Bloated Floater Surfaces with Jaw Missing

Bloated Floater Surfaces with Jaw Missing

I don’t have any background info about these pics. They appear to depict a bloated floater who had resurfaced with his jaw missing.

That whole river looks diseased. I’m surprised any fish actually live in it.

Props to Best Gore member @crybaby for the pics:

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30 thoughts on “Bloated Floater Surfaces with Jaw Missing”

  1. a mystical little japanese man appears in a puff of smoke holding a pint sized silver shiny mug covered in symbols and fills it with the bloater pond water. he bows his head and says ‘you dwink mug of this bwoater wata an you gain 20 million instantlee and live wike king foweva’ Do you risk it ? be honest would you drink the bloater water ?

  2. Holy fuck man! That there, yeah that bloated, ewwwwww! fleshy rot is right scary/creepy/stinky (I can smell the rot right through my screen). Honestly speaking, just between you and me…. If I came across that Ewwww! rotting mess I would’ve shit myself.

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