Asian Child Struggles, Drowns in Home Swimming Pool

Asian Child Struggles, Drowns in Home Swimming Pool

Asian Child Struggles, Drowns in Home Swimming Pool

Story Time With Uncle Dan: One More Pool Toy

I am hardcore but I have to admit that this video was tough to watch.

It begins with an unattended Asian boy in a small swimming pool with a flotation device. He flips upside down and never recovers his upright position. After an excruciatingly long struggle, water rushes into his lungs and death embraces him with its kiss. Ironically, the device that was intended to preserve his life, contributed to his death.


Here’s an update on the kid who drown in China.

Turns out the caregiver was taking a dump when the toddler was left on the edge of the pool.

Priorities, priorities, what to do when you have a turd calling your name and the babies quiet.

Thank you @fred1212 for the update!

Props to Best Gore member @honkeykong for the video:

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453 thoughts on “Asian Child Struggles, Drowns in Home Swimming Pool”

  1. And all the women in that facility were jailed, female visitors too because communist china and a boy died. For the record I am not a feminist, but that fucking country scares me. I will not ever visit that fucking country.

      1. Well that’s just proper money saving justice that should be reinstated here in the united states. None of that prolonged death row and lethal injection bullshit that costs tax payers millions+ every year. Rapists, murderers, pedophiles, scum of the earth like that need expedited sentencing to economical death.

  2. Adults who leave children without any oversight should just be sentenced to death.
    Those irresponsible people don’t deserve to live, they don’t even deserve to go to jail.
    A child should always be looked after, and if some afults ate unable to understand that, we should just sentence them all to death and publish the executions online.
    So the other ones lacking of attention would actually improve, too scared to be sentenced to a crual fate.

    1. Your local politician should lend an ear, only it will go out the other.
      Its easy to be angry at this situation, especially when the parents were recording unknowingly their own child’s death. As badanddy would say

  3. The parent are utterly a dimwit. There should be at least someone to look over a children especially when they are in the swimming pool. What? Do they expect their Survilience system to turn into optimus prime and help the kid AUTOMATICALLY?

        1. @rob3713 the nanny cam was recording it so it was already recorded when they was watching it. no one was watching the cam as it was recording.
          I haven’t actually watched the whole thing beinng a bit of a wimp. I just couldn’t watch his final moments.

  4. Poor little guy didn’t have a chance to live. Maybe a good thing depending on which Asian country it’s in.
    Darwin’s law once again raises it’s Spectre head to gently cull this offspring from it’s inept parents. Obviously they are too stupid to reproduce to nature in it’s mysterious ways snatched the little one from the dawn of life.
    Hopefully, these parents do not reproduce again and spare the world their idiocy. Amen brothers and sisters. Praise the whatever you believe in, it’s all crap anyways.

    1. Go to Disneyworld’s front gates. Watch the family’s whose dads fucked up and didn’t account right for the ticket cost somehow and have to leave with their kids in sight of the castle.

      Go to any ghetto Chuck E Cheese and watch dispirited children act like they’re having fun as the burnt-insulation-smelling tired animatronics screech old birthday songs at them from blasted speakers as they try and chew on cardboard shit on a mozzarella shingle.

      Watch a Little League game and wait for at least one steroid-raged type-A Dad to start berating little Jimmy into early-onset homosexual tears of glittering terror and massive, embarrassed shame as a shit stain slowly squamps the seat of his uniform pants.

      I find it fun to watch a child gulp their last breath. But somehow it’s more economically sustainable for my misery-boner to see their spirits choke to death over and over first.

  5. You know, after seeing plenty of “kid run over in the street/stabbed in the street/punched & kicked in the street/grabbed & taken to nearest dark rapin’-hole off the street” and not one nearby person so much as appears to raise an eyebrow (or boner), I have to cynically feel like you could have had this kid and his little kiddie pool in the middle of Pyongyankit’s market square and the outcome would’ve been the same. Except maybe then someone would come along to add bean sprouts and sriracha and start selling soup of the day.

