekend.

            Oh, Ho! But(t) in China, no shit, there’s a shortage of 33 million women. Bloody Hell!

          1. Dan i know what you’re up to. You’re hanging around on the site while absolutely nothing is going on for a reason but i’m here to tell you I’M getting the next FIRST

    1. Yes, a big shout out to the parents for this stunning fucking fail.
      This was a nightmare of mine as a child. i wouldnt go near those rubber ring type devices for the fear of this very thing happening. I used arm bands for the [very short] time before i learned to swim.

      Poor little dude. It was a fucking hard watch.

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      1. @extrapulate TheDautingDual
        I was just able to stop a toddler running into the road chasing pigeons in Leeds city centre, while its “mother” was too busy checking facefuck, instaFam, or whatever on her phone.
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          1. @extrapulate
            No, i am not am I?
            Which makes me think that i should have actually realised my fantasy, and beat the fucker to death. And then posted that on its instagram.

            The kid would have probably fared better on its own anyway

          2. @karmen40
            Then you’d be in jail or wanted for murder. Sometimes its best not to be a hero, in my opinion. I’m a slow learner, had to look out for myself during times of wanting to help others. I pick pragmatic times to use my influence.

    1. I hate any time kids of any ethnicity are hurt, abused or killed. This is sad. The person who is supposed to be watching this child should have taken the baby with them to take their shit. This pisses me right off. I have 3 kids one of which is gonna be 3 and I dont like any child getting done like this, ever. No excuse for stupidity. Poor child.

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  1. I’m used to any gory stuff, but this is really hard to watch. I myself have a nephew that I saved from asphyxiation last year when he was just 2 years old. His tongue fell back and blocked the airway. When I woke up from my mother’s screams, the poor boy was unconscious and already well over a minute without oxygen. Good thing I was a member of the Red Cross in the past with training in first aid. I quickly unblocked the airway from the tongue and after a few seconds he started screaming. 10 days hospitalised after that. Now the little boy is 3 years old and fine (and annoying as all small kids are).

    Get first aid lessons, boys and girls. You learn how to stay cool and assess emergency situations.

      1. People also ask
        Can your tongue fall back?
        But you don’t actually swallow it, it just moves to the back of your throat. This potentially blocks your airway. In unconsciousness the tongue can fall back, and the structures of the soft palate relax, blocking the airway.

        Google it and inform yourself you dumb hicktown redneck.

        Here is also an example in sports (read the comments):

        You dumb camel-fucking retard.

    1. Well put .. Good on you .. As a security guard, I am totally into first aid for unfortunate fucks such as this .. Most people are not prepared …
      Too busy watching ‘reality TV shows ‘ ..
      So .. good on you .. !!
      Well done ..

  2. – Retarded kid for drowning
    – Retarded mother (or caretaker) for leaving him alone that much time
    – Retarded toy maker for making it unsafe (those things are supposed to have a big ring around so that can prevent the kid from turning upside down)

    Many retards, 1 kid dead xD

    1. I agree with all and it is noteworthy that the flotation device had very little “ring ” around it as you say. For a “smart” race they can be very stupid . I actually don’t Subscribe to the theory that they are any smarter than the rest of us.The only smart ones are those that have had a Secular ,Rationalist ,Western education built on Greco- Roman Civilization and European values.

  3. Poor lil fella. Drowning is so easily avoided in this age group in pools. Water is only safe for kids while they are being watched……
    The 2nd biggest cause of kids drowning in back yard pools is a faulty gate to the pool fencing……

  4. Bestgore slogan: ‘Protecting the Public from Safe Places on the Internet Since 2008’. Then fuckers out there claiming that we like watching people suffering! That’s wrong. Have learnt a lot of precautions on this site. Mothers out there take care of your little ones. Death is everywhere.

  5. How appropriate the computer is a Hyundai. It’s pronounced “High-Un-Die”. Crazy Koreans!

    When the vehicle brand debuted in the states, the Hyundai USA sales team decided sales would be improved with “Hun-Day”. Crazy Americans!

