Boat Capsizes During Ganpati Visarjan in Bhopal, India

Boat Capsizes During Ganpati Visarjan in Bhopal, India

Boat Capsizes During Ganpati Visarjan in Bhopal, India

On September 12th, during Ganpati Visarjan, eleven people lose their lives after a boat capsizes in Khatlapura Ghat, Bhopal lake, India. Five others have been rescued.

Props to Best Gore member @shireesh for the video:

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  1. It’s like a comedy of errors! Pushes over oversized diety statue, causes their raft to capsize, none of them can swim so when a boat goes by they scramble on it making it capsize, most of them drown. Never change India.

  2. What is it with these people and their pagan rituals. If they’re not killing themselves with trains its this kind of shit.
    Let’s see; over load a row boat with people who can’t swim, add to that an oversized what ever that thing was, then hope for the best. WTF!

  3. That has got to be, hands down, the stupidest fucking way to die I’ve ever seen.!
    For fucks sake.. Out of all the unusual & interesting ways to check out India has to offer, they chose to splash about in a shit filled lake.!
    Must try harder next time, in fact, go back & do it again, but really put your heart & soul into it this time.!

  4. This happens every single year. You’d think they would stop doing this, or find a better way. For people who bathe in rivers, they can’t swim to save their lives. Maybe swimming lessons before the next year would be a good idea. Diwali is coming up soon which means neighborhood fires from fireworks. Other celebrations in India include floats and statues falling on crowds of people and bystanders celebrating on active train tracks.

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  6. If they drowned because they couldn’t swim. Then why the fuck would they go out into open waters in the first place. Plus, they all looked like adults, if you can’t swim at the age of 8+, then why even be on this planet that is 71% water.

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