Beach Goers Desperately Try to Revive Woman Drowned at Sea

Beach Goers Desperately Try to Revive Woman Drowned at Sea

It is my understanding that this incident happened on the beach in Nagua, a town on the north coast of Dominican Republic.

The video shows a group of local beach goers attempting to revive a lifeless body of a woman who had apparently drowned at sea. The group had noticed the body floating on the waves, pulled her out and immediately proceeded to administer CPR in the last ditch effort to bring her back to life.

It was a highly commendable effort on behalf all involved to revive the victim who was beyond any point of helping herself. You can see frothy salt water coming out of her mouth and nose as the rescuers compress her chest to keep the blood flowing. They even turned her on the side which undoubtedly helped clear her air passages and prevented choking hazard.

There appear to be signs of life at around 2:16 in the video. Having felt that she was out of immediate danger, the rescuers loaded her in a van and drove away, presumably to a hospital for further care.

I do not have any additional info on what happened to the woman then, but as far as the video goes, it does seem to show that they indeed saved her life. Truly commendable conduct on behalf of all involved. Great job, Los Dominicanos.

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    1. Although what they did seem to have brought her around, CPR by pushing on the abdomen probably isn’t helpful. At least one guy kind of had the right area, though his delivery was not top notch. I’d give him a 6 out of 10 for effort and effectiveness. πŸ˜€

  1. Wow that was one hell of a group effort to save someones life and it looks like they very well achieved just that. If that ended up being a successful save, she at the very least needs to throw them all a beach party to thank them!

    1. Meanwhile mouth to mouth is how you save a person who has drowned. We don’t see her recovered and I wonder if she did. You turn the head to the side and do MTM to get air back in the lungs. You don’t pump the shit out of the persons rib age, lol! I know they meant well though.

      You also don’t cart the person all over creation — that’s a disaster for a drowning victim. You keep doing MTM until a stretcher can be brought up.

      1. No, mouth to mouth isn’t how you save a person who has drowned. Hands-Only CPR is what they teach civilians now (would you put your mouth on that woman with all that nasty shit coming out?) so the guy was doing everything correctly, though his hand position wasn’t very good. It got the job done, though, I guess.

  2. Kudos to all involved! On this site we get used to seeing the eyes fading as the helpless die. In this case the beauty of seeing the eyes awaking, or returning to us is priceless! There IS hope for humanity,,, just look in that poor girl,s eyes πŸ™‚

    1. Agreed, Dre. Sure the technique was fucked from the go, but the end result was saving her life, and the guy didn’t look like he was going to quit either. So, kudos to all those folks for their efforts in saving her.

  3. It’s hard to imagine that with so many people on death watch, not a soul knew correct CPR. I guess the rubbing her belly while puching her tits is the Dominican CPR standard. Looks, like she might have pulled through, I hope so. BTW, there’s no need to blow into the mouth..the object is to get the heart beating…The mouth to mouth doesn’t help with that….The more you know…..

      1. Senorita coqueta, I learned how to swim in the Pacific ocean, not in some swimming hole. Sometimes the currents are to strong and you get pulled out into deep waters. As the panic sets in, you’d start losing energy and you stop thinking straight. Not to mention, she was a plumper. I’m no lifeguard, but I would have floated on my back to save energy, then swim towards the beach. Backfloat , swim etc. catching some help from any waves. It helps to know how to bodysurf as well

        1. @ Slider…… Spot on.

          Love bodysurfing, I now live right near great surf beaches and it took me 12 months to learn it properly by watching a dude catching barrels.

          Straighten out your body ( aero ) and put one arm out to control your speed and direction, left arm for a left wave and vice-versa.
          No better rush coming out of a 6/8 foot barrel unscathed.

          Occasionally I get the chance to get out amongst the surfers if not too deep, also hard to drown with a heap of dudes/dudettes on boards around you.

    1. Well, you can do some chest compression, but if it doesn’t work right away you do MTM. Sweep the mouth, hold the nose shut, tilt head upwards, breath into her lungs every few seconds until she starts breathing on her own. Alternate with chest compression but it’s the MTM that’s critical. No oxygen? — no heart, no brain, no nothing.

      1. @smilodon that’s actually an oldschool way of thinking. She would still have oxygen molecules in her blood stream but if her heart isn’t pumping there’s no way for them to circulate so no way for them to get to her brain. Therefore, blowing air into her is totally useless because it’s going nowhere. That’s why CPR is taught nowadays with an emphasis on chest compressions. Pedestrians actually aren’t even told to do mouth to mouth anymore really. Just push hard and push fast on the chest.

          1. From what I understand, civilians aren’t told to do MTM anymore because they figure it’ll deter some people (who don’t want to put their mouth against someone they don’t know) and also, just simplifying the process overall, with less steps, so someone is more likely to step in and less likely to just stand around watching her die. Once they got the water out of her mouth/lungs, they probably should’ve started the MTM.

            I’m really curious about how this story turned out… even though she did show some slight signs of life, I’m thinking there’s still a good chance she didn’t pull through or if she did, there was significant brain damage. She seemed very unresponsive. But I hope she made it! Those people are heroes, no matter what, for making such a valiant effort where others would’ve hesitated, too unsure of themselves to act.