  6. Before you shed too many tears over a dead kid, remember that every psychopath (like me), every rapist and every paedophile was once a cute little child. Ted Bundy and Adolf Hitler were, no doubt, adorable babies. If someone had stamped on baby Adolf’s head, that person would have been vilified by all, and either executed or locked up for life, but the world would (probably) have been spared a devastating war in which tens of millions died.
    My infallible sixth sense tells me that the child in the video was evil, and would have grown up to commit terrible crimes. So save your tears.

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          1. I got it !!
            Maybe the trick is to put the little fuckers in the pool in the doughnut upside down to begin with, then when the little cunts flip over, they will be the right way up !
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  7. This is one of the most brutal things I have seen. Being a good parent means being around for your kid. Why the fuck put a cemra on him in the pool if you ain’t watching it? Why not be there with them?

    That is not a Swimming Pool. It is a Drowning Pool. Made in China. Like the Life Preserver, its function is the opposite of its name. It is a Life Remover.

    NB. Always use “water wings” with a kid (until they can swim). They keep the upper arms, neck and head bouyant. NEVER use a rubber ring.

    Better still – teach them to swim.

    Never leave a child in water unattended. Ever.

  8. How the hell did he get up there and put the float on. He must have been left unattended after being put there vs sneaking out by himself and climbing into that pool.
    Fucking incredible. It would be good if someone could find an update to get the back story.
    The bitch needs to be waterboarded twice a day for the rest of her life to remind her of what that child went through.

      1. @fermier I watched the video carefully and I never saw or heard the parent giving that advice (not to panic) to the little boy at all. If any decent parent thought a child was going to panic while left alone in a drowning pool, then they wouldn’t give them that advice… they just wouldn’t leave them alone in the first place. I don’t think mummy bothered to advise the kid at all before she went off to take a shit. I think after clearing the logs from her slurry pit, mummy then spent a few minutes rubbing out a few vinegar strokes on her slimy fish vent. Selfish bitch.

  9. I am struggling to give a shit if I’m honest. It’s not like there is a shortage of Asians in the World. If anything, death of humans in general will only have a positive effect on mother nature so there is probably more positivity than negativity in this video.

    Good Riddance,
    A. Hitler.

    1. Honestly I couldn’t agree more. That goes for pretty much any race, people having babies like we’re going extinct. Every time a family member has kids one after another I’m like “yeah, so?”
      God forbid we have an over population of a certain animal or humans will lose their minds. People complain about wild cats breeding like crazy and killing everything they see well that sounds exactly like human behavior except humans also destroy every inch of land they see.

      1. Okay…

        Sorry I offended you…

        The child restraint prevented the parents from saving the child. Sometimes you have to look at the situation from a different angle.

        I’m sure many here caught this…

        You (should of) thought this through, before becoming self righteous.

        You’re welcome! 🙂

  10. These Chinese Parents make me Ultra-Sick to my stomach, as they are so fucking irresponsible, and uncaring, it’s unbelievable. 🙁

    And can somebody tell me why they were watching it with a hand held camera?? Was this a murder, or a drowning cause you can see that somebody is holding the camera while he drowns. Like What In The Actual Fuck is going-on man??? 🙁

      1. @TheDautingDual & amp;pigsonthewing
        Thanks Guys for clearing that up for me, cause that was a dumb mistake to make.

        My God,,, how stupid of me, lol, as you’d think that i would have noticed that before answering so quickly. (That Damn Awesome Hash Of Mine), it gives me this type of tunnel-vision, whenever a squint to see-it in more detail, & clear vision, lol.

        Hey,,, me gots ta blame-it on something , no?? lol.
        Hope you’s are both doing well,and are Happy 🙂

          1. @TheDautingDual
            Sure bro. But do you live in Canada?? Cause if so Contact Mark, by sending him a message in the (contacts form) and let him know that i give him permission to send you my address via,,, Your E-Mail. Then, simply send me a self stamped and addressed envelope, and i will send you some-O-The-Best Stuff That you have ever smoked in your entire life dude. And it’s Free From The Dre. 🙂 🙂

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