Corpse of Woman Washes Up on Jomtien Beach in Pattaya, Thailand

Corpse of Woman Washes Up on Jomtien Beach in Pattaya, Thailand

This post contains two videos of two separate corpses that washed up on the shores of Thailand in two separate locations. The screenshot is from the second video.

First video is from earlier this morning (May 20th, 2015). A female body washed up ashore on Jomtien beach at Pattaya, Thailand. The body appears to be of a foreigner, possibly of a tourist. No other info:

Second video is of a body that washed up on shore on Koh Samui (Samui Island) in Thailand. This video is from April. The body is unidentifiable. Props to Best Gore member MrsPink for both videos:

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    1. Main reason why i never went on that beach let alone swim in that sea, i remember my partner at the time saying how dirty it was but now i realise just how bad it is, ewww reminds me if the film Cabin Fever.

  1. Guidelines to surviving in Thailand (if you’re crazy enough to go)

    1. Wear scuba gear at all times to avoid drowning.

    2. Wear a parachute at all times in case you’re thrown off of a building (aka ‘committing suicide’)

    3. Avoid all types of vehicles. This includes cars, trucks, motorcycles and that 3 wheeled thingamajig.

    4. Always wear bullet proof vests.

    5. Avoid all Thai people especially the ladyboys.

    1. @LF If you change your mind and decided to go let me know, I’ll be your tour guide! We can even ride on the three wheel thing (Tuk Tuk.) I’ll take you to a nice bar where they actually use bottle openers instead of vagina to open beer bottles. =)

  2. Hello to everyone at BG, my name is Ada I’ve been in the shadows for 2 years watching videos & reading comments & decided its time to make an account so here I am, better late than never.

          1. Don’t worry Ada I’ve been in the shadows with you and also recently decided to hug a all my fellow gore brethren. Hope to have many great conversations with everyone here.

  3. I dont care if dead things wash up on the beach all the time. The water is still crystal clear and the sand is pristine. I relocated to thailand and i love the scenery and the food is delightful. Long live crime

      1. Actually Swamp Thing is correct. Thailand has some of the most beautiful beaches, especially the little islands in the south. The touristy beaches are blah but they do have beaches, mountain, caves that are breathtaking! You just have to know where to go and areas to avoid just like any other countries you travel to.

        1. Ny, the islands around it and NJ have some really nasty water. Even the bridges and roads are falling apart, floaters too. Believe or not. so much different then San Francisco. And all just as dangerous Thailand. if not, worst

          1. I’ve been to Thailand over 20x in the past 10 years and honestly it’s not as dangerous as it seems. The only time that I was scared is when I’m riding in vehicles because Thais doesn’t give a damn about traffic laws. The only time that I was ever scared for my life is when I was in Englewood and Roseland in Chicago. NY and NJ, yes nasty water and terrible sewage system. Unfortunately I wasn’t lucky enough to see any floaters there, only rats.

          2. Lol I love driving everywhere I go. Brasil was a blast, Ecuador and el salvador same too. It’s only scary if you try to follow the laws. But if you drive like they do and still have a heads up. Then it’s fine. Lots of accidents in the USA and Canada and that’s with “first world” traffic laws and infastructure.

          3. I can’t believe people use best gore as a travelling guide, when millions of tourists go to these places, even when there is crime. And it’s because they acknowledge that crime is everywhere and you just have to stay away from the bad areas and you will be fine.
            “Oh a floater in Thailand” like it should be headline news. People drown in the ocean in California everyday. But it didn’t happen because we didn’t see it on best gore. Pfffft

  4. The first thing they teach you in Thai EMT school is have a strong pointer finger. This guy did a grueling 1 min of pointing during this filming. If you have weak pointing skills the chances are you will not make the Thai EMT team.

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