  6. If an Asian kid pisses in the pool and the water starts turning yellow, do you automatically assume he’s pissing or melting?

    There’s always a minute of doubt for me so I wait first to see if it looks like he’s getting any smaller or just smiling.

    Either way I usually snatch his ass out of my pool and send him on a Foot In The Ass Airlines one way trip to the parking lot.

  7. The only video that got to me was the video of the Father And Son who were in the cartel and they were captured.

    They killed the dad in front of the kid by torturing him and chopping his head off showing the kid and then cut the kids chest open, then his stomach, stabbed him in the guts, then in the chest, began cutting off flesh and some other stuff then finally cutting out his heart while he was alive

    This video is a walk in the park
    Sucks… Sad… But not nightmarish

  8. @hopingfornemesis

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    I don’t give a fuck man
    I am what I am ..

        1. Oh netfilx, i never signed on to any of that stuff because i heard it’s all left wing propagand, like that series in which they made a 19th century chief of police in london a black man. See they know that those dopey millenials won’t understand that it is all lies and eventually start believing the blacks were here first. Even that cunt david lammy is saying it because they did a dna on a skeleton and mistakenly said it had dark skin

          You don’t have to watch the whole video Jonny, just enough to get the idea

          This is where it starts then they will start killing us

          1. Haha. I’d be very surprised if there was a Black police chief in the nineteenth century. Such crap is just wishful thinking methinks.

            Reminds me of watching KingArthur movies with a Black Guinevere. I have never read the original books so do not know if her skin colour or race was ever mentioned but even if it wasn’t ,it would be hard to believe a black woman would have risen to such heights at such a time in England. A black woman in any other capacity- in Arthurian times -as a servant or trades woman was plausible though.

          2. The left will stop at nothing. First they shut us down with political correctness then they rewrite history through tv and films.
            I think the Romans had them as slaves and probably fucked the women silly which let’s face it, is when they’re happiest.

  9. This could of be prevented if parents would not use defective products in their country and the pool was too deep for the kid to do anything, Also the kid was a by-product of incest between brother and sister so anyway their is more inbred kids for laboratory experiments

    1. The panic killed him. As soon as he inhaled the piss flavoured water, he calmed and got free easy. All he had to do was to use the arms to wrangle out of that fucking tube.
      But underwater we all freak out go rampage. Thats why Lifeguards learn to punch your lights out, to get you calm and safe you.

  10. Well didin’t know having to shit at the wrong time would cause something like this to happen lmao.
    I fucking hate it when you have to dump at the wrong time like when you’re doing something important or when you’re far away from home like fuck man

    1. . . . or when you are expecting a delivery. You’ve been home all day, waiting, and now you need a shit. Dare you risk it? Yes, you should be OK: you’ve been waiting for hours, the chances of it coming in the next few minutes are slim. So pants down, bum down. But of course the doorbell rings when the turd is half out, and it’s a mushy one. All you can do is wiggle frantically to lose the half that’s out, then gingerly pull your pants up and waddle to the door bow-legged. Smile at the delivery man, who knows nothing of what you are going through, then waddle back to the toilet to assess the damage.

      Ah, the human body truly is a thing of beauty.

  11. Serves the parents right for buying all that plastic bullshit they put into a jacuzzi which will end up one day cascading against the tides of a remote deserted island in the Maldives or elsewhere. Who the fuck needs all that plastic crap in a small jacuzzi anyway? Typical Chinese culture. When I lived there, they bought anything and everything plastic for their kids to facilitate environmental disaster from man-made unnecessary shit like this.

  12. I see many people saying that they had that happen to them and that someone else helped them or whatever.. since I was a really hyped up kid I’d always move around so I had this happen twice to me, the first time I just managed to flip myself around and the second time I just pushed myself out of the floatie.. so I don’t know if y’all are just stupid or if I was just lucky

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