  4. Thank God she lived. I watch all vids before reading and thought she was a goner. I was pissed when the lady propped her head forward, closing her airway early on. That foam was scary too

  5. How can we be certain this poor, unfortunate girl isn’t the victim of water boarding and other enhanced interrogation methods employed by my country’s government? She could be a terrorist, after all… I think there is a snuke in her snizz.

  6. Even without hearing the backstory, I know what happened. Most of those third world females cant swim. She probably felt safe near the shore where she could stand up, but, underwater ledge or current and suddenly she was in over her head and taking on water. I spent four summers as a life guard and I would see shit like this all the time. People who cant fucking swim putting themselves in danger. At the very least, she should let those guys who saved her life motorboat her rack

    1. I don’t agree with this at all. Very experienced swimmers get caught in rips all the time and drown. As the for the comment that these third world females can’t swim – seriously?

      I don’t know about where ever you live but over here in the tropics, EVERYONE can swim. It is one of the first things you are taught. Swimming is the best activity for people who don’t have a lot of money because it is one of the few things in life that is FREE and I bet these Dominicans have been swimming since they were 6 months old.

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  7. I’m a Customer Service Manager at a SoCal Wal-Mart Super Center. About 3 yrs. ago an elderly woman fell outside & stopped breathing. Since I passed a Red Cross First Aid Class I am able to perform CPR on private citizens without worrying about being sued though the “Good Samaritan Act”, so I started chest compressions & mtm. After a solid 10 min which seemed Like an hr., paramedics took over. Congratulated me & off they went. For the next 9 days, my entire body, especially my arms, neck, back, palms of my hands andeven my mouth just from the amount of compressions and other factors. She lived. Her & her husband sent flowers to me thanking me & we still keep in touch. So if you see someone that needs help whether doing CPR properly or just holding their hand that’s what makes you a true & compassionate fv. Pls, think about it next time you see something “odd” going on..thank you my gorians for letting me write post.

    1. Good to hear @mamason. I’ve been in 2 totally different life saving situations outside of the workplace and I could not have turned my back and walked away either time. I love gore but like you I’m a softie inside πŸ˜€

    2. When I was a paramedic, I ran into these situations all the time, but ironically, only a small percentage actually live to the hospital and and even smaller percentage make it out of the hospital. One patient I had fully recovered and then tried to sue me because his ribs hurt after we resuscitated him. Flowers? Thanks? Nope. Lawsuit, lol.

  8. Poor girl. I give her rescuers an “A” for effort. They surely saved her life. But they needed to wok on those CPR skills. Pushing on her abdomen could actually hurt more than help. And someone should have given her a couple breaths to go with.

  9. Wouldn’t have been very pleasant, but couldn’t one of them have given her some air !?, it’s all well and good pounding away on her chest to keep the heart pumping, but the woman needed air in her lungs.
    Good effort all the same though, they gave it a good go.

    1. I know right. I am no expert on CPR but surely she would need mouth to mouth. It did look like there was signs of life but it would have been good if there was some info on whether she survived and to what degree.

    2. If a persons heart stops they usually die, and when CPR fails them, the vast majority of the time that’s because the compressions weren’t adequate. That’s why professionals sometimes just tell people to do compressions, the average person does a better job if you don’t confuse them with mouth-to-mouth.

      However, I doubt this woman’s heart ever stopped. To me, it looks like her problem is she’s choking on the water she’s swallowed. So, the best thing for them to do was turn her head sideways to allow the water to come out.

  10. Just got my CPR recertification Dec. 8. The bottom line, *do anything*, b/c it’s better than nothing.

    The American Red Cross changes “what’s right” every so often, and whatever you learned at your last class changed to something different.

    Currently, chest compressions are more important than mouth to mouth because semi-oxygenated blood is better than no blood at all to your brain, and while you are breathing into the victim, you may not be breathing strongly enough to inflate the lungs and for the diaphragm to rise.

    Because we are mammals, a drowned person still has a chance. Our body goes into hibernation mode even though we didn’t fall into ice water and freeze. (I didn’t know that.) If your kid “almost drowns” get them to the hospital anyway. It is called a dry drowning and is just as fatal 6 hours later.

    The rescuers fisting the lady beneath the sternum pushed sea water out, and probably moved her heart muscle enough to do some good. If you can’t be picture perfect, at least try to do something.

    CPR mouth shields are sold wherever med supplies or classes are taught. Mine’s in the trunk. More likely than not, you won’t get AIDS, but you could possibly get Hepatitis.

    Props to you, Mamason01. You did a good thing.

  11. I too was freaking out when I saw the Dominican technique for CPR. Consisted of yelling and belly rubbing. But at the end of the day, it worked and those people are heroes.

    I hop this woman sees the video and realises how lucky she is.

  12. Wow GOD BLESS those people who truley truely saved her life. They are heros. And I know one day somthing good will come there way. Karma to the highest degree. Hats off to you people for helping out a stranger and giving the women back her life. Giving back a mother her daughter or a brother his sister and most of all possibly giving back her children there mother … WOW!!!!

  13. I can’t believe what I just saw, something wonderful on Bestgore. That actually made me cry. Not like the numerous other times I’ve had to leave here choking back sobs of despair. Why do I come here then? Dunno, I wonder that myself.

  14. Don’t be fooled with what you see in this video. It’s an old technique for picking up girls on the beach. It’s called the “Pump, Hump, and Dump”. PHD for short. These guys were good.